The Ripp Report recently changed it’s business status from a tax deductible non profit to a corporation. It is still a non profit, without any federal tax deductibility. This also allows the Ripp Report/Baldwin County Legal Eagle to become more engaged in the election process by sponsoring or contributing to specific candidates.

One thing you can say about the Alabama Ethics Commission is that they are shamelessly predictable.

To dismiss a complaint and not answer any questions nor offer any explanation as to the allegations, is a whitewash of facts.



The Ripp Report is no longer operating as a non profit. It will operate as a cooperation in the future. The change allows The Ripp Report more latitude when it comes to endorsing and supporting…


The Ethics Commission is suppose to be looking out for the citizens of the state. Instead we have a faux organization that protects the connected and convicts the weak. They have become the Unethical Commission.

Alabama Ethics Commission revelations go ‘Boom!’

Alabama Ethics Commission revelations go ‘Boom!’

“They haven’t been corrupted by it. They’re a part of it.”


The Alabama Ethics Commission, when mentioned in public meetings, is meet with laughter first and disdain second.

The Alabama Ethics Commission is failing us – Alabama Political Reporter

The Alabama Ethics Commission is failing us – Alabama Political Reporter

By Josh Moon Alabama Political Reporter The Alabama Ethics Commission has become a joke. Let’s all stop pretending that this five-man panel, along with its Executive Director and legal counsel, are any sort of a defense against corrupt public servants or a means to punish public corruption. They’re not. Not consistently. And not without an Read More


Some commission members are embarrassed about the blatant unethical behavior of it’s members.

Alabama Ethics Commission revelations go ‘Boom!’

Alabama Ethics Commission revelations go ‘Boom!’

“They haven’t been corrupted by it. They’re a part of it.”



The Fairhope City Council President, for the last 5 years?, is truly a shining example of what you do not need in a council president. The Council was approached by the Mayor to mediate their differences, by using an attorney that would represent the Mayor, the request was for 15,000 dollars. Council president Burrell said it was not necessary and that he was the mediator. Eight weeks have passed and Burrell has mediated nothing.

Mr. Burrell did however get the Airport Authority to cover his attorney fees relative to the Ethics complaint.

The City budget was presented by the Mayor 4 weeks ago and council has yet to meet with the Mayor to discuss it. They want to pass their responsibility to a newly appointed finance committee.

Most recently Mr Burrell is defending the Fairhope sewer system saying the infrastructure problems “are blown out of proportion” and “sewer spills can’t be prevented”. He cannot explain why Fairhope spent 13 million on a sewer plant and not spent no money on sewer infrastructure! He also has no answers about why, while he was council president, the city utilities transferred 10 million to the general fund for non utility expenses.


Fairhope is at a crossroads and if the community allows Council President Jack Burrell to ban people from speaking during the city council meetings, at public participation, then we have chosen the…


A job with benefits is city council president, liaison to the Airport Authority and Airport Authority Board member. This position allows you inside information about the Fairhope Airport Authority which will help if you want a good ole boy deal on an aircraft hanger to keep your jet. Free plane flights are provided by other board members, guaranteed, and all bids are controlled for “proper Placement.”

All bills for the Airport are paid by the city and the Airport Authority has the title to the land, not the city. This guarantees that your job is secure with benefits. All ethical violations filed against you that require an attorney, will be paid by Fairhope Airport Authority. Ethics complaints will be sent to the ethics commission for dismissal. Your position will be protected by 4 other council members, equally blind to public trust, and totally loyal to you, not the city. Your job will have no accountability. Contact Jack Burrell for an interview, sit with your back to the wall.

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  1. From Fairhope | October 20, 2017 at 7:34 pm |

    EVERYONE possible needs to contact the Ethics Commission about this – we need to bombard them & want an explanation of their blind eyes – we need to get everyone on there dismissed also. This needs to also take place immediately – they are more than a joke!

    • Filing a complaint with the “Ethics” Commission? Ha ha. What a joke and a waste of time

      • Why is it when a board, judge or commission rules against the moving party then those that have filed the complaint infer that everyone is a crook. I am glad the commission ruled in favor of Hixs and Burrell if they were to have been found guilty then think about the stain on this city. It appears most on this blog want this city to fail, for the city council to be shed in a bad light only hurts this city. Everyone wants the new mayor to succeed, everyone should also want to see the council to succeed. We have elections, and after the election, we need to move on.

  2. Larry Redman | October 20, 2017 at 7:57 pm |

    Whos runming against Burrell?

