The Mayor of Fairhope has won four years in a row, The Nappi Award for the



The Mayor has received 4 Nappi Awards, during the same time the council has been awarded nothing, ZERO. The council has fought the Mayor tooth and nail for 4 years and she still accomplished, in spite of them, more in 4 years than the previous Mayor did in 16 years.

Mayor Karin Wilson:


Please read to get the facts about the work ALREADY completed to fully update our Sewer System and know, THE MOST CRITICAL UPGRADES WILL BE COMPLETED BY 2022.

This is a promise like the ones I made in 2016 for which I delivered.

Understand, the hard work to get this funded and moved forward is done. We have invested $14M in utility upgrades so far this term without borrowing a dime.

In addition, we obtained $11M to offset rehabilitating sewer lines and planning a SSO Prevention Plan for the entire Eastern Shore.

I’m extremely proud of my administration for staying the course and accomplishing so much progress. I urge you to read the following timeline most find extremely eyeopening!

Other Mobile Bay Health Initiatives:

JD Crowe

JD Crowe

Promises Made – Promises Kept
End Wasteful Spending & Restore Fiscal Health

Four years ago, the city was running an annual $6 Million deficit, making payments on millions of dollars of debt, and requiring most of the profits from our Utility department to subsidize its budget.

Today, the City is fiscally self-reliant, paid off long-term debt, increased combined City/Utility cash funds by almost 60% leaving our gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities the ability to finally afford its long-ignored maintenance and upgrade needs.

In addition, my administration obtained $18M in RESTORE funds, most of which will be invested in sewer system upgrades and a sewer overflow prevention plan along the Eastern Shore – money citizens will save in sewer rate increases.

This is what fiscal responsibility looks like and will continue under my leadership as a fiscal conservative with ~30 years experience in Finance & Business Management.

This is a promise – like the ones I made in 2016 for which I delivered. Let’s stay the course moving forward together.

Vote August 2th.

In four years Mayor Wilson has accomplished more than the previous Mayor did in 16 years.




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25 Comments on "NAPPI AWARD"

  1. Yep, Karin is the hardest working Mayor. The Nappies just echo it

    • An award where you, your mom, sister, your husband Queefer and pete the cat can vote for you once a day is not much of an award. Self promoting BS.

      • Well, then why didn’t YOU vote your Three B’s as the hardest working council if the Nappies are so easy to get?
        I voted Karin for the Nappies, just once of course. Did you vote even once since it is so “easy” to get a Nappie? Hmmmmmm?
        You Catalysts MUST get out of your greedy complacency. You are really looking haggard

  2. Very impressed. True public servant. If Fairhopians don’t put her back in they deserve what they get.

    • Ole Fairhoper | August 6, 2020 at 8:42 pm |

      You are correct, Violet
      We either get a hard worker who cares about Fairhope or we get a Catalyst who just wants to allow Catalyst to sell this town out
      I have spoken to many city employees and they live Karin and hope she wins. They think of Sullivan as a mean spirited person who just wants to do the developers’ bidding.

  3. Dear Ripp
    Why do you think none of the Catalysts who monitor this blog never refute your claims that they are just money funnels from the subdivision builders to the politicians?
    I mean a lot of folks read your blog and you have accused Catalyst so much that it had to change its name to hide itself
    Why doesn’t Catalyst even try to defend itself? I know Scott Boone once said he was going to sue you and you scoffed.
    Other than that, why doesn’t Catalyst answer back?

    • I am not Ripp, but I would venture to guess that if Catalyst answered a single question then they would just further expose their other dirty dealings.
      When Catalyst, EHS, Stacy, or what ever they called themselves came to light – thanks to Ripp, they had to change their name. This is not the first time they have had to change their name and it will not be the last.
      Now that this group has been exposed, the politicians that use them are coming under scrutiny. One candidate in Daphne lied about using Catalyst. He said he was not using this group and it was discovered he was in fact using Catalyst (or Scott Boone Consulting). He is now in trouble.
      I look at the campaign reports, and sure enough, those candidates with the PVC campaign signs are using Scott Boone.
      Catalyst thought that the voters did not care about them but the voters are connecting the dots.

  4. Five council members tried to put the sewer rap on Karin. Then they set up the Police Chief Then they set her up with the bluff project. Karin has endured so much against this bullying council
    They thought that they would run her out but she has endured
    Karin has earned my respect

  5. Catalyst appears done. They are not up to the challenge, it appears. Scott Boone Consulting is in over it’s head. The three b’s facebook presences is goober bad. I mean, who is calling the shots at catalyst? What is the plan? Where is the sharp look? Take a peek at Karin’s social media presence. Wow. Sherry really is bad. This is it for catalyst. They are dinosaurs.

    • Spanish Fort Oracle | August 7, 2020 at 2:06 pm |

      I hope you are correct, Miss Perkins. However, as long as there are greedy developers and politicians available for sale, there will ALWAYS be a conduit to hook them up.
      It has been said that “Money is the mother’s milk to politics.” Because of this, somebody will always be around to supply the nipple. Today it is Catalyst. Tomorrow it will probably be called “Christians for Conservative Government.” Like Satan, they will dress themselves up.
      The answer lies in that we, the voters, must look into who we are electing into office.

  6. She has been a blessing.
    Fairhope needed her leadership and vision. Now it’s time to move forward and shed the corrupt skin of the past. I am voting Karin back in and against the three incumbent council “men”.

  7. Google “jack burrell police report”

    You’re welcome!

  8. I go to Jack’s church. I don’t think he’s bad as they say. But, I do believe holding public office is a privilege and is a service role. So I am for a change there. Boone I never liked. Robert Brown
    Made himself a lot on contracts with some friends of mine doing work for the locals. I don’t want that for Fairhope anymore.

  9. Well folks the manilow campiagn has really taken off.

    Like the last week or so.


    Where is he good vibin?

    Haven’t seen him near the pier.

  10. The nappi is given to her because she is like best friends with the publisher.
    Take it with a grain of salt folks. Insider deal. Paid for.

    • Well if the Nappie was really paid for, why didn’t Burrell, Boone, and Brown pay for their Nappie? I am sure they have more money than Karin.

  11. Karin Wilson has done her homework. She has put together a great staff and put the city on a sound financial footing.

    Many of the people she booted out were incompetent and unmotivated. Good riddance.

    Don’t let the money grubbing developers return to control.

    • Amen! Do NOT let the developers get back in power! They have made enough money at our expense. They should be voted OFF the Council!
      Karin deserves a Council that will work with her. She has spent the past term having to take their cheap shots. They MUST go!

  12. Mister Ripp I have examined the police report for Mr. Burrell closely.
    Despite its obvious redactions, it appears legitimate.

    For the audience and for the sake of our democracy and good faith in your
    intentions to help the City of Fairhope, would you please tell us how
    the hell you got hold of THAT document?

    Thank you Sir.

    USMC 1967

    • Francis Ripp | August 8, 2020 at 7:37 am |

      The police report was sent to me in the mail, no return address I then confirmed it with the police. Jack has never explained. I have been told more information however I have no way of proving it, so I have not release it. The Airport bid was just as bad and he keeps claiming he has been “exonerated” by the ethics comm. ask him to show you the letter.

  13. The three Bees have to be outed!
    Please tell us more about the land scam. I heard each bee banked major coin on that shell game. Come on ripp!!!

  14. Catalyst is just one big good ole boy club that is selling out fairhope.

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