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City asking GulfQuest to cough up utility payments, as agreed - Lagniappe Mobile

City asking GulfQuest to cough up utility payments, as agreed - Lagniappe Mobile

According to Executive Director of Finance Paul Wesch, GulfQuest National Maritime Museum has not been holding up its end of an agreement with the city to pay its utility bills. Wesch said the city and GulfQuest had reached an agreement about a year ago where the city would pay the building’s monthly utility costs then …

Source: lagniappemobile.com/city-asking-gulfquest-to-cough-up-utility-payments-as-agreed/

The Gulf Quest Maritime museum cost 42 million dollars a project that took 5 years to build. Taxpayers funded 28 million dollars into a concrete building resembling a ship.

It now looks like the ship is sinking in a sea of taxpayer money.

The museum has not paid a single utility bill since it opened and the total is over $400,000 PAST DUE. Sounds more like a white elephant that is going to need taxpayers dollars to stay afloat.

You have to ask yourself how the Board of Directors ever thought they were going to pay for it. Then again, their attitude may have been, “build it and let’s worry later.”

Hello it is later?

What are you going to do now?

Saddle us with years of tax dollars trying to keep a concrete ship afloat?

One of the Board members, Mr. Angus Cooper, is well known in Fairhope. He is a major supporter of soon to be EX Mayor Kant. He also headed up the Senior Bowl in Mobile and talked Mayor Kant out of $35,000 for a football practice session held at Fairhope facilities for free.

Yes, you read that right.

Fairhope paid them to practice on our facilities for free.

The world gets even smaller when you consider Fairhope Councilwomen Diana Brewer was hired as the marketing and public relations director of the museum. This is the same Diana Brewer who was for the Fly Creek Apartments. Those apartments are being pushed down the citizen’s throats by Mr. Angelo Corte, a Tim Kant fan for decades, and friend of Mr. Cooper.

Mr. Cooper has donated $2500 to Diana’s re-election bid and Mr. Cooper’s secretary also donated $1500 in an effort to maintain Diana’s loyalty.

This all sounds a little sticky. But what the hell  that’s politics in Baldwin County


Diana had better get a lot better at her job or she will go down with the ship. Her stance on the Fly Creek Apartments has shifted with the wind. Once a proponent of the project _—_ she now says, while in a runoff, whatever you want to hear.

October 3rd is the 6th meeting involving the Fly Creek Apartments. Over 250 people have attended each of the meetings with an average of 98% opposed. _Get ready Fairhope —_ for a Kant dirty trick. It is rumored that he and Jennifer Fiddler have other plans than to attend.

Could they be planning to fail at forming a quorum and forcing acceptance of the apartments through some sleight of hand?

Why would two people on the Planning and Zoning Board miss the number one issue to face the P&Z Board in years?



FYI the city of Fairhope just lost a Supreme Court case involving; you guessed it, Planning and Zoning. This is yet one more lawsuit our former Mayor caused with the assistance of the Planning and Zoning Board. The city lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money.

The attorneys Hand Arendall won we lost.

They need to be fired.