Well Chucky Cheeze and “come fly with me” Burrell have come up with their new hit piece on the Mayor of Fairhope. They are reminding the general public of their support for fired employees and how they support the same employees lawsuits that are seeking 100,000 dollars from the city of Fairhope. Councilmen Jay Robinson abstained on voting for a settlement for Sherry Sullivan due to his close family friendship with her. This was the right thing to do but what about the rest of the council? Boone Burrell and Brown, the three B’s, have wholeheartedly supported Sullivan. Fact is many believe that they encouraged those fired to sue the city in order to push their anti-Mayor campaign. The three B’s are also very close friends with Sullivan and also should have abstained.

All the BS Chucky Cheeze and Burrell have thrown out has yet to stick to the wall. The citizens of Fairhope and readers of Chucky”s tabloid deserve to here the whole story and all the facts surrounding the firings. Normally this would be a moot issue, however the council has taken upon themselves to make these firing much more than what they were, a firing period.

Think of the message this will set for future employees that are fired! This has never happened in Fairhope before and be assure the council is fully responsible. These lawsuits are unnecessary and only add an additional burden on the city.


Fairhope City Council has decided to pay fired employees rather than going to court, so we the public never know the whole truth surrounding the firing in the first place. Remember it was the council…


The three B’s are also supporting and encouraging Pandora Heathcoat, a current employee, to file a lawsuit, they are just waiting on getting Sullivan paid first.


Today the phrase “to open Pandora’s box” means to perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching negative consequences. Once open…


Come fly with me Burrell is still hiding behind the Alabama Unethical Commission and his activities at the Fairhope Airport. But we are not going to forget.


The good ole boy tabloid, the Courier, with assistance from the editor Chucky Cheeze, have produced another spin article that they expect to end the allegations of wrong doing at the Fairhope Airport.


It is not about the firings it is about Burrell hiding in plain site and using any means possible to obstruct the Mayor. His obstruction is costing us all, he should step down from the Airport Authority and Council President.


The Ripp Report recently changed it’s business status from a tax deductible non profit to a corporation. It is still a non profit, without any federal tax deductibility. This also allows the Ripp…


Wake up Fairhope we elected a new Mayor and have a dozen new employees dedicated to their jobs, let’s support them, not obstruct them.