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A secret society is a club or an organization whose activities, events, inner functioning, or membership are concealed from non-members. The society may or may not attempt to conceal its existence.

The term usually excludes covert groups, such as intelligence agencies or guerrilla warfare insurgencies, that hide their activities and memberships but maintain a public presence.

Baldwin County has its own secret society. A political cabal of politicians, developers, judges, lawyers, even a sheriff. The Cabal operated for years under the banner CATALYST.

The name catalyst became so toxic and controversial among the public that the name changed to Scott Boone Consulting SBC, during the election cycle in 2020.

Mr Scott Boone is the son of Fairhope councilman, Kevin Boone.

How convenient is that?

The fox is in the hen house.

Fairhope is SBC central headquarters for Baldwin County and they call the shots in both. SBC was successful in electing a Mayor and 4 councilman in Fairhope and they were quick to flex their muscle.

To further the secret society, SBC, appointed a municipal judge, who is Fairhope biggest developer, and a city attorney, a SBC loyalist, to cover their backs.

To top it off they hire a law firm, Hand Anderall Sale, as additional counsel, Hand Anderall was the law firm that lied to the citizens of Fairhope over the triangle lawsuit costing taxpayers 3 million in legal fees.
Who hires an attorney that loses the case and ends up costing them 3 million? Unless they are SBC.

The next move was to fire the Fairhope Utilities Director, a certified engineer, and give that job, plus a salary increase, to the Mayor who has no experience as an engineer.

Exactly what SBC wants because engineering companies can be manipulated and awarded other SBC good ole boy deals.
Make no mistake, SBC put the Mayor in office and now they own the office.

SBC moved quickly to kill the waterfront project and radically changed the project to their satisfaction.


Whats next?

Here is one thing they just did knowing Fairhope residents are distracted by Covid, National politics or asleep.

7. Ordinance – Annexation – Parker Road from U. S. Highway 98 easterly approximately 1.373 feet to the end of County maintenance to the corporate limits of the City of Fairhope from Baldwin County Commission.

Sounds innocent enough, a simple annexation of 1373 feet of Parker Road.

This was suppose to happen at the completion of the infamous Publix project, over 8 years ago. Why now, because the developer of the Fly Creek Apartments, a major contributor of SBC, says so.

One of many secret moves of the secret society is to join Parker Road to Hwy 181. The developer nor SBC gives a damn about the dangerous congestion at Parker Road and Hwy.98.

Not only does the Publix Strip Mall exit on to Parker Road, over 500 residences, apartments, condos and town homes, have been approved, that will also exit onto Parker.

The developer has lied through his teeth since the project started and has had 5 lawsuits filed against the project, through the years. The Fire Station on Parker was also located on the developers “donated” land, adjacent to the apartments. Mayor Cant made that good ole boy deal.

SBC, “A secret society is a club or an organization whose activities, events, inner functioning, or membership are concealed from non-members.” Fairhope citizens are the “non-members”.


Fairhope SBC has total control of your city, in months and years to come you are going to witness wholesale corruption on a scale beyond your imagination.

Get ready for some “REDNECK RENOVATIONS”.

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14 Comments on "SECRET SOCIETY"

  1. Yes, Ripp, we know: SBC (a.k.a. “Catalyst”) runs Fairhope and Baldwin County.
    But what can we do about it? It will be four years before the next election and by then the crooks will have destroyed Fairhope. What can we do to stop them?

    • Francis Ripp | January 29, 2021 at 7:40 am |

      Pray the feds step in and expose as much as possible publicly until elections, if it is not to late.

      • Ha. Catalyst is too smart for that

      • It is too late. Fairhope has been ruined and overbuilt
        Only yankee liberal atheists from California or dirty developers can now buy a house here. Well, they may say they are Christian conservatives but their actions show they aren’t

  2. You can’t. Just like national elections, they are rigged.
    Nothing short of a revolution will do any good.

  3. CATALYST does not have to reign fear of secrecy like it seems. This goes much too into conspiracy and not enough into details. There is not enough information to know the specifics about dynamics and procedures.

    • Catalyst is evil

    • Peeps, apparently you have not kept up with the politics

    • Hey peeps, are you serious or are you working for CSB?
      Just look. The mayor is working for the developers and the entire council is too
      The city judge is a developer. Catalyst puts on politicians who are owned by developers or are developers themselves
      This is not a conspiracy theory but fact. The shameful part is that the voters do not know this. Because of Ripp, we know and are spreading the word. I knew that Catalyst would have to go to ground after losing some elections. I just never knew it would change its name to Boone

  4. The local governments have allowed out of control growth. Because of this, the roads, hospitals, sewers, and schools are over capacity.
    Heck, the stores are always under stocked due to the overpopulation of this area. Then Sullivan says we must “embrace growth.”
    We know who she really works for….

    • Too bad that your point is not being addressed like it should be.

    • Catalyst Watcher | February 3, 2021 at 8:46 am |

      The people of Fairhope will soon see property values level off. Their taxes have already shot up. Fairhope is not the utopia it was once known for over the years.
      While you can thank the city council and the mayor for treating the city as their own real estate portfolio, you need to blame the citizens for allowing it to happen.

      • Francis Paul Ripp | February 4, 2021 at 9:15 am |

        You are right in 4 years Fairhope will not be a quaint little town, it will be swallowed up by sprawl and unbridled development.

        • Unbridled development overrun with a bunch of Yankees.
          We MUST begin teaching these Yankees some manners or start running them back to their places up North.

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