The Moore and Bannon show did not count on any protesters, no they thought everyone would just roll over as usual. Wrong, and thank God for it. Fairhope should be proud that many women in Baldwin County did not allow themselves to be silenced and exercised their constitutional right to peacefully protest the candidacy of Roy Moore. Please note I said Roy Moore because he is not a judge, he lost that job twice, by violating his oath of office.

‘Handmaids’ protest Roy Moore; Steve Bannon attacks Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake

Silent, heads bowed and dressed in scarlet robes, a group of women stood Tuesday as a symbolic protest to Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.


Ginger Broadway Poynter, Michele Walker Harmon, Kim Mc Cuiston and as many as 70 other people, women and men, including my daughter, made me proud. They showed people they do not have to be scared of politicians nor accept their word as Gospel.

The handmaidens made international news, making it perfectly clear that many in Alabama adamantly. disagree with Bannon and Moore. The protesters also did not allow Fairhope’s reputation be one of hate and denial. They were not from out of state nor paid by any political party, that would be fake news.

Alabama newspapers have rejected Roy Moore like the plague. Moore has threatened to sue the women the newspapers and everyone else to prove his innocence. He has not filed a single lawsuit.

Alabama’s largest newspapers used Sunday’s front page to tell voters, ‘Stand for decency, reject Roy Moore’

Splashed across the front pages of Alabama’s biggest newspapers Sunday morning was a scathing editorial against Roy Moore, the former judge and Republican candidate running for the open Alabama Senate seat. It declared: “Stand for Decency, Reject Roy Moore.”


There will always be those standing in the rain denying they are all wet.



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  1. Felton Thompson | December 6, 2017 at 5:54 pm |

    When Moore wins by double digits it will be due time.

  2. Speak at the polls | December 6, 2017 at 7:59 pm |


  3. Well. I have been back and forth regarding what’s right and what’s wrong. It would really be great if Moore was elected and allegations not turn out to be true. But! If any of these allegations were to be proven. Then God help Roy Moore. But again, I would not want to be Roy Moore, be elected and then have any unlawful allegations proven! I think Jesus would pay us a visit the very next day. So Roy! If any of this is true? Get out before Satan sticks you himself! If not true. Then do a good job and screw the liberals and the democrats. Hell, they give enough of my money away without asking me what I think? Republicans of Alabama? And you know who you are. Make darn sure you act swiftly and with a sharp knife should any of this be proven true about Roy Moore. Dang it, I wish I knew for sure. But unlike the protesters, “really funny”, really don’t know what the truth is either. They can’t handle the truth. Thanks ole Jack Nicholson. Why hasn’t more been done to try to have the truth proven???? Best “unanswered” question of the year!

  4. Where were all the lady protesters that we’re at Roy Moore political party at Oak hollow when Bill Clinton was getting a blow job in the White House! They would rather have a Baby killer
    than a West Point Graduate and a war veteran, of course these ladies don’t like to act upon using facts. They are ALL hypocrites.

  5. Liberal? Richard Shelby is ranting on making sure everyone knows that he is NOT voting for Roy Moore, the only Republican on the senate ballot. Well, heck Shelby, I have voted for you for years, been a while though, and have just 2 questions for you and you or your publicist can answer them. 1. Do you really stand strong for and want to protect Alabama and MAINTAIN a republican in the open senate seat and have you ever sexually harassed, even maybe not realizing
    it at the time, someone while you have been in office. Never heard you say that “you haven’t” while knocking Roy Moore! But the question is out there. Different world out there all of a sudden. A Write in vote for someone who doesn’t have a chance, not voting for the only Republican that has a chance, doesn’t do a damn thing but prove that you are the Obama lover that I have always thought you were!

    • The problem with America is that, and I have to praise you Women something fierce, is the fact that so many male politicians and other people in local and state office have lost their F king balls. Including those in charge of businesses and other high level positions that indirectly and directly effect the for profit and not for profit organizations and so many of these men are nothing but pussies!!!! How come you think there has nothing been accomplished in several sections of government and charity organizations show so little respect for the younger generation that is yet old enough to do anything about it. Most men born between 1950 and 1980 have turned out to be sorry ass crap who doesn’t or can’t even stand up for their own families!!!

  6. The Establishment Dems and Republicans have tried every lie every questionable political dirty trick available.To stop Moore and Trump. And yet they still winning!!

    Because the people of Alabama are not STUPID.
    We don’t need to be told how to vote.

    RIPP you better keep to the local issues

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