“Ayatollah of Alabama”

Roy Moore disqualified himself long before the sexual allegations were levied at him, by multiple and creditable sources. Moore violated his oath of office, twice, and was removed from office for violating the same constitutional rights he swore to protect. Yet he uses the same Constitution as his rally cry for votes. This is a fact not fake news, yet some voters are willing to overlook Moore’s defiance for the law, putting party first, at all costs.

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How can an individual who has violated the oath of office for The Alabama Supreme Court, twice, be expected to honor the Oath Of Office for the US Senate? Better yet how can he even be a viable candidate?

U.S. Senate: The Oath We Take

U.S. Senate: The Oath We Take

Homepage Feature: The Oath We Take

Source: www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/common/generic/Feature_Homepage_TheOathWeTake.htm

The US Senate has already announced plans to kick Moore out of the Senate if he happens to win. That is going to be one more black eye for Alabama. Moore has reaffirmed how corrupt and politically dysfunctional Alabama has become.

Roy Moore’s sexual assault allegations cloud Alabama special Senate election

Roy Moore’s sexual assault allegations cloud Alabama special Senate election

Before Roy Moore’s sexual assault allegations came to light, the Republican senate candidate was already a polarizing figure.

Source: www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/30/roy-moores-sexual-assault-allegations-cloud-alabama-special-senate-election.html

Moore has been shunned by fellow republicans and asked to step down by the Republican leadership.

Roy Moore Urged to Resign after Report of Relationships with Teens

Roy Moore Urged to Resign after Report of Relationships with Teens

Republicans are scrambling to distance themselves from the Alabama senate candidate.

Source: www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/11/roy-moore-urged-to-resign-after-report-of-relationships-with-teens

Moore is determined to bring down the whole State of Alabama and embarrass his own political party. Alabama will be on the world stage, for all the wrong reasons.

Moore’s next stage is Oak Hollow, Fairhope, Dec 5th. This will be a stage ripe for trouble as Mr. Moore
continues his campaign of denial and fake news.

Remember it is your constitutional right to peacefully protest the venue and make clear Roy Moore does not represent Alabama. Morals first, party second.

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11 Comments on "“Ayatollah of Alabama”"

  1. Alabama needs Roy Moore.

  2. Moore better than Jones

  3. Roy reminds me of Paul, not that Paul is a pervert but that Roy takes stands for what he believes in. Paul fights like hell, right or wrong. Pual is wrong on a lot of issues but he takes a stand, Roy does too. I think I going to vote for Roy…I like the fact he hates Democrats, as we all should, but he also tells the Republican’s to kiss his ass as well.

    • Rock n Roll for Moore. Not sure we can trust either. But can bet in Roy to get the things we have been working hard to get. If all these other senators are not stepping down like the private sector individuals have been forced to. Then why should we pin anything in Roy Moore. If Senator Conyers where to step down today. I would not vote for more. What’s so special about his ass or ole frank end stein. If I had done any of these things. The people would not have to worry about voting or not voting for me. My wife and friends would have be tied to carcasss of meat and fed to the alligators. If one is being blamed. Then they should all walk out. If not. Keep on trucking Moore. I’ll be there for you!

      • Moore will not be seated if elected. Alabama 50th…

        • They won’t unseat him without unseating others at the same time. If they chose not to do that. Nobody will go unseated. We need records on politicians and hold them accountable just the same as the private sector. You wanna bet if Roy Moore gets elected that they will just hold court in him alone. Not happening. It will not be allowed without others being unseated. It would be unconstitutional. For or against. I want Truth!

          • Ronald \"Stretch\" Marks | December 4, 2017 at 4:13 am |

            If they don’t unseat him he will be treated like a pariah. No one will be seen with him. He used his tally whacker on lil girls. He trolls them at the shopping mall for Christ sakes.

            • Damnmit!!!! Ronald Stretch Marks. You have the name to be a pedifial and seem to have the personal experience to back it up. What a fugler MF you are yourself. You pervert. You just committed sexual assault and inappropriate behavior in front of everyone. Go tie a anchor rope and jump off the Fairhope Pier. Good riddenens if you can’t conduct yourself better than that. I’m still not choosing sizes. But why don’t you just tell everyone you are no better than Roy Moore!

              • Ronald \"Stretch\" Marks | December 5, 2017 at 5:19 am |

                If I jump off the pier I will land in human excrement. No thanks to Jack and his bff Kant.

            • Allegedly
              Why does the definition of the word escapes you

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