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Some really weird and scary things are going on in Fairhope. After the published the Oil “Slick”, seems the BP “good Vibes” guy on the paddle board, freaked out and forgot about his good vibes pledge. Some people have no sense of humor.


Ole good vibes has now converted his Facebook page to a share only, no comments, to eliminate certain people that want to ask tough questions. He is also endorsing Jack Burrell, that is SCARY to say the least, for a Mayor candidate supporting a council person. CATALYST has taken possession of his paddle board and tied it to their boat. He pledged he would have nothing to do with CATALYST aka Scott Boone Consulting. He is now also bad mouthing the Mayor, another “Pledge” he has broken.

Look Out Rock Creek, Oil Slick is drifting your way. He loaded mailboxes with his political info. Another no no, he is acting a little Scary. Rock Creek watch how he spins the BP Oil Spill and the corruption and medical issues that followed.

If that is not Scary enough, then strap this on. Scary Sherry and the 3B’s are all CATALYST, that is a fact. The 3 B’s signs accompany her signs through out Fairhope. Now they have the BP paddle Board guy bring up the rear, where he will remain. The three B’s are infamous as much as they are CATALYST.


They represent the good ole boys and voting them back in office is not in the best interest of Fairhope. The three B’s are counting on Fairhope being asleep at the wheel election day. The possibility of that is SCARY.


What is the most Scary is that citizens will look at the municipal elections as a popularity contest. Their choice may be a friend, or based on a fascination for paddle boards. Many years ago a Mayor in Birmingham told me that people that run for office out of spite or “getting even” rarely succeed.

Fairhope is electing a Mayor with a 60 plus million dollar budget, it is not a popularity contest. Citizens should look at qualifications, accomplishments, and how they have been represented.

Let’s look at qualifications for Mayor of Fairhope for Sherry Sullivan and Mayor Wilson. When you apply for a job, especially an upper level position, first they want your name, then your education, history and experience.


Scary Sherry is a fired disgruntled employee who sued the city and never explained why. She, along with two co-workers, assisted the CATALYST council to undermine Mayor elect Karin Wilson from the first day the Mayor took office. Ultimately they were all fired for insubordination, among other things. Scary Sherry’s motivation is to get even and help CATALYST regain power, all the wrong reasons. Voting Catalyst is going in reverse.

Scary Sherry has a high school education, that’s it. Her work experience in Fairhope included management of the Nix Center, which she did well. She also ran, or tried to, the recreation center, she failed miserably. She also published the then Mayor’s newsletter which was total propaganda. Scary Sherry knew first hand of the BP fraud and the Mayor’s involvement but she never wrote about that. Her experience is limited and former employees complain about her being a bully and hard to work for. The Current city employees do not want to see Scary Sherry return.

If Scary Sherry were to win, she would immediately fire numerous employees and replace them with hand picked CATALYST good ole boys. She will hire Tim Cant and other good ole boys. Corruption and lawsuits will follow.

Mayor Wilson has a college degree in finance, 25 years of business experience in finance and 3 and half years as Mayor. Wilson ran as a public servant and challenged and won election from a corrupt administration. She refused the double dipping paid positions of the previous Mayor. One of which was Utility manager a position that paid 60 thousand a year or 240 thousand over 4 years. That is a PUBLIC servant.

Mayor Wilson’s accomplishments while in office, 3 and a half years, exceed that of the previous Mayor of 16 years. Wilson also has the City employees behind her. Mayor Wilson will move the city forward ,with the help of community engagement.

Fairhope, look at qualifications they count.

SCARY sherry CATALYST and the 3 B’s is the last thing Fairhope needs.


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  1. Not scary | July 31, 2020 at 8:44 pm |

    Scary? Huh? Vote Sherry!! All in

    • Sherry is a Catalyst sellout. I see her signs in the yards with Boone and Burrell and Brown
      Last election there were the same signs and Wilson still won
      If Wilson wins Boone Consulting aka Catalyst will be more of a joke than it already is. Hightower paid Catalyst lots of money to buy the election and still list
      Having Baby Boone running your election is like having him run a one bedroom brothel with the lights left on. He will still find a way to still f**k it up even if you help him find it

  2. Anonymous | July 31, 2020 at 8:51 pm |

    I met some guys from So Cal with BP at the Pier St boat ramp. At the time, they were considering setting up a mobile command center but never did. They both had UA hats on. I had to ask how two guys from southern cal came to be Alabama fans. Their response was something like “oh, we aren’t but BP told us to get Alabama hats and we’d blend right in”. Nice…

  3. Anonymous | July 31, 2020 at 9:09 pm |

    Why aren’t there more Wilson signs out?

