The good ole boy tabloid, the Courier, with assistance from the editor Chucky Cheeze, have produced another spin article that they expect to end the allegations of wrong doing at the Fairhope Airport. WRONG First off Chucky keeps calling me a blogger and ignoring that The Ripp Report has been around for over ten years and is a non profit corporation, consumer watchdog organization. But what the hell if I call him Chucky Cheeze he can call me a blogger.

Alabama Ethics Commission dismisses complaints involving Fairhope Airport Authority

Alabama Ethics Commission dismisses complaints involving Fairhope Airport Authority

The Alabama Ethics Commission sent out letters earlier this month dismissing multiple complaints filed against Fairhope Aiport Authority member Ray Hix, Fairhope Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker and …


One particular part of the article needs a little explanation:

“On Oct. 19, Hix and Snedeker sent a copy of their letters to Fairhope Mayor Karin Wilson and Burrell, saying they hoped the findings from the Ethics Commission would end some of what they called the “slanderous and conspiratorial behavior” undertaken by some local residents.”

“We humbly share for the public record the attached letters of exoneration from the baseless and malicious complaints against us that were submitted to the Alabama Ethics Commission,” Hix and Snedeker wrote. “Our sincere hope is that the slanderous and conspiratorial behavior by some individuals in our community will stop immediately. Like most citizens, we are committed to collaboratively working with our city officials and staff to protect and enhance the unparalleled quality of life in Fairhope, Alabama.”

MR. Hix and Mr. Snedeker use the words exonerated, baseless and malicious complaints, slanderous and conspiratorial behavior, I love that one, Please note that is THEIR words, nowhere in the Ethics Letters does it use any of these words, especially, Exonerated. The complaints were filed by a non profit, that represents the best interest of the public, The Ripp Report, against Hix and Burrell, not Snedeker, however we are pleased to hear someone did.


The Ripp Report is no longer operating as a non profit. It will operate as a cooperation in the future. The change allows The Ripp Report more latitude when it comes to endorsing and supporting…


The Ethics Commission stated “The Commission concluded, upon review of the evidence from the investigation, that their was not probable cause to believe that Jack Burrell, or Hix, committed a violation of the Alabama Ethics Act”.

Jack is hiding behind the Ethics Commission however the Court of Public Opinion, the next election and karma will have the last word, just as they did with Pittman and Kant. Three of a kind.



In Fairhope, “come fly with me” Jack Burrell is facing ethics complaints as well as Fairhope Airport Authority board member Ray Hix, Fairhope Municipal Judge Snedeker’s partner. The airport authority…



Bonus money for fired employees, only in Fairhope. The city council settled the Sherry Sullivan claim without a trial or any explanation. The council simply went into executive session and voted to use taxpayer money to settle a claim that no one is privy to, other than the council. The council, many are personal friends of Sullivan, supported Sullivan in her claim. Jack Burrell led the charge to reward bad behavior that led to Sullivan’s firing. Next up Jenniffer Fidler, get ready to cut her a taxpayer check for her bad behavior. Oh by the way they will seal all the records so the public cannot tell how their taxes are being spent.

Chucky and the tabloid did their part in supporting the fired employees:


First let me announce that no longer will the Ripp Report accept comments from Jester 666 and the Truth teller, most likely one in the same. Their comments add nothing to the subjects at hand and the…


Fairhope elected a new Mayor and council over one year ago

Voters elect new mayors in Fairhope, elsewhere – Lagniappe Mobile

Voters elect new mayors in Fairhope, elsewhere – Lagniappe Mobile

The city of Fairhope will have its first new mayor in 16 years, after challenger Karin Wilson defeated four-term incumbent Tim Kant by earning 3,523 votes of 6,589 ballots cast, or roughly 53.3 percent. Wilson, the owner of Page & Palette bookstore and coffeeshop, was a relatively late candidate in the race, having launched her …


The council is quick to obstruct the Mayor and that is their only accomplishment for the first year. Wake up Fairhope this council is costing you money and Jack Burrell’s leadership is non existent.


The Ripp Report recently changed it’s business status from a tax deductible non profit to a corporation. It is still a non profit, without any federal tax deductibility. This also allows the Ripp…


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  1. The people are being fleeced. By a miss a sip grad.

