Backstory Podcast No. 76 A Plague of Apathy

Fairhope Bar Owner Ronan McSharry, of McSharry Irish Pub fame, dare I say: our most famous of Green Card residents, is off the hook (criminally) for Assaulting a woman (the manager of a rival bar) in Fairhope, Alabama at the Little Whiskey Christmas Club on Thanksgiving night 2018.​

If you aren’t disgusted maybe you don’t understand what happened here in Baldwin County, Alabama.

121,958,204 SARS-COV-2 cases confirmed worldwide with a total of 2,693,889 deaths; with 29,674,098 cases in the USA with 539,835 deaths; 510,579 cases in Alabama with 10,429 deaths; 1.7 M vaccine doses delivered, 1.2 M administered (updated information not available this week).

A crazy man in Georgia shot 8 women to death at 3 different massage parlors in Atlanta. President Biden has called on Congress to immediately pass hate crime legislation protecting Asians during the Covid-19 pandemic. President Biden was in-route to Georgia to meet with the families and community leaders. Some of us hold the opinion that Hate Crime Legislation at the Federal Level is a good thing while others argue that laws should be applicable to ALL (equality) based on the nature of the crime, not the motivation.

“Homegrown Radical White Supremacist Terrorists” are now the number one security concern in the USA according to DOD and DOJ.

Spring Break, Fairhope Council, Georgia Sheriff T-Shirts, rub-n-tugs, The Alabama House moved a medical marijuana Bill out of Committee, made Transgender athletes a front burner issue, and also passing an $8B Education Trust Fund Budget for next school year; $1,400.00 should be in your account soon, THE RULE (Alabama Rules of Evidence 615),

6 Alabamians under indictment for storming the Nation’s Capitol on January 6th; Mobile County Sheriffs Office sex discrimination, the AG sues MAWSS, and we take you in the way back machine to a 2020 Fairhope City Council where Mr. Ripp demands answers in the McSharry Assault Case, the response is an all time classic.

Any representations made about McSharry’s Irish Pub hosting Black Spring Break next year or being the newest haunt of the Hells Angels is purely satirical and not meant to inflict injury on Mr. McSharry or his business interests. The fact that all the men in the establishment that night were not all charged with assault of Mr. McSharry tells you all you need to know about the apathy in Baldwin County.

We hope that you will act to intervene if you ever witness the public display of violence against anyone, but especially a 100 pound female. The Proposition that we put to you when we began covering this case: “The epitome of a coward who hid behind his pals to avoid justice”, would be the hypothetical that we proposed; Why not read the articles for yourself, watch the video, and come to a conclusion.