Well folks I decided that I needed a little rest and relaxation because I am facing my 14th and 15 shoulder operation since my injuries in Vietnam. The first one comes up Dec 15th so if I am a little late on publication, you will know why. I have traveled all of Central America and am a citizen of Belize, however I choose Mahahaul Mexico to chill out before my operation, one of my favorite beaches.

Sorry I missed the Roy Moore protest but could not be prouder of the women and protesters who made it clear that all of Alabama does not agree with Roy Moore or his beliefs.


The Moore and Bannon show did not count on any protesters, no they thought everyone would just roll over as usual. Wrong, and thank God for it. Fairhope should be proud that many women in Baldwin…


I still am fascinated that voters are willing to dismiss the fact that Mr Moore violated his Oath of Office, twice, and was disbarred. In the military you would be dishonorable discharge for violating your oath.

“Ayatollah of Alabama”

Roy Moore disqualified himself long before the sexual allegations were levied at him, by multiple and creditable sources. Moore violated his oath of office, twice, and was removed from office for…


Next Tuesday is going to establish the “Moore Factor” those who choose party over country. This will be useful in mid term elections, of the County Commissioners and State Senate races. You can bet your bottom dollar candidates are going to own their positions that they take now with Moore. Many a vote is going to be swayed by the candidates support of Moore.

With Moore, and you own it, and what comes in the future. More allegations and facts will surface and a possible Senate Ethics Investigation that could lead to Mr Moore’s being removed from the Senate, the ultimate embarrassment.

Next Tuesday is more important than most think. Alabama will be sending the world a message. Let’s hope it is the right one.

It is a fact that straight ticket voting results in many a bad candidate being elected, please do not straight ticket vote.