    • Francis Ripp | August 1, 2020 at 8:59 am |

      More signs coming however this is not going to be a sign war but a social media war.

  4. Scary Sherry?
    ? That’s gonna stick

  5. Scary Sherry is running in a revenge campaign
    Since I moved here from Saraland in the late 1980’s, I have seen Fairhope grow at the expense of quality of life while the developers stole Fairhope
    But it is Fairhope’s fault. May you old Fairhopers live to see your town turn into Theodore
    Manilos and Sullivan will do this to this place and you will deserve it

  6. Georgia Orwell | July 31, 2020 at 10:59 pm |

    I know that you are a big Karin supporter (and I have always believed that her heart is in the right place), but you appear to be actively trying to get Sherry Sullivan elected. You must know that Mayor Wilson doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being re-elected. The City Council has treated her horribly but she has alienated so many former supporters by being blamed (through no fault of her own) for the apartments and the runaway development here. Most voters only remember that she campaigned to stop Fly Creek Apartments and the out-of-control growth; even though she tried her best to fulfill her promises, she is still the one that is blamed, not our coin-operated Council. Please stop trashing John Manelos, who does have Fairhope’s best interests at heart also before you just toss the entire thing to Sullivan. There is no way that Mayor Wilson will get many votes this year because of her poor ‘people skills’ and combative attitude (again, I don’t quite blame her for that but our Mayor should be someone that can calmly deal with opposing opinions and help reach consensus). You & she should both acknowledge the contributions that Mr. Manelos could make before you ask people to elect one of her biggest enemies.

    • Francis Ripp | August 1, 2020 at 7:23 am |

      The BP guy on the paddle board is working with Jack Burrell. Burrell has a police record, been involved in multiple alcohol related incidents, bid rigging and back room deals he is the worst council person to serve in 25 years.How about the FEDERAL FREE SPEECH lawsuit Jack and the council lost.The BP guy is on a sinking paddle board. As far as the Mayor’s chances, may I remind you that in the 2018 election we knocked out several CATALYST candidates. In 2016 we knocked out Cant. and just recently won the congressional seat with Jerry Carl. I suggest that you not go to Windcreek. Wake up High School education, fired disgruntled employee, sued the city and conspired with council to undermine the duly elected Mayor, little experience. Oh yes and past employees of Scary Sherry are saying Hell No.

    • Catalyst is Evil | August 2, 2020 at 11:16 pm |

      Electing Sherry is like electing the fox to care for the hen house. Electing Manelos is like electing a useful idiot to guard the gates
      Karin is not perfect but she has had to fight the council, the crookedness, and the deep state all at the same time
      She started out trusting and naive but had to learn fast about the evils of Catalyst
      She has had to be tough and this one person has had to stand up against the Catalysts, Kant’s political machine, and the home builders. Wilson has grown a thick skin and has proven herself
      She has more strength than the rest of the bullies
      I admire Karin and I am spreading the word to the town. All the cheap PVC signs won’t stand up to the truth

  7. To bash John Manelos simply because he was an employee of BP is ridiculous. Was he on the Deepwater Horizon? No. Was he in a position to make safety decisions about the operations of the Deepwater Horizon? No. If you have nothing better to bash him about, then you should just stick with facts and let the intelligent people of Fairhope make their own decisions. Your Ripp Report is just as biased as CNN, Fox News, and all of the others. Apparently unbiased journalism is dead in our society.

    • Manelos is another big city refugee who moved in here recently and wants to show us all how he did things where he used to live
      I am not impressed with all his “qualifications” but rather disappointed that despite all his knowledge he still could not save his old place from being ruined

  8. When are you going to give the Mayor a name? Sister Wife is what many call her. Which husband are you referring to when saying Council should be concerned about her husband. Is it her husband used for deception or husband she lives with?

  9. Sherry is scary. Lazy eye and all.
    She, the three bees and Manelos are CATALYST. Wake up.

  10. I know someone close to CATALYST. They ran three people against Karin. They are. Desperate to get rid of her. Millions in building projects are ready to go. Scary how much money they have.