  2. Fedora Upton or \"Fed Up\" | October 25, 2017 at 3:47 pm |

    So what Alabama Law covers and allows the City Council to use the taxpayers money and seal the record of what was paid out to a previous employee. We are not surprised with the Alabama Ethics Commission’s decision on the Airport Authority. This is a prime example of how creeps get away with what ever they wish to do in a public office. Lawyers know how to grab words out of a bag and use to there benefit . So what else is new?

  3. This is a blog, this not a news organization. This ‘report’ doesn’t interview others to obtain the other side of the story, this blog simply states opinions and bashes people, the files complains. News organizations do not file complaints.

    Paul, I am trying to bash you but this is the truth – it is what it is.

    • The Ripp Report is a Consumer Group we do not claim to be journalist. Filing complaints is part of the scope of the group.

    • Anonymous, Why don’t you go bash your hooker mother. I’m trying to bash her. But you don’t seem to care about bashing anyone same as I do. Lol.

    • I guess you have not been around the block or you are just stupid. Both I would guess. Every well known news organization in Mobile and Baldwin Co have and will continue to file lawsuits, requested matierial using FOIA Ac. That would be Freedom Of Information Act to you who like to bash. I must say you bash behind the anonymous name very well. We also file ethics charges and complaints all the time. So shut your pie hole up. When you become a real citizen and have the correct knowledge. You will understand these things that you have been totally ignorant of. Ripp could care less if you bash him. Why don’t you tell him who you are in the same breath, Coward. Do some research. You will still will be an idiot, but maybe a smarter idiot. It’s an improvement believe it or not!

      • Filing a lawsuit to obtain information when an FOIA request is declined is proper, filing ethics complaints when you claim to be a news organization is not. Again, this blog was supposed to be a site to share ideas but I guess when you don’t have a good argument so you call individuals names. If you read the last sentence it will indicate that “I was not trying to bash.” Ripp himself has stated ‘The Ripp Report” was considered a news organization by the ABA, maybe a dysfunctional news organization but that is what he claimed. Why would Ripp change his corporation, news organizations do not contribute money for political reasons. I have read all the articles of incorporation, among other material. I do great research, actually, that is what
        I do, perhaps you need to learn how to do research. I guess this site is run by Jester or Truthteller now, someone did say ‘group.”

        • Can you read Pervert? | October 26, 2017 at 12:25 am |

          Anonymous who said that you didn’t bash Paul Ripp when you in fact you said in print, you are bashing him. You are an idiot and also illiterate! If anyone on this site doesn’t read another thing in their life again. They need to read where this anonymous prick says and I quote “Paul, I’m trying to bash you but this is the truth-it is what it is.” Unquote!!! You bash him in a written comment and now you say you didn’t. Have another drink? Not if you are driving. You have had plenty either way. You are a disgrace to anyone especially to those of us who are educated or can at least read or remember what we wrote a few hours ago and if you couldn’t remember, you could actually pull it back up and read what you wrote as I hope everyone else does the same. You are a menace and a sorry ass person who just wants to troll this site so that you can get off. Pull up you pants and move on to another site you freaking pervert. You make us all sick!!! Go get off with Burrell or Boone or Jester. All of you are the same kind of person. Sick!!!!! The only useful thing you are good for is entertaining us during the extra innings of Game 2 of the World Series. Thank God that you and your pervert self was not where we were. You should go bash your head against something. Then you might finally realize when you actually are bashing someone or something. Go troll somewhere else where and lie while you type.

        • To The Drunk | October 26, 2017 at 12:31 am |

          Your last sentence drunk man was “Paul I am trying to bash you” There seems to be a whole lot of people who are way smarter than you appear to be!

        • Laughing Matter | October 26, 2017 at 12:35 am |

          To the basher of Paul. You say do great research? LOL!!!

          • To the others that have bashed Anonymous, if there are any idiots on this board it is those that file ethics complaint after ethics complaint and they all get dismissed. I guess when you fail, continuously, and have zero credibility left in the community you change your company, Paul’s in clearly out of business. I have been laughing my butt off since reading the dismissal, yep, all of you on here are brilliant, highly credible, upstanding citizens in the community. The only city government official that has hired a criminal defense attorney is the mayor! Oops!

            • “The Man”. You must one of those who are profiting from the Fairhope Council. Keep laughing.

            • The Basher Lies | October 26, 2017 at 3:11 pm |

              Seems that the basher won’t admit he’s wrong. How can you believe anything the basher says. Narcissistic people are always wrong and never admit it.

              • What did the Basher lie about, it is a fact the mayor has a criminal defense attorney, it is a fact most on here have no credibility and run their mouths about nothing.

                • Didn’t lie how stupid you are. Read the damn thing he wrote. Are you illiterate too! He say he did not bash Paul Ripp. But clearly states that he is trying to bash Paul. Get back on your knees and finish up with Burrell before he gets angry with you.

            • Hey Man
              The idiots are the folks that put any credence in “The Ethics Commission”

              With all due respect

            • Francis Paul Ripp | October 27, 2017 at 3:49 pm |

              I will give ya something good to laugh at next week

            • Um…the ethics commission is being investigated for their ethics! Lol. I wouldn’t take any pride from being dismissed by the so-called ethics board.

              “The Man” must be Jack since he’s calling out the mayor. He only knows how to point fingers and deflect attention off the real issues.

    • He doesn’t make money doing this blog and not influenced by special interests. He’s motivated by holding those accountable for their actions.
      I don’t agree with everything he says but I do believe his motives are for the best interest of citizens.

  4. It is amazing what Fairhope has become under boone and burrell. Sad day.

    • ….and brown, robertson & conyers. The whole council. If you follow or just complicit, you are part of the problem.

  5. Unclefester | October 26, 2017 at 4:30 am |

    Dyas Lawsuit “park” $12 million
    Sewer “upgrade” $13 million
    Soccer Fields “unlevel” $7 million

    Airport Authority $8 million

    See a pattern?

  6. Question – my understanding was that the insurance company for the City would be paying to settle this claim. Why are you saying that they are paying it with tax dollars? What is your source of this information?

    • What\'s up? | October 26, 2017 at 1:23 pm |

      I would like to know as well. Either way. Also, no one fired this year should be entitled to any money whatsoever!!! Insurance payment or city funds. We citizens should have a clear understanding and the Mayor should have certainly been a part of the decision to settle or not settle any of these claims whether you like her or not. Something smells fishy. We have the right to know all the facts. This is our town dammit!!!

      • Fact Seeker | October 26, 2017 at 2:10 pm |

        While I want the facts, I disagree with your statement that the Mayor should have been a part of the decision. These claims were filed as a result of her alleged actions (laying hands on an employee, which she has admitted), a retaliatory demotion of the witness, which has since been reversed by the personnel board, and a retaliatory termination of someone who discussed the incident of her laying hands on the employee with the Council. When she is the source of the reason for the claims, how can she become a part of the decision to settle or not? That’s like asking a defendant to weigh in on their sentence…

        • Oh my Fact Seeker | October 26, 2017 at 3:20 pm |

          Hey Fact Seeker! Go have another margarita with Sullivan or Fiddler. You ALl disgust me and all the employees of Fairhope think the same about you all too! Shut up. Enough of the bitching! That’s all that we have had to put up with from disgruntled employees and councilmen. Think about your family. Oh wait, they will all be taught to be bitches like you. Give it a rest. Blame the Mayor for everything. Those three piss poor employees should have been fired during the swearing in of the new Mayor!!!!

        • Francis Paul Ripp | October 27, 2017 at 3:55 pm |

          You need another title your all screwed up on facts and cases

      • The mayor really should not take part of the decision, it involved her. This can cloud someone judgment – well – she really does not have any judgment so I guess you are right. My bad…

        • Judging the way you write. I think something is clouding your own judgment prick! Oh, my bad. Not! You are still a prick.

  7. Burrell is building a warchest.

  8. Ya Ya Sisterhood | October 26, 2017 at 4:25 pm |

    Burrell must be stopped at all costs. He and boone and brown are miscreant rednecks.

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