    • Georgia Orwell | October 20, 2017 at 11:39 pm |

      No one……..Fairhope is a cess pool now. Kant, Burrell & Boone have bullied everyone and have now been joined by Brown. Our lovely City has been sold out by our former Mayor and our former and current city council.

      So sad that the ill-informed and the ignorant have allowed this to happen. Anyone with assets to protect should sell out now and let the renters have at it! I certainly hope that the renters continue to support our fabulous downtown merchants after we are all gone, but I am betting that the apartment people would prefer to shop at Walmart than at our amazing downtown stores! Then there will not even be a vibrant downtown and no one will want to live here.

      The people that believe that Fairhope’s Council/Planning Commission are working for the good of the City are simply not paying attention…….anyone living in those horrid apartments will be shopping at Walmart……NOT downtown. How do they not understand that if we don’t support our wonderful downtown merchants that they will not continue to exist?

      Fairhope has one chance to return to grace……please listen to our hard-working Mayor Wilson. She is trying her best to save our city!

      I have been and will continue to be critical of some of her decisions, but she is the only hope we have left.

      Remember, if nothing else, that Jack Burrell stated that the massive sewage spills all over town and into Mobile Bay are ‘Unavoidable’…….that after, he, as City Council President, re-allocated all of the utility funds into other ‘areas’ to benefit his friends …….also, most of our City revenue goes to the Airport Authority. Why am I the only one that knows that this is a massive conflict of interest?

      I am so depressed by the level of stupidity among Fairhope voters. Only when their property values tank will they even care. Apologies for the length of this post, but please wake up! Talk about this! Share with friends and neighbors and discuss what solutions could be.

      Thanks for reading my venting against Burrell & Co!

      • Georgia, was Fairhope a cesspool before you move here? All of these bad people in Fairhope, oh my, then why would anyone move here? Why did you move here? Nor does Orwellian elitism and bigotry.

        • Georgia Orwell | October 23, 2017 at 9:12 pm |

          It probably was, but the Kant administration hid the facts beneath the flowers. I never knew until Kant was voted out. Mayor Wilson has worked hard to dig up the dead and release the stench. If we don’t stop it now, it will be too late for our kids and our City. I know that life looks ugly now, but if we can rid ourselves of the politicians that created this horror (which we are beginning to do), we can save our environment and Fairhope. To whom is that a bad solution?
          As far as elitism, who are you kidding? No one in Fairhope is trying to be ‘elite’. We are simply trying to maintain a city center where it matters that everyone contributes to that city center.

          • Georgia, if you have faith in this mayor to lead us out of this mess then you are going to highly disappointed. The mayor has done some good, but real questions about her ethics that is the most concerning. If she is a leader, transactional or transformational, she simply does not know how to use her skill at the appropriate time. Again, you came here for a reason, implying that you had a high favor of this city. What bothers many of us when you post, you post as if you have deep roots here in Fairhope. You are the type to move here and then tell us how bad things are, and then you want to change us. Isn’t growth a problem? Did you add to this growth? You moved here to enjoy what has been built over the past 25 years…so, no Georgia you want to be some elitist.

            • Cordova Farms | October 24, 2017 at 6:37 pm |

              Robert Brown is a tiny little man. But the fact is he and boone and burrell run the city from Bone and Barrell.

            • Bring it Bully | October 24, 2017 at 8:00 pm |

              Hey anonymous who thinks they are so savy. You seem to be another one of Burrell’s bitch who hides behind Anonymous to speak like a moron to Georgia. Put you name on your comment or shut the hell up. You F ing prick. Name yourself and also a place and time and we will put your bullshit to a end!!! I’ll personally shove the word elitist so far down your throat that you will have to unzip your pants just so you can brush your teeth.

              • Same old tactics, threats, and name-calling. I can see not much has changed in this blog, and to think when Ripp band Truthteller and Jester things were to change. If you disagree with someone you make threats and start using profane language.

              • Fairhope Res. | October 24, 2017 at 10:31 pm |

                Bring it Bully, you want to berate someone for not putting there name and place on a comment. You name call and threaten people for their comments. But you do the same thing! Where is your name? Well I am calling you out! René Powell Fairhope Courthouse anytime buddy. You can find me in the probate office.

              • Hey Truth Teller, Hey Jester, Hey Brown, Hey Truth Teller, Hey Jester and hello Jack. Still using the anonymous I see. We know who you are. You cowards. Keep hiding behind it. It’s who y’all are.

