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Lagniappe has covered the Fairhope, McSharry “Bar stool” incident from the onset, the below article best encapsulates events to date.


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“At the time of the 2018 incident, McSharry was already on probation. Roughly two months earlier, he was convicted of “breach of peace” after a 2017 incident in which he allegedly harassed artist Nall Hollis, who had a gallery across the street from McSharry’s Irish Pub. McSharry also received a 12-month probation in that case, with additional instructions to avoid contact with Hollis and have “no distilled liquors and shall not become inebriated.”

[He also was sentenced to 6 months jail, in Nall case, never served a day.]

You really can’t make this crap up, if you read it in a book you would have to believe it was fiction.


“Baldwin County has its own secret society. A political cabal of politicians, developers, judges, lawyers, even a sheriff. The Cabal operated for years under the banner CATALYST.

The name catalyst became so toxic and controversial among the public that the name changed to Scott Boone Consulting SBC, during the election cycle in 2020.”

It is not fiction, it is real life and Fairhope citizens are to busy with society, keeping up with the Jones’s or drinking the cool aid, the council serves ,to see or care, that the good ole boys ,SBC , have a stranglehold on Fairhope and Baldwin County.


“In Fairhope the quarterback is none other than the most sneaky and corrupt politician in Baldwin County. The great negotiator, sneaky Jack Burrell who chose tonight to use the City Council meeting, which no-one goes to, to swear in the Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker.”

The Fairhope Municipal Judge is one of the largest land owners in Fairhope. He is appointed by the City Council who also approves any of his development plans. The good judge proudly supported SBC candidates during the last election and was rewarded with another 4 year appointment.

The City attorney, Marcus McDowell, works for the council, Jack Burrell controls the council. McSharry is, or was, Jack’s closest friend. Fairhope councilman “Strawman” Kevin Boone is the father of Scott Boone and the conduit to SBC, this is a very cozy and politically connected Cabal.


Mr. McSharry has offered no apology nor has he paid any of the medical expenses DiNiardi incurred from the assault. Watch the video again, Paula is lucky she did not break her neck. McSharry turned his back on her and offered no assistance. This is Mr. McSharry’s forth alcohol related incident, two settled out of court, who will be his next victim?

The most outrageous aspect of this entire event is that a video exists that clearly shows the assault. The Fairhope council and current Mayor have yet to say a word in defense of the victim. The apathy in Fairhope and lack of outrage by Fairhope citizens exposes the disconnect citizens have with their municipal government and the continuous blatant corruption that surrounds it.

The Fairhope Police DID their job. The City Attorney and Municipal Judge of Fairhope, DID NOT.

Baldwin County Circuit Court Judge Stankoski now has the responsibility of finding justice for Paula DiNiardi and accountability for Mr. McSharry. It should be noted that Judge Stankoski does not appear to have any connection to SBC.

In the best interest of everyone, it would be nice to see Mr. McSharry apologize, be accountable and pay the medical expenses of Paula DiNiardi. However it appears that he has chosen a path of spending a boat load of money on loud ineffective attorneys. McSharry needs medical help, instead he persists on victimizing the victim.

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