  11. Tell me more please | August 1, 2020 at 9:20 am |

    Phyllis…I have no idea what you are referring to but I’m interested. Can you elaborate?

  12. Whendoes the council talk about Fairhope being the fastest growing city in north america????

    • Georgia Orwell | August 1, 2020 at 8:22 pm |

      I believe that we are the fastest growing county in Alabama, certainly not in North America! Additionally, I don’t believe that John Manelos is Catalyst. He is totally independent and just a concerned resident from what I have seen over the past few years.

      • Francis Ripp | August 2, 2020 at 8:51 am |

        He is best buddies with Jack and speaking highly of Jack to several people. Jack is horrible, the worst, so if the BP good vibes paddle board guy’s mentor is Jack, then he is either CATALYST or not qualified for the job. We will release a video of good vibes in a few days.

      • Baldwin County is not the fastest growing county anymore. Fairhope is not the fastest growing town either. Close, but not first.

  13. I am concerned about the growth. Been here eight years. It has more than doubled twice. We need a new high school. It is starting to crowd in the classes. We need leaders not developers. Voting Karin and voting out the council. I am excited about the black man on the council and wish the banker had not run. He is catalyst.

    • The developers disguise themselves as servants and Christians to appeal to the voters
      Once they get in office they then are controlled by the developers who funded their campaigns
      If the voters of Fairhope keep falling for the Catalyst lies then the voters deserve what they get. This town has been overrun with subdivisions and traffic jams.

      • Sir, we natives of Fairhope were concerned about uncontrolled growth when you moved in. Please move back to where you imported yourself from. If you are truly concerned about to much growth, be a leader and start helping with the problem. That “black man” you refer to? Apparently you don’t know he has a name. It is Corey Martin. Your bias is obvious on many levels. You, sir are a major part of Fairhope’s problems. Please lock the gate when you head back to wherever you came from. Thank you in advance.

    • Do the math for me please. You have been here for 8 years. You say Fairhope has more than doubled twice in that time. Let’s see. We will use 22,000 as the Fairhope population today. Divide by 2, and you get 11,000. Ok, now it doubled twice you say. So, 11,000 divided by 2 and now you have 5,500! That was the population of Fairhope in the late 60’s to early 70’s. And you say this happened in 8 years. Apparently they did not teach truth or math at your previous address.

      • 48% growth over the last 10 years. Neither Baldwin County nor Fairhope are number one in growth anymore.

  14. Fairhopers for Karin | August 1, 2020 at 11:21 am |

    Catalyst is sooooo on the line here. They put in faux candidate Manelos to force a runoff. They are really desperate to get Karin out of office
    I hope the Three B’s lose and Wilson wins. If so, Catalyst will be neutralized until the next election. The home builders will be let known that they don’t own this town and the people will be able to live without being forced out
    The Three B’s have grown arrogant and must be sent home

    • Georgia Orwell | August 2, 2020 at 9:55 am |

      Manelos was the first candidate to challenge Karin. Sullivan is the late-comer to the race, so how can you think that Manelos was put up by Catalyst to force a run-off? Ridiculous. John Manelos has the same concerns as Wilson but is better able to deal with the public.

      • Oh yes Georgia, we need a know it all so he can tell us all
        Can we take up a fund to send him back to Houston?

  15. Looking for info on who the landowner was who got the 2.6 million from the bees?
    Anyone know? I would like to talk to him on the phone.
    I have questions. The bees will plead the fifth. I want to get to him before.

  16. Catalysts need to burn in hell. May they join Stacey in their eternal damnation
    Reserved space with Boone. – BOTH OF THEM
    Oops did I say that out loud?

    • Wow, I would not wish eternal damnation and hell on my worst enemy. Did you move here from Portland or Seattle?

      • No, I am not from Portland or Seattle. I am from Fairhope. Born and bred. I am sick of seeing my town ruined by the developers. They have made us Fairhopers second class citizens in our kiwi home town
        You can call this hate speech all you want but we had to move out of our town because they drove up our property taxes
        But you say that they are Christians and I say they are hypocrites

    • Although you Ripp, claim you do not selective delete post, which a group of ten of us are tracking with proof you did not post some fact based comments, this hate speech should have been left in cyber space. The fact that you don’t know this, has convinced me to support financially and with my voice every candidate you oppose. Keep of the good work.

