The wheels of justice move slow, especially when the good ole boys knock out the spokes. 15 months ago we reported on an incident that should have been resolved in 6 months.



Corruption has many faces. In Fairhope the local arrest of a bar owner, Ronan McSharry, drew little more than a paragraph of coverage and little or no print media has covered the story. FAIRHOPE, Ala.


How does someone with multiple convictions, on probation, with a 180 day jail sentence hanging over their head, continue to avoid justice?

Fairhope Municipal Court and the City Attorney dropped the ball, or hid the ball.



How does a bar owner, continuously break the law and walk? If you are Ronan McSharry it appears not to be a problem.


Now the case has moved to Circuit Court and the wheels are coming off.

How does McSherry demand so much obstruction?

Why would a Circuit Judge act in such a way for what has become such a high profile case?

Judicial power run amok in Baldwin – Lagniappe Mobile

Judicial power run amok in Baldwin – Lagniappe Mobile

Any time I’ve found myself in a courtroom, I’m reminded just how important it is to have qualified judges who don’t let power and position make them crazy. Jurists should be held to a very, very high standard, because the last thing society needs is judges who either aren’t smart enough to do their jobs …


This case is about an assault case, plain and simple.

McSherry’s attorney James Pittman wants to float conspiracy theories and challenge the state’s Shield Law. Pittman is blaming everyone else, except McSherry.

Judge’s ruling would compel Lagniappe to provide communications with sources – Lagniappe Mobile

Judge’s ruling would compel Lagniappe to provide communications with sources – Lagniappe Mobile

In a move that appears to be unprecedented, a Baldwin County Circuit Court judge has ordered Lagniappe reporters to turn over private communications with protected sources at the request of an attorney trying to prove there’s a conspiracy to defame his client, Fairhope bar owner Ronan McSharry. As Lagniappe has reported, the attorney representing McSharry …


Please remember the whole incident is on video tape.

Monday January 27 McSherry is due in court over the criminal issue.

I predict that will not happen, the court or attorneys will find yet another excuse, or conspiracy theory, to delay justice again.

This case is getting more interesting every day, stay tuned for updates.

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9 Comments on "BAR STOOL “CONTINUED”"

  1. From what we are seeing from up here in Nashville, it just makes simple sense. You get a good lawyer and go before a Catalyst judge and you will get off
    It has nothing to do with justice but everything to do with who you know and what team you play on. If I was in Baldwin I would get in with Catalyst. Catalyst won the state and they are now going to the federal level with Hightower

    • Money talks in Baldwin.
      Every judge is on the take.
      Pay the lawyer and the judge gets paid.

      • Looking forward to you being gone Mister Ripp.
        Catalist will run everything with zero dissent!

        • Dear Jack4fh,
          Don’t worry about Ripp being gone. There are many others that will take the torch to keep exposing the political filth that is Catalyst after Ripp is gone

        • Hey all you little people, as much as y’all wine about Ripp you should be just as worried about Lagniappe. I will share one thing with you though. Either one of them or both combine can print every email, every fact they have and even try to make up some BS about Ronan McSherry and neither Ripp nor Lagniappe could come close to hurting the pathetic reputation of Ronan McSharry and all those who are close to him!!! Lets see how low his attorney will go and more importantly, how low the Judge is willing to go. I’ll be in the courtroom every time this case is on the docket.

  2. Why is he wanting more publicity for his disgraceful conduct?

    Note to self: If I’m involved in an embarrassing drunkin’ debacle, keep a low profile and pay my dues.

    • Note to self! Don’t be a dumbass and tell all of my family to never name any newborns, Ronan! He, himself has caused ALL his own problems. Nobody needs to help him ruin his reputatio, he’s doing just fine by himself.

  3. HemiWolfGang7 | February 1, 2020 at 6:16 am |

    The great land grab of 2020…thousands of unsuspecting midwesterners lending siege to the vulture developers…and CATALYST…which is nothing but a flimsy front for the good ole boys that have run BC into the ground in terms of infrastructure…the roads, sewerage and schools and impact fees necessary to maintain are not going to happen…BC is a ticking time bomb…increased commute times…increased school enrollment…increased crime…

    all for greed.

    Goodbye Fairhope…

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