Yesterday Alabama stood on the side of Country before party. Some think the party and straight ticket voting is the only answer, regardless of allegations. Truth is this is the core problem and bad politicians get elected this way. The party will cover up crimes hinder investigations and deny deny deny before admitting the party members guilt.

Alabama needs a two party system currently the single party leadership has been a total failure, for years. Both parties need to be held accountable and candidates elected on credentials. A candidate should be carefully vetted, his or her views will affect us all. If it means crossing party lines so be it, your moral compass should come first.

In a survey conducted during the Senate race, 66% of women with kids under 18 voted for Doug Jones, they were not all Democrats, they were all women and mothers.

This election has identified what can be called the Moore Factor, notice I did not say Trump Factor, however they are similar. The Moore Factor is saying something patiently false and passing it off as the truth, regardless of evidence that says other wise. Mr Moore railed about the Constitution and his ability to uphold “The rule of law”. The factual truth is he is the worst example of the rule of law. He violated his oath of office, judiciary, twice, was found guilty of Ethics charges and thrown of the bench for breaking the law.

The Moore Factor represents people that are not interested in fact as much as they are their personal and most often religious beliefs. In Alabama this is as much as 48% of those voting. The answer lies with the Moore Factor’s children. They will slowly erode the 48% and the good ole boys are going to find it harder to hang on to power by selling straight ticket voting.

The Republican party escaped being hit by a tsunami of embarrassing ethics investigations and the process of seating Roy Moore in the Senate. The mid term elections would have become a political battle field leaving many a republicans mortally wounded. Roy Moore did the republicans a favor in losing and many a republican was on his knees praying for that defeat.