      • Oh stuff it. You are a Catalyst
        Why don’t you get Chuckie to post your crap on the Baldwin Insider?
        Stop crying because Ripp is not posting your lies fast enough
        The very fact that he post you accusatory post is proof that Ripp does not delete posts
        The Baldwin Insider which was Catalyst disabled posts just like Manelos. You filthy Catalysts need to try harder on trying to tag Ripp. You have grown so complacent in your political bid rigging
        Keep posting your crap and we will continue to pummel you. You have grown weak with your greed, lies, and hypocrisy
        You make us laugh

      • Then let the catalyst fires be hooter than Hell
        Boone, Satan wants you.
        Bwahhhh haaa haaa haaa

  17. I hear that sherry is the old gf of the old mayor. If true hard pass dog.

  18. Birds of a feather | August 2, 2020 at 9:20 am |

    Thanks to Ripp, Catalyst as a name has been exposed so much that Baby Boone had to rename it.
    But you can still see it in the form of the plastic pipe signs and see how the candidates’ signs are grouped together. When you see a Sullivan sign you will see a Boone sign, a Burrell sign, and a Brown sign
    Now go up to Daphne and see the same plastic pipe signs and see those candidates that use Catalyst/Boone.
    Catalyst birds of a feather flock together ….

  19. Mr. Ripp. And yes I used that term loosely. While listing the current Mayor’s accomplishments, you missed one or two! Maybe using police department funds illegally to hire Elias Technologies to spy on city employees. Maybe physically shaking a city employee and then firing that person. But I digress. Maybe the mayor was telling the truth. She didn’t shake a city employee physically. The mayor was at the Grand Hotel pool using her and her twin sisters illegal duel membership. So, if the mayor didn’t do it, it must have been her twin sister while filling in as mayor. Oh, and of course the mayors husband didn’t sit in the audience at a council meeting and shoot the “good ole boy” bird to the person speaking at the podium. I can’t remember, did you report on that? Well, the mayor can’t lie her way out of her husbands actions. That new camera thingy captured it all.

    • Francis Ripp | August 3, 2020 at 8:37 am |

      Nothing was done illegal, if it was illegal the B’s would have never shut up.
      As far as the Grand membership, that was cleared up years ago. Mayor Wilson’s sister Kelly and her husband moved in with Mayor Wilson and her husband after hurricane Danny, they lost everything in the storm. They lived together for over a year during that time they had a “household” membership.The Grand verified this years ago. Try again

      • Print the Grand’s acknowledgment of the illegal membership, please!

      • I have been a member of Lakewood for 20 years. There has never been a “household” membership option. Make up some more BS REMFSTER to cover for Karin’s fraud and dishonesty.

      • Hurricane Danny was in 1997. Karin Wilson, Mike Lyons and their real spouces stated their fraud against Lakewood in 2001 …4 years after that hurricane. At least fact check the mayor’s lies before you repeat it REMFSTER.

        • You guys are really reaching. Going back 23 years and all you can find is a pool membership? Ha ha
          You go back less than a year and find all this crap that the current council has been pulling and all you Catalysts can find is a questionable pool membership?
          Come on, Catalyst, can’t you do better?

        • Francis Ripp | August 4, 2020 at 8:18 am |

          What the hell Lakewood the Grand I may have the hurricane wrong it is not an issue, except with you. Let’s talk serious corruption of the three B’s involving millions.

          • Lets go swimming | August 4, 2020 at 2:26 pm |

            Don’t bother answering this question about a pool membership that goes back a generation.
            Geez, this is all the Catalysts can find on Karin – even if it is doubt-able.
            Dear Catalysts, just listen to yourselves: She used the Lakewood pool back in 1997, or was it 1996? Whaaaa! Catalysts have stolen millions with their backroom deals and dirty tactics and all they can find is something about using the Lakewood pool?
            You guys are desperate.

          • You obviously have talked to Wilson about her Lakewood family fraud and how to respond to the claims. Again, at least fact check her lies before they become your lies. Wilson purposefully lied on a membership application and stole from Lakewood. That is a fact. It’s impossible to mistake Mike Lyons for your husband for 10 years when Wilson purportedly shares a bedroom with Queffer on a dailey basis.

          • Let’s talk fraud and deceit by the Mayor of Fairhope against the Retirement System of Alabama, the owner of the Grand Hotel.

