Well folks I decided that I needed a little rest and relaxation because I am facing my 14th and 15 shoulder operation since my injuries in Vietnam. The first one comes up Dec 15th so if I am a little late on publication, you will know why. I have traveled all of Central America and am a citizen of Belize, however I choose Mahahaul Mexico to chill out before my operation, one of my favorite beaches.

Sorry I missed the Roy Moore protest but could not be prouder of the women and protesters who made it clear that all of Alabama does not agree with Roy Moore or his beliefs.


The Moore and Bannon show did not count on any protesters, no they thought everyone would just roll over as usual. Wrong, and thank God for it. Fairhope should be proud that many women in Baldwin…


I still am fascinated that voters are willing to dismiss the fact that Mr Moore violated his Oath of Office, twice, and was disbarred. In the military you would be dishonorable discharge for violating your oath.

“Ayatollah of Alabama”

Roy Moore disqualified himself long before the sexual allegations were levied at him, by multiple and creditable sources. Moore violated his oath of office, twice, and was removed from office for…


Next Tuesday is going to establish the “Moore Factor” those who choose party over country. This will be useful in mid term elections, of the County Commissioners and State Senate races. You can bet your bottom dollar candidates are going to own their positions that they take now with Moore. Many a vote is going to be swayed by the candidates support of Moore.

With Moore, and you own it, and what comes in the future. More allegations and facts will surface and a possible Senate Ethics Investigation that could lead to Mr Moore’s being removed from the Senate, the ultimate embarrassment.

Next Tuesday is more important than most think. Alabama will be sending the world a message. Let’s hope it is the right one.

It is a fact that straight ticket voting results in many a bad candidate being elected, please do not straight ticket vote.


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  1. For a better District | December 9, 2017 at 5:11 pm |

    Well. Stay down there a little longer than you planned. Maybe you will get your head on straight about putting a democrat in the senate. On the other hand. When you come back, I have check the finances of some of our congressmen and it’s alarming how not only rich they are getting but, just how much money they are pissing away on staff and their many offices they brag about having and all the travel money they spend each year. All the while, giving us very few straight answers when they get back from one of their Washington trips. It’s amazing that how one of them can brag so much on how they are helping our military and Austal and at the same time can’t give us or even offer us a straight forward answer regarding what issues they are working in with the President. You don’t have to grow some BALLS to stay in office. Unless you want to keep proving you are just another puppet that we have yet elected again hoping for a change. Answer the F ing question like a grown Christian ass man instead of lying straight to our faces at your less and less popular town hall meetings that some people come to just to say they saw a politician with their own eyes. You certainly have not helped our group in Mobile figure out anything in the issues at hand. We love Trump. But, don’t be such a wuss and answer the damn question without bullshiting us during the meeting. Is the same way you make decisions with your family and what they might be involved with. Show us that you are not a puppet. Thanks, we are counting on it!


      • Alabama Smells Worse | December 11, 2017 at 1:00 am |

        Well Ripp. When you do get back in town. I sure the awful stench that Cory Booker left behind this weekend will still be lingering. Hell. I could smell him from here while he was in DC. He’s another one who thinks he can tell the “Black Folks” as he put it, to vote because of what he thinks. Hell, between Obama and Booker. Black folks have been put back years!!!! Now we have a Black Republican calling Blacks in Alabama stupid and Alabama American Natives, “IGNORANT”! The N word user and Black republican himself Tim Scott claims he will automatically have a investigation filed if Roy Moore wins but, had also proclaimed that he himself is righteous man who never has made a mistake. Getting deeper by the minute Alabama!!!! Demoocrats and Liberals such as Shelby along with the media are on a record pace of seeing how high they can stack the bullshit! They have already set a world record. They are just putting some insurance height on it. Makes no difference. They will truly break the record again in the future. All you republicans that are in office in the state of Alabama at this moment. Hold on to your horses. It’s going to get bumpy. BUT, no matter what, without 100% solid truth against Roy Moore, you all have judged him as a bunch of heathens yourselves. Ask this of yourself whether you end up being right or wrong? Would you want God to Judge you or any of you family members so quickly?

        • Richard Shelby FFD!!!
          Former Fu$&ing Democrat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s got to go along with some of these other republicans who don’t realize who put them in office, but most importantly, have screwed us since they (republicans) have each been elected.

    • David Boyett describes himself as a republican and alignes himself with John (sorry liberal) McCain. Says 70% of Alabamaians dislike Roy Moore. What have you David Boyett or John McCain ever done for this Country. I know McCain’s flying buddie. If McCain wasn’t such a drunk. He might not have gotten shot down. Damn sure hasn’t done anything for us as a politician.

  2. Vote Moore

    • Yes vote Roy Moore. Some of these campaign ads and posters put out by Doug Jones and his liberal worthless people are absolutely disgusting. What liberal pricks you all are. Expected nothing less. When Doug Jones gets whipped in Tuesday’s election. It will truly show how incredibly unelectable he is. He brag on all this prosecution things he has done. The last time I checked, that was his job and we paid the asshole for doing his job. Please correct if he didn’t get a check. I’ll send him one. Geeze. Everybody do your jobs. You are not doing anything for free. Even running your mouths, (all of you) you all are still getting a check.

      • Don’t be so quick to judge all thee media members who try to tell the black folks they better get out and vote for Doug Jones. Black, yellow, red or white. Let people judge for themselves because God will judge all of us in the end. How dare some you politicians and media members pretend to be God himself and cast judgement on whom ever you should decide on for the moment. May God strike you down with GREAT VENGEANCE should you be judging without facts and judging not yourselves and your own families.

  3. I heard a rumor. Ripp is suing President Burrell for millions.

    Here first.

  4. Rumplestiltkin\'s Ghost | December 12, 2017 at 4:52 am |

    Karma is a b*tch Jack. Merry Chri$tmas.

  5. Speak at the polls | December 12, 2017 at 10:02 pm |

    Happy Hanukkah Doug Jones!!!

  6. I already heard from Richard Shelby’s camp that he’s switching back to Democrat. Let’s not forget too quickly that he was a democrat and after winning as a democrat, he switched parties and became a republican. Now that Doug Jones, the Democrat who just won the Alabama US senate seat. Shelby is from what I understand is going to switch AGAIN and switch back to being a democrat. This should be illegal and it it a damn shame that we have let a liberal in disguise, Richard Shelby, cost us a republican seat in the US senate. Thanks Richard. You don’t deserve to be called a senator from Alabama anymore than a monkey f ing a football.

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