Commissioner Tucker Dorsey the citizens of Baldwin County have lost confidence in you.

You began your political life as a commissioner by firing the county manager, EMA director county attorneys and others.

Outgoing Baldwin County commissioners fire county administrator and planning, personnel directors

BAY MINETTE, Alabama – In the last meeting for the current board of commissioners, officials fired three directors and demoted a fourth upon the employees; request and voted to support the Baldwin County Watershed Coalition’s stormwater initiative.


Those fired just so happen to be the same county employees who tried to prevent Sen. Pittman from facing ethics charges related to the BP Grant. They were rewarded for their ethics by you, who fired them. As a County Commissioner you turned a blind eye to Sen. Pittman’s company receiving $750, 000, combined, contracts for BP Boom deployment. You closed your other eye by ignoring the fact that Sen. Pittman was  designated by Governor Riley as the “trustee” of the very funds he was suppose to oversee.

The Mega Site is a Mega Bust and has cost the county over 50 MILLION dollars, when you consider the lost opportunity. Year after year we hear the same story “it’s going to take awhile”. The citizens and employees of the county are tired of waiting.

Let’s not forget your stance on lowering the American Flag, or that CNN interview.

Alabama county refuses to lower flags to honor Orlando victims

The Baldwin County commissioner cited the U.S. Flag Code as a reason to not lower flags at public buildings.


That really made Alabama and Baldwin County proud.

Commissioner’s ties to businesses raise questions

Records maintained by the Alabama Secretary of State’s office show that between 1998 and 2013, at least 42 business entities and property owners associations were registered at 12940 Underwood Road in Summerdale, the current address for construction company Summit Industries LLC. Those entities were formed by Baldwin County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey, Dorsey’s employer Clarence E. […]


Your rebuttal to that story only raised more questions.

Commissioner explains complex business ties

Business records maintained by the Alabama Secretary of State’s office reveal that between 1998 and 2013, at least 46 business entities and property owners associations were registered by Baldwin County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey, Dorsey’s employer Clarence E. Burke Jr. and Summit Industries owner Jacob L. Cunningham to 12940 Underwood Road in Summerdale, Summit Industries’ address. […]


It was also interesting that you changed your name?

Dorsey addresses name rumors

While members of the Baldwin County Commission won’t be up for re-election until 2018, a rumor about current chairman Tucker Dorsey’s name is already circulating. Dorsey believes the rumor is intended to harm his political career. Dorsey, who is currently serving his second four-year term on the commission after being first elected in 2010, said […]


Your explanation as usual lacked clarity.

Who are you?

Let’s not forget the Mobile Area Boy Scouts and as a director you have as yet to do anything to stop the financial bleeding.

Facing budget deficits, Boy Scouts prepare land sale

In an effort to stem the tide of substantial losses in revenue and contributions, the Mobile Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America is preparing to sell approximately 230 acres of land at Camp Maubila, one-third of a property near Jackson the council has owned for 50 years and used a summer camp. The […]


A lady recently explained to me that corruption in Baldwin County is like a plate of spaghetti, a tangled pile of noodles that ultimately touch each other. You Mr. Dorsey have called out the media to prove for once and all how many noodles you are touching.

Lagniappe deserves the credit for its investigative reporting.

It is obvious many of these articles took considerable time to research.

Lagniappe’s most recent article,

Too Many Connections looks like that plate of spaghetti. It is also clearing the smoke and revealing a FIRE.

Dorsey says votes have nothing to do with business relationships

Baldwin County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey says the labyrinth of business entities surrounding him and his part-time employer are simply a method of reducing liabilities or the vestiges of old property associations and do not represent an ethical dilemma for him as an officeholder. Dorsey has been explaining the rather complex layers of businesses and property […]



All of this information and more will be part of an existing ethics complaint. If you know of any of Mr. Dorsey’s noodle connections please contact us. Mr. Dorsey is wearing Tim Kant shoes and will soon be leaving the building.