          • “You obviously have talked to Wilson about her Lakewood family fraud and how to respond to the claims.”

            Yea, or maybe it was settled years ago. If it’s an issue, let the Grand make a statement. Ripp doesn’t need to bother them with your nonsense. The fact that you can’t find a signed acknowledgement is proof that it was a non-issue to them.

      • I don’t think that Grand Membership is cleared up with the voters. Most voters don’t like people who steal. I have a few extra rooms at my house. Think I might rent them out and make some money for my “family membership”. Also, if the Mayor and sister wife and family only lived together, obviously closely, for 1 year, then why did their “family membership” last for so many years?

  20. Ripp is now answering for Wilson campaign. “More sign coming”. Also, he called this election a “war”. I guess if you are Ripp and you only spew hateful fact less allegations, it appears he and his cronies Mosher & Mayor fully endorse his divide and conquer war. Unbelievable.

    • Catalyst is the one who is at war with Karin. Catalyst is the one who is allowing the crowding of the town. Catalyst has hit the citizens of Fairhope for years and Ripp hits back and you cry about it
      You have just had a taste of your own medicine

    • Francis Ripp | August 3, 2020 at 8:44 am |

      Get it straight I am against CATALYST and corruption. The Ripp Report will be assisting candidates opposed to catalyst in Daphne, Spanish Fort, Bay Minette
      and other municipalities. CATALYST is a threat to honest government.

  21. Melanios should do a cartoon of a dog on a paddle board.
    Just saying.

  22. Ripp vs. Corruption.
    Any fool can see.

    Take out the three bees.

  23. As the people can see, Ripp has made the people WOKE

  24. Mister Ripp I have told everybody I know who just moved here that you are a deranged old man. Why do you think Fairhope is number one?
    Because the Council made it so!
    Growth is progress morons!!

    • Cancer is also growth. Is their good?
      Taxes are higher, traffic jams, crime, and you call this progress
      You must be a builder who wants to sell more houses, ruin the area and then get out fast before it falls apart and leaves us to pick up the pieces

    • I’m sure the increase in jobs available in Mobile had nothing to do with it.

      • I am also sure that the greedy developers in Baldwin County had lots more to do with it.
        The developers get rich while the out of control growth causes increased sewage fees, road taxes, property taxes, school taxes.
        The developers should pay for the infrastructure upgrades.

      • Too bad the home builders were not assessed impact fees like they do in Mobile. Do you think Catalyst which is funded by the local developers in financing campaigns of the Catalyst politicians had something to do with it too?
        Wait! Don’t bother to answer that: Catalysts do not answer the tough questions but rather ignore them . But, as you can see, we have been getting you out of office one by one:
        Tucker Dorsey
        JOP race lost
        Kant out
        Haygood on his way out
        and soon, the three B’s will be out
        Next, we are going back to the county commission and vote the Catalysts out of there as well.
        You all can keep changing the name of the political machine but we will know who they are just by following the money from the builders to the politicians.

        • Georgia Orwell | August 4, 2020 at 10:40 pm |

          You could not be more correct!

        • Over 60% of the campaign money raised by Karen so far was from one developer Trussville Springs LLC out of Jefferson County. It was the largest single donation to any candidate by far. See Baldwin County election/Probate records online. REMFRANT’S own candidate is owned by developers. What a coincidence. No wonder nothing slowed down while crazy Karen has been in office.

    • Francis Ripp | August 6, 2020 at 12:53 pm |

      You sound like one of the three B’s

  25. The Congress seat defeat took the fart out of CATALYST sails.

  26. Sherry Sullivan appears too lethargic. She has trouble getting around. I dont want a lum lum in there.

  27. Concerned resident | August 24, 2020 at 8:52 am |

    Is it possible that Burrell, Boone, and Brown told Sullivan not to attend the Mayoral forum so she wouldn’t have to answer any questions? Is it possible that the entire thing was planned to have her at the game while all others were at the forum being held accountable? If I wanted a candidate elected that would have no power and was not savvy enough to debate I would tell them to do the same. I feel sorry for her that she doesn’t realize she’s being used as a pawn. The inability to be angered by being treated as though you aren’t sophisticated enough to debate is an indicator of the inability to run a city. I’m not necessarily a Pro Karin but am Anti Sherry at this point.

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