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If you live in Baldwin County, please share this post as much as possible. This is very IMPORTANT.

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Our sites do not delete, block, censor or alter comments based on your opinion. Beware of sites that do not practice Free Speech but promote CATALYST, delete posts and comments, and promote a one sided political picture, that of CATALYST. Political hacks of CATALYST and Catalyst candidates are like an “Old Shoe”, worn out.

CATALYST/Scott Boone Consulting is a profit making political group who represents the interests of developers. They select candidates to represent their interests, NOT that of the citizens of Baldwin County. In the upcoming elections of Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort and Bay Minette, CATALYST has their hand picked candidates, that when selected, are obliged to follow the good ole boy creed which always ends in corruption.

Baldwin County tax payers are their victims.

Baldwin County has been under political siege by the good ole boys under numerous names. CATALYST was the name of choice until a few weeks ago, when a new name Scott Boone Consulting appeared. This was after CATALYST suffered a bitter defeat in the congressional race.


The CATALYST name had become infamous and so toxic in Baldwin County that the principal of Catalyst decided to change it to his own name, Scott Boone Consulting. Mr Boone is the son of Fairhope councilman Kevin Boone. Both Boone’s have been implicated in the land fraud known as “Strawman” featured in Lagniappe under series. Be sure to study the spider graph of CATALYST players.


That “SPIDER GRAPH” identifies people in one of the largest land fraud deals in Baldwin County. Scott is the money distributor, the bank, for CATALYST candidates. Where does the money come from? Over a million dollars so far, not counting the dark money passed under the table.

CATALYST/Scott Boone Consulting, CSB, is a threat to everyone’s quality of life in Baldwin County. They represent the dirty ugly side of politics where Christianity is turned on it’s head for a vote.


WARNING: CATALYST/Scott B??ne Consulting, CSB, is a county wide threat. Fairhope, Daphne Spanish Fort and Bay Minette all have CSB candidates.

Do you hate the unbridled development?
Lack of impact fees and a sewer system holding the county hostage?

Our schools busting at the seams?

That is CSB.

They are organized and represent money, not people. Do not be confused by signs. Identify CATALYST by studying the signs. CSB Candidates run in a block position supporting one another, this is obvious in Daphne and Fairhope, where all CATALYST candidates place their signs side by side.


Here is an accurate post from Daphne, explaining CATALYST and how to identify them.

Ole Towne Daphne | August 5, 2020 at 8:42 pm

Just look for the pvc signs
If you want names then see for yourself on the Secretary of State website on campaign reports
You Will see the donations from all the developers
Prebble DR Horton Columbia Southern Truland Corte Cox
They funnel money to the vetted politicians. Catalyst checks out and picks the politicians and signs them on then the developers fund the politicians and the politicians pay Catalyst. Like a Triangle Trade you read about in colonial times
Catalyst then keeps the politicians in line. If an opposing candidate runs and seems to be a threat, Catalyst will threaten
I knew a certain Catalyst tried to intimidate the cousin of an opponent. That Catalyst told the cousin “I represent every sitting just get in this county and you donot want to run against my client because you will lose and you will have to face a judge that I represent.” The opposing politician ran for Commissioner
I know this because I was in politics
Catalyst does better at running “at large”rather than at district levels. This keeps the votes diluted. Now do you see why the las t election for change in Fairhope’s government had just one voting booth outside of the city hall? It is for the same reason why Daphne closed the minority precincts in the 2016 election
Catalyst is smart and stacks the deck

In 2018, CATALYST tried and failed to take over the entire county administration. From county commissioners to probate judge, they failed. They failed, but not totally. Many CATALYST, CSB, candidates were successful in getting elected.

CATALYST, CSB, lost to Jerry Carl in the congressional race last month. Now with a name change and the same shady antics that they are known for, CATALYST has it’s eyes on municipal races across the county.

With your help, share, share, share, we can expose and defeat a stigma of corruption that has stuck to Baldwin County like a blood sucking bat.



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19 Comments on "CATALYST ATTACK"

  1. Catalyst Fact Checker | August 12, 2020 at 8:23 pm |

    Opposite of Catalyst: Harry Still III. Came in last in District race in Bay Minette in 2016. Running for mayor this year. Ordered 250 signs and can’t get anyone to put in their yard. I predict he gets less than the 23% he got in 2016.

    Burrell, Boone and Brown all win with almost identical 68% victory.

    Carey wins with no runoff.

    Your Illuminati theory blows up in your face and the work of Baldwin County continues with you spitting in the wind. Good people stepping up for public service and doing what is right despite your lies, innuendo and half truths. You think you can run off good public servants by conspiracy theories but you are wrong. Good people will continue to step up and give of their time and treasure.