                • NOT Anonymous | October 25, 2017 at 12:12 pm |

                  Hey “Fairhope” – No, I’ve posted as “Truth Teller”, but is says awaiting moderation. Censorship by Mr. Ripp I suppose. None of the “Anonymous” comments above are me. But hey, you’re no coward “Fairhope”, you’re using your real name. HAHA. You folks are really funny.

            • I see that the anonymous person talking down to Georgia without facts has proven they are just another troll on this bolg that can’t stand the idea that they have no friends or no where else to go. So they pick on Georgia who seems quite intelligent especially when comparing her to the troll that keeps commenting to about about her.

      • So you’re not elitist, but “renters” and “apartment dwellers” only shop at Walmart? And won’t shop downtown? Not everyone who lives in this town can afford some of the pricier shops downtown, and some prefer better produce than what is offered at the one market. Your true colors are showing. For shame.

        • I have to agree with Bay Gazer. Walmart has fresher produce and much more affordable prices AND way cleaner floors than Greers does. Why would I want to shop in filth and pay higher prices for less quality. I also truly try my best to buy locally but if you shop downtown you pay ridiculous prices and even when you spend thousands of dollars at a local Fairhope shop and you ask one time “how about a small discount on an Item” they look at you like you are F big crazy. Walmart is great and is open 24hrs. At least the Fairhope merchants could have more locals save money days!!!

          • I also agree with Bay Gazer, the 24/7 of Walmart, and higher prices prevent many from many from shopping downtown.

  3. Langston Rogers (Rock Creek) | October 21, 2017 at 6:33 am |

    The people of Fairhope need to stir.
    Not cocktails, either.

  4. “Political corruption has no place in a civilized society,” according to this blog’s creator. Nor does Orwellian elitism and bigotry.

  5. Starts at the Top | October 22, 2017 at 11:04 pm |

    I would like to point out that it starts at the top. There two persons that are both perfect role models for this “Jobs with Benefits” blog. These are two fine examples of doing nothing but receiving all the benefits (and more) as individuals while each being our president for 8 years!!! One couldn’t even run a baseball team and lied to get us into a war and the other one took us 20 years backwards and put a lot of us out of business (some) or out of work with some kind of health care bull crap as well as ordered the troops into Africa and now they are both bitching and complaining NOW? Both are responsible for losing lives that they both could have prevented. Why are they complaining NOW??? Did I miss the memo about both of them being great leaders? I know! Can you believe it! Both were elected twice!!! We don’t have to put up with this here in our own City of Fairhope! The air is clear and so are the evils being done by Jack Burrell and his merry men. This too will unravel so that we will prosper along side someone else’s leadership that is not only about themselves! We don’t need the ethics commission! They will be needing us very soon and we won’t be there to support them!

  6. I don’t know who is worse in the Jobs with benefit ring….Jack Burrell or Florida Rep. Frederica S. Wilson who is has always as she deserves more than others and she also has one of the highest unemployment districts in Florida pushing over 17%. When blaming Trump for the deaths of the recent US solders in Niger. She wants her benefits while forgetting that Obama sent them there in the first place. She, like Jack does not give respect to anybody and disrespects most!!!

  7. Truth Teller | October 23, 2017 at 10:47 am |

    Have you reviewed the mayor’s proposed budget? Five million will be transferred from utilities for non-utility expenses. It’s done that way every year, she’s just “accounting” for it differently. $10 million over 5 years is better than her $5million in one year.

  8. Truth Teller | October 23, 2017 at 10:49 am |

    Correction – She’s proposed a $2.8 million transfer for 2018. The City deficit is $5 million. Up about $2.5 from the year before.

  9. This town is being handed to the NOB’s (New Ole’ Boys) and there is nothing you can do about it.

    • Aunt Pittypat | October 23, 2017 at 12:28 pm |

      This last comment sounds like our very on ROBERT BROWN!

    • Francis Paul Ripp | October 23, 2017 at 4:00 pm |


      • Francis, so you have decided to change your non-profit to a for-profit. This will allow you to raise money and give monies to politicians, correct? Isn’t this act of giving money part of the corruption that you speak out about? So, you have decided to join the game and become part of the corruption.

  10. So jack is proud to be in the same club as pittman and the rest of the political scumbags!

    Congratulations Jack!

  11. In Fairhope for years we managed to hide our warts. Now, not so much. The word is getting out about our sewer problems. It’s not good.

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