Catalyst Baldwin County

Just like tea leaves if you look close enough at the local political signs they are sending you a subliminal message. If however you do not allow your eyes to rule your brain, the subliminal message is much clearer.

Catalyst has been around for a long time, under various names. Recently Catalyst became Scott Boone Consulting. The name CATALYST had to be abandoned, it had become politically toxic. The other reason is elected officials, elected under the CATALYST banner, were disassociating with the brand.


Make no mistake CATALYST/ Scott B??ne, CSB, are one in the same. CSB operates much like the Club for Growth pac, they help you get elected but they own you from that day. They support each other and share among themselves any gratuity they feel entitled to. They form a political alliance that spans the county.

Study the signs and their locations. Notice how CSB candidates signs all are the same, pvc framed. CSG uses signs as their number one tool in elections. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is in only one municipality. CSB put signs up in Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort and Bay Minette, the new home of CSB, overnight, hundreds of signs, all supporting CSB candidates.

The intention is to sell your eyes on their popularity, the trick is to use your brain when you vote

Catalyst Fairhope

Check out this combination of signs in Fairhope, Sherry, Boone { father of Scott B??ne } Brown and Burrell. This cocktail of candidates is 100% CSB. Voting for these four is going backwards and handing Fairhope over to developers and corrupt politicians.


Watch the signs, Sherry is usually hugged up to Boone signs and in most locations they are all represented. These signs appear in the yards of the core group of the past administration. They want back their power that they lost in 2016. Do not get confused by seeing a sign, this election is a hell of a lot more important than signs. But the signs speak.

Catalyst Baldwin County


This picture speaks a thousand words. Sherry snuggled up to the Municipal Judges property sign, with Boone Brown and Burrel accompanying signs.


The municipal judge is a devout supporter of CSB and the city council has voted in favor of the judge multiple times. Burrell also arranged himself to be on a bid committee that awarded the good judge a prime location for his jet airplane hanger.


Last month the judge had club for growth candidate, โ€œlowtowerโ€ signs, on his property, provided by CSB. Thank God Jerry Carl defeated CATALYST/SCOTT BOONE and sent โ€œlowtowerโ€ into the shadows.


Daphne is another example of saturated signs by CSB. Check this one out CATALYST/Scott Boone candidates shoulder to shoulder. What should that tell ya, they are a unit not individuals.

Catalyst Baldwin County

CATALYST/Scott Boone and the current Mayor of Daphne are picking your next Mayor and City Council members for you. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY CSB CANDIDATES.

Signs in Spanish Fort and Bay Minette are all the same style pvc framed CATALYST/Scott Boone signs, manufactured at the same place.

In the next two weeks you will hear of signs missing destroyed or damaged, none of them will be CATALYST/Scott Boone signs. In Fairhope it is already going on, they have perfected the art of sign disappearance in Fairhope. In the 2016 Fairhope election a man was caught with a pickup full of signs, all were signs of those opposing the status quo.

Use your eyes to see, use your brain to think.



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31 Comments on "CATALYST SIGNS"

  1. Great reporting Ripp.
    This post says much about cat list.

    • Notice how Gulf Coast Media and Mobile Press Register donโ€™t even mention the backstory on this group?
      There are no journalists working for either of those papers anymore

      • Maybe Chuckie band Sullivan will make another post to the Baldwin Insider
        The Baldwin Insider was a Catalyst propaganda sight until it was exposed Now it has been discredited
        Matt McCullough. And Sherry would call
        Ripp a Tipster Telegram until itโ€™s was outed
        Sherry and Matt, we know who you are and you are just Catalyst exposed
        What will Scott Boone do now that he has been exposed ?
        Scott , I think you are cute. Can you meet me in the gulley?

  2. Wake up folks. You’re headed right back to where we were 4 years ago – selling out to developers.
    If it’s a catalyst candidate, vote no.

    Because these candidates will ALWAYS vote no for you.

  3. You better stop trashing us. We are getting tired of it

  4. How many of the pvc signs were paid for with money donated by Eastern Shore Toyota?

    • Iโ€™m not sure. But the communist who owns Eastern Shore Toyota has taken advantage on me and several people that I know personally. Shawn does care about whatโ€™s right for our families in Baldwin Country, he is only worried about making a nickel and helping out the Catalyst who is very much like himself. Shop Toyota in Mobile and Pensacola. At least these owners care about their community. True that and thatโ€™s a Fact!