    • Catalyst intimidates other candidates and their supporters.

    • Catalyst is Evil - and so is Boone Consulting, LLC | August 13, 2020 at 4:15 pm |

      Oh come on, Catalyst Fact Checker,
      Can you find another pejorative term other than “Illuminati?”
      It gets old. I mean, you tried this on Facebook, how did that work for you when you all tried to get Tucker Dorsey back in office?

      • Catalyst is Evil - and so is Boone Consulting, LLC | August 14, 2020 at 4:32 pm |

        Notice how when you ask a Catalyst a direct question they will not answer it? They trip on the very lies they try to sell
        I challenge you Catalyst Fact Checker to ANSWER MY QUESTION otherwise you have been OWNED
        (insert Mic drop here)

  2. We are going to find out who this Olde Towne Daphne is and we will sue him
    We run for office to serve and such slander is hurtful

  3. No fooling me. Catalyst candidates are not only backed by big developers and all who profit from parcelling out every inch of land, they are also bullies.
    No one is going to get sued because it’s true. Chris Elliott is selling us out along with all other catalyst politicians, mayors and judges. It’s sickening.

  4. Goliath Was to David as Catalyst Is to Ripp
    The Heroic Stories of David and Paul
    By Chris Warner

    Special to the Ripp Report/BCLE
    August 12, 2020

    Until the bully is defeated, he reigns.

    Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants,” is a reminder that every warrior has his sun day in the arena, and that every man can be held accountable—especially when he underestimates his opponent; and lets his guard down.

    Gladwell’s book demonstrates how the defeat of the mightily perceived Philistine soldier was not an upset; but a set up. The odds were in little David’s favor from the moment the confrontation began until the giant’s head was lopped off. That is because the unsuspecting shepherd boy, David, spent years preparing for that moment.

    David was the right person, in the right place, at the right time, in the right spirit to face the arrogant giant. The action it took to slay the towering, armor-laden beast was familiar to the upstart. Untold practice allowed David and his lariat to shuttle a rock or flat stone 70 feet per second, up to 150 yards; and with it he was deadly accurate.

    The humble shepherd boy was more powerful than he appeared, and the haughty giant was not as formidable as he looked. David’s faith overcame the fear that froze others in the presence of the bully. To a hammer, everything is a nail. As trained soldiers, Saul’s military experts saw Goliath as a problem with no solution, the most powerful soldier they’d seen. Conventional wisdom and fear worked to paralyze and prevent them from seeing the unconventional solution.

    The fresh eyes of an amateur with the mind of a shepherd and faith of a believer was necessary to defeat the giant. By refusing to allow himself to adapt the defeatist attitude that succumbed others, David, knowing himself, realized he had the proper skill set; and that the perfect opportunity had presented itself. David’s experience and training as a shepherd gave him a different perspective, one that equipped him to slay the giant. He had done it before.

    The experts saw in Goliath an invincible warrior; but through the eyes of a shepherd, David saw a bear, and he knew how to kill one because he’d done it before. David spent countless hours practicing with his sling, preparing for predators that threatened his flock. David was perhaps the only person that day who knew that Goliath was a sitting duck—and he was the only one that mattered.

    Some believe God selected David and prepared him for the circumstances. He had the proper training, equipment, strategy, and temperament for the task. The defeat of Goliath was not an upset, it was a set-up; a classic example of how believers prevail over bullies. The miracle was not as much the battle itself as the years of preparation and the confluence of events that placed the shepherd boy in confrontation with the giant.

    Bravery, truth and grace in the face of adversity are the great equalizers for an underdog facing a giant. No one knows this better than Francis Paul Ripp in Fairhope. Today he stands defiantly before the CATALYST giant, sling in hand, while the giant laughs. Goliath also sneered.

    Francis Paul Ripp is a former United States Marine sniper. He served in Viet Nam, earned a Purple Heart and returned to Birmingham, AL. The son of a devout political activist who perished from a heart attack while testifying before the Alabama Public Service Commission over cable rate increases, Paul Ripp was weaned on exercising his Constitutional First Amendment right; and as an adult, he modeled his own mode of protest from his father’s singular lead. Civic activism is in his blood.

    Ripp moved to Fairhope in the late 1990s. Foiled early on by Mayor Tim Kant in a land deal, he sued the Mayor and the City and won a monetary settlement in court. When he picked up his check from the City of Fairhope he asked to speak to Mayor Kant. He told him to his face he would work until he defeated him at the ballot box. Tim Kant was finally defeated in 2016 after Mr. Ripp had the Secretary of State come down and oversee Mayor Kant’s father-in-law’s counting of the ballots.

    Fast forward four years. Ripp, successful in his efforts to rid Fairhope of Mayor Kant, is now days away from completely changing the government. Soon, the giant will be slayed, just as in ancient times.

