Fairhope’s CATALYST group is licking their wounds after the election of Jerry Carl. What is important is the major shift in voting away from CATALYST candidates. Carl’s opponent “Lowtower” made a major mistake by hooking up with CATALYST, aka Scott Boone Consultant.

A statistical analysis of the, district, First Congressional Seat, Jerry Carl, shows as much as a 2500 votes being shifted from CATALYST Lowtower to Carl. That is from the primary to the runoff. Looking even closer at Baldwin County, for both races, it shows a swing of 2652 Catalyst votes from Lowtower to Carl.

Dig deeper, in Fairhope, same elections, CATALYST, lost votes to Carl, were around 1118. To be sure Carl did not win Fairhope however he gained considerable ground from CATALYST. An estimate of gained votes for Carl from CATALYST in Baldwin County would be approximately 2000 to 2500 votes. Those gained votes helped Carl, from some votes he lost in the rural counties.

Mobile pushed Carl over the top to win by 3873. Baldwin County be proud, VOTERS, prevented a CATALYST candidate from going to the swamp. Special thanks to:

CATALYST can change it’s name to Scott Boone Consulting but Baldwin County voters have awaken to the fact that nothing good comes from CATALYST or SBC.

Fairhope, home base of CATALYST, is reeling from the loss of the Congressional seat and are worried about the CATALYST council not being re-elected. They are scurrying around like rats trying to figure how to hold on to the council and defeat the Mayor.

Believe it or not I have heard Cant, former corrupt mayor, aka the father of Fairhope’s infrastructure and sewer issues, was going to run for a council seat, who’s seat will be very interesting but I would guess Jay Robinson or Jimmy Conyers. If Fairhope falls for this stunt they will forever forget it.

CATALYST was planning on jumping on John Melones paddle board for Mayor. Now they are not confident that John’s BP credentials and lackadaisical manner will succeed.

CATALYST has gone back to the drawing board,bleeding from their loss, trying to decide their next move.

Tip to the Rippster, said that CATALYST has talked Sherry Sullivan into falling on the sword for the status quo. This surprises me as earlier information had Sullivan saying hell no. She has a higher paying job than the Mayor’s salary and Sherry has some serious baggage, that will be opened, publicly! On top of that the city employees do not want her back as an employee much less Mayor.


Let’s hope Sherry remembers what happened to Chief Pettis, CATALYST stabbed him in the back.

Watch for Jay Robinson, who is not running for his council seat, help Sherry fall on the sword.

The three B’s, Boone Brown and Burrell look like they will have opponents. The B’s should be top priority to vote OUT>


Qualifications close 5pm July 23, Monday and Tuesday are going to be interesting.

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  1. Anonymous | July 17, 2020 at 6:50 pm |

    Scott Boone’s reputation catching up with him
    Let the politicians who use Catalyst or what ever they call themselves on any day know that you will lose
    I drive through Daphne and saw a 4×4 campaign sign made of PVC pipe. Don’t you catalyst candidates know we know you are a catalyst with those signs? You automatically lost my vote and I what is more I am spreading the word about you
    Use Catalyst and you lose you corrupt catalysts

  2. Anonymous | July 17, 2020 at 6:53 pm |

    Ripp, you have attacked us who hire Boone. We are coming for you for bad mouthing our campaigns

    • Francis Ripp | July 17, 2020 at 8:49 pm |

      You know where to find me

      • Ha ha Catalysts! Ripp ain’t afraid of you! You may bully your opponents but you cannot bully Ripp.
        Ripp is either fearless or nuts. I would say both but he is principled

  3. Boone is a led zepplin.
    Going down.

  4. Sherry and mayor cant.
    Did the big nast ee

    • I would like to do it with them too. They have been doing this town the same way. Let’s be clear: It is the Big Nast ee, right?

  5. Catalyst is running scared.
    Like a roach from raid. Robert Brown built the concession stands and the arts building for big bucks. Buikt a dream home. Wants more of your money. Hard earned.

    • Anonymous | July 18, 2020 at 8:43 pm |

      It is no longer Catalyst but Scott Boone Consulting. Catalyst’s name has been exposed and trashed by Ripp

  6. Well, well, well. Catalyst got their booty kicked hard.
    They must be super scared because I know Ripp ain’t gonna let up on them boys!
    Why don’t anybody think that the 2.6 million they spent wasn’t for a side payment?
    That would probably be the easiest way to make money I could think of. Find a farmer
    with some land. Say hey…we’ll give you 2.6 if you kick back ten percent…

  7. These are Christians running. Remember the golden rule of do unto others…this is what Jesus would do. Be fair and let he who is without sin…cast the first stone!!!

    • Catalyst is evil | July 18, 2020 at 8:41 pm |

      You are referring to the elders, Jesus, and a harlot that was mentioned in the Gospel of John. Jesus forgave the harlot and said Go and sin no more.”
      This council has repeatedly screwed the town over and over and over. They have gone and continued to sin
      They may have some of the town folk thinking they are Christian but their actions show they are greedy sinners that are not repenting.

      • Dear Catalyst is evil,
        You nailed it on this
        Boone can change the name of his operation to give his politicians cover but we know who they are
        We will be watching who these politicians pay on their election reports. That can even wait until after the election but we will see the payments coming in and who is paying them
        Also the same look alike signs is also a giveaway
        Boone, you are lazy and complacent. You are so predictable. Just follow the money and the crookedness and there you will be

    • Anonymous | July 20, 2020 at 7:45 am |

      Oh stuff it Churchgoer. You are either naive or you think we buy this bull that just because you go to church you are holy
      Are you trying to fool us or fool yourself?
      Either way you imply that people go to church just to be seen. This is not Christian by hypocritical. The hypocrites were the ones that made Christ mad

  8. Boone is a trailee park slum lord.
    Go see for yourself.
    Talk to tenants.

  9. Fairhope has gone backwards. Two candidates for mayor are unfaithful and premiscuous.

  10. Saw a nice campaign pic of boone on facebook.

  11. Didn’t Sullivan go on exclusive city junkets with Cant?
    I remember Mr. Ripp chronicling this in his blog. I got an email that said she was traveling all the time, accessorizing various knee pads.

  12. I am tired of poop in the bay. There’s a lot of it and it is the number one problem fairhope has, other than this city council. They are rude and they appear to be less than forthright when it comes to scrutiny of their actions. I think they will eventually all get beat. I can’t see Jack winning. His police report is bigger than his ego. Boone looks like a Fairhope fat cat who makes money through various LLC’s and local contracts he doles out to his son and his pals. Robert Brown is the worst of the bunch in my opinion. He flaunts his wealth and status as councilman. The banker is running? I heard the attorney is not. Good for him. He sees his chances are slim and he knows that they have done a poor job. I respect Jay actually for being man enough to step down. The other four deserve what comes their way. Public service doesn’t mean getting rich off the town.

  13. Ripp, now that Catalyst has “Gone to ground” and changed its name to Boone Consulting, is it still accurate to refer to this network of politicians as “Catalyst?”
    Back when Catalyst was called Elliot, Haygood and Stacey, it benefitted from having a computer robo-dialing program due to the fact that one of the partners was a computer student in Georgia
    Before those days when it was just Lynne Stacey, this group knew how to make elections tip to preferred candidates
    We still have “The Machine,” where political candidates are vetted, hooked up to developers, bought by the developers and the politicians are controlled by the developers. What should we call this “Triangle Trade” of graft and greed?

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