    • Shawn the owner of Eastern Shore Toyota and Jack Burrell are two peas in a pod. Disgusting Catalyst at the very Best! Just ask anyone!

    • All PVC signs at Catalyst. It’s an easy tell tell sign.
      I wish more info would get out of these assholes trying to take over our cities, counties and state.

  5. Eastern Shore toyota are catalyst. They ripped me off. Low down dirtbags!

    • Taliban Toyota | August 7, 2020 at 7:59 pm |

      Eastern Shore Toyota was also known as TALIBAN TOYOTA
      The guy who runs it is a Catalyst. Do not buy your Toyotas from him. He contributed lots of money to Haygood

      • Eastern Shore Toyota is Catalyst | August 8, 2020 at 9:51 pm |

        Taliban Toyota sued the Competition when they called him that
        He is proud of his trophy wife though

  6. Why is PVC the frame of choice for catalyst signage? Anyone know?

    • I make the signs for Boone | August 7, 2020 at 7:55 pm |

      It is easy to make. All signs are 4×4. Cut PVC pipe and mass produce them. 6 6 pieces and 4 joints. Then hammer in 2 or 3 foot rebar in the ground and drop the sign in
      Easy Peezy lemon squeezey
      You can make 100 signs for $100

  7. Catalyst for BC | August 7, 2020 at 7:57 pm |

    We have enough of your BS. Can you sleep with your eyes open? We will not go down without a fight

    • Bring on your fight. Most bullies will cut and run when directly confronted. You will run like scalded dogs. Come on catakyst Cowards! Maybe we will finally see your hidden faces before we vote all of you out and make you like Tammany Hall

  8. Daphne Oracle | August 7, 2020 at 8:11 pm |

    I see where the Catalyst mouthpiece aka Johnathan Armstrong is making fun of you on Facebook
    He got a good job with them collecting pee pee with the understanding he would monitor Facebook for posts against the good ole boys
    Armstrong, keep collecting pee pee and keep your mouth shut and you can still live in Timber Creek and not have to go back to Dothan when Catalyst is finished

  9. Proud of mayor karin. She has done a suoer job against the council bullies. They thought they would break her.

  10. Jonathan is a sad case. He posts also as Anita and Theodore Hunter, two of his many aliases…he makes up about 50 percent of all the pro Jack Burrell posts on facebook.

    I heard he gets paid in wine coolers.

    • Armstrong has more mouth than might
      They say he wants to run for either council or commission
      I wold vote for a yellow dog before I voted for PEE PEE MAN

    • Maybe he can consider other emoluments

  11. Georgia Orwell | August 8, 2020 at 10:31 pm |

    I am making a prediction that I hate to see come true, but Fairhope voters must be completely brain dead if they are voting for ‘sherry, Boone & jack’ (judging by the yard signs on vacant land). Alabama is doomed if this is the best we can do!

    • Francis Ripp | August 10, 2020 at 7:42 am |

      It will be going backwards in high gear. If Sherry and the 3 B’s were to gain power, Fairhope is going straight down. Everything gained will be lost to CATALYST and they will have a feeding frenzy of greed. Fairhope better not let this happen, talk about quality of life? forget it, that will be gone and Fairhope’s financial situation will start to plummet.

  12. Stop now
    Catalyst is for growth
    You are bad

    • Catalyst is for the growth that profits them at the expense of the rest of the people here in Baldwin County. Jeanne Carney said it best when them called them a bunch of fraternity boys who have a stranglehold on the owns here in Baldwin County. If yo are not in their club, then you are in the way.
      Like another reader said, “Cancer is also a type of growth.” If this is the case, Catalyst is the malignant tumor that has infested this county and it is going to take radical surgery to bring Catalyst under control

  13. Georgia you were badmouthing Karin no?

  14. Mister ripp where is mister manilow?
    I heard he is lost.
    Without a paddle.

  15. Manilow has a case of low T.
    It’s a shame. He’s gonna run a distant third.

  16. Who owns the piece of property on Bellangee with all the signs. Follow the money is what Isay. That includes the business that is attached to the property on the right.

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