    Citizens in Fairhope may be unaware, but there is a hero in their midst…someone brave and uncompromising; someone who knows their strengths; someone who is not afraid to win.

    That hero is Francis Paul Ripp—and he is a giant slayer.

    Listen to him, stand with him and help him in the coming days, and history will be made. Fairhope will be saved from the giant, greedy developers known as Catalyst, who wish to fully exploit the city.

    Stand tall, loud and proud, for Fairhope. It is a city worth fighting for, as there are few places like it.

    Chris Warner
    Fairhope resident, 2004-1014

  5. Jerry Carl yesterday at Greers:
    “I sure hope Fairhope realizes CATALYST is on the ropes. Y’all can put em away for good.”

    • Mary,
      We are really trying to do away with Catalyst for good.

    • Everyone is scared to put up Karin’s signs because they don’t want to endure the bullying she’s had to go through for 4 years.

      Mine is up! Don’t be scared. Four more years and they will be DONE. The more Karin stays positive the more they attack her.

  6. Not sure, but there may be an old family connection between Mrs. Brown and the Corte family/apartments. Very sure however of hearing firsthand Mr. Burrel humiliate and scream at his wife in public. These council members treat Mayor poorly because that’s how they treat all women. Video of Boone shouting over the mayor when she was trying to talk should frighten every parent of a daughter. BBB are also in with Fairhope Now website owner who banned mayor supporters.

    • These guys are jerks and must be stopped

      • Have you ever noticed that these three little P’s are not willing to scream at a grown man. When Mayor Wilson’s Husband spoke out at a Fairhope Council meeting the three P’s (Burrell, Boone abs Burrell) faces where white as a sheet and were scared to death to talk back to him or bully him or treat him like they do the Mayor and other women in this city. They know they will get the sorry asses whooped if they talk disrespectful and loud to the men of this town. It’s now time for the women to step up against the 3 P’s and the men of Fairhope need to quit being little babies and hold them accountable for disrespecting the women as well as all the people of Fairhope. If you don’t stand up against the assault these three P’s are dishing out then you certainly don’t care how your kids are raised and you yourself have no respect for your own daughters or granddaughters. By the way. The P stand for “PRICKS” because that’s not only how they act but WHO they really are. The three BBB’s are mostly known and the 3 P’s!!!!

        • Each of the three BBB’s have always been considered the three P’s. They were just disguised pricks before they were elected and now have been exposed to what they really are. These 3 males, certainly not real men have terrorized the citizens of Fairhope and especially the women to the point of harassment. Of course it’s no secret that a lot of the males who support these pricks are no real men themselves. They walk around town thinking they are big shots all the while setting terrible examples for their own children on how to treat women. I’ve been to all the high society functions and have been a member of the clubs and organizations in Fairhope for years and have seen more and more disrespect towards the good people of Fairhope increase 10 fold just over the past few years. I’ll put the shoe on the other foot for a moment. If the women of Fairhope continue to allow the 3 BBB’s continue to abuse them, then they have no right to complain when their daughters get harassed or ends up in a abusing relationship. Isn’t it terrible that we are allowing the 3 BBB’s (especially Burrell and Boone) to act this way and to even be having a conversation about it. Don’t believe me? Just watch online the city council meetings or better yet, just ask their wives.

      • That would make sense. Robert happily approved Arthur Corte’s zoning extension for the Fly Creek Apts during the building moratorium overriding Mayor Wilson’s Veto (all councilmen wanted Arthur Corte to have his extension except for Jimmy)

        Robert pushed for giving away the Triangle property because Arthur was behind it. Oh…and they’re both mean-spirited. Robert has fooled many people hiding behind Christian values and going to church.

        Thank you Ripp for allowing residents to post here. All of this is recorded from public meetings.

  7. Hey Scott Boone, what are you going to do when your name is exposed and your politicians have to dump you?

  8. Chris Warner said it best, eventhough he really expounded – whew!
    In summary, Ripp is the David against the Goliath Catalyst.
    Ripp has been threatened to be locked up and sued. He remained firm on his beliefs.
    Ripp is now giving us the courage to wake up and take on this political machine.
    Catalyst, you wanted growth. Now there are people moving into this area that will NOT put up with your good ole boy tactics. Did you not consider this or did you think you could keep the crookedness up?
    Here, Catalyst you made a strategic mistake.
    Yes, I know Catalyst is no longer a legal entity. By Catalyst I mean the politicians who are owned by the developers and funnel their money through campaign contributions through a company whether it be called Catalyst, EHS, or Scott Boone Consulting.
    Boone must have been real stupid to think that just by changing the name would cover his tracks – how naive…

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