Jack uses “special meetings” to eliminate public participation and by passing council meetings. Monday night is a council meeting however Jack did not want any public input.Today’s “special” meeting, May 10 @ 3;30, was a true dog and pony show. Capt. Jack of course commanded the meeting with his typical bulling style. Jack wants to be Mayor and he says he needs to have all the finance people close to each other so he can find them.Jack Burrell should be the very last one to trust with any type of accounting. He claims to be working as an engineer but cannot prove it. He never has explained HIS police report.Please remember it was Jack Burrell and Kevin Boone who approved the Fly Creek Apartments and accepted the “gift” from the developer.Let’s not forget the raiding of the utility fund as a slush fund, it cost us 3 million for the triangle lawsuit from utilities. Jack and Kevin want you to believe the 11.25 million dollar legal settlement was actually a purchase for a “park” which is an outright lie.

The council has not delivered one city budget on time.

They failed with K-1

This council has not accomplished one significant issue in 3 years, except to follow Jack like puppies.

Jack Burrell has been Council President for 7 years, not one other council person has been President.

They are followers and all need to be replaced. Fairhope needs public servants and fresh candidates for the council in 2020.

This is about micro managing city employees and the 2020 election. Fairhope better wake up CATALYST has plans to steal Fairhope. It is a CATALYST City Council and they all have dirty hands.

Watch for yourself how the council follows Jack: