Well folks if you were watching football this last Monday night and have no idea what is going on with the Fairhope City Council, that same night, let me fill you in because a couple of councilmen were hoping you were distracted.

I must preface this commentary by first repeating something that inspired The Ripp Report many years ago. The realization that Baldwin County was extremely corrupt and that of the 14 municipalities of Baldwin County, Fairhope was the center of the corruption and majority of corrupt “connected,” players. The players sometimes appear to be pillars of society: politicians, wealthy, churchgoers— and are always considered a “good person”. Our former Mayor insulated these connected players and “good people” who over many years infected our judiciary and municipal governments, at our expense.

This last election upset the apple cart. A fair election monitored by the Sec. Of State, showed a demographic shift of our population and ideas. The last 20 years has seen the population double and the disconnected became connected. The Mayor and three councilmen were voted out, while the two remaining councilmen had little or no opposition. Those two councilmen, Mr. Burrell and Mr. Boone
are what is left of a failed administration. Two of their accomplishments were the Triangle lawsuit, 12 million and the sewer plant for 11 million. The triangle lawsuit was settled behind closed doors without any public participation. The sewer plant was well over due and had been talked about for 10 years. The citizens are now finding out we have sewer capacity however our sewer infrastructure is so poor that we have a major problem getting the sewerage to the plant, despite 68 lift stations. Now we face a monumental task of surveying the infrastructure that both councilmen ignored.

The Mayor came forward with a resolution, item 6 on the agenda, that would approve the selection of the Cassady Company, Inc. to preform Professional Engineering Capacity Study for Gas, Water and Sewer utilities. In the history of Fairhope a request such as this has never been turned down. The Mayor selected the company due to fact that it would be fresh eyes and that the study would be authentic. The owner of the company resides in Fairhope.

Mr. Boone led the charge to oppose the resolution insisting it should be a local firm, while ignoring the fact that the owner lived in Fairhope. He suggested Dewberry/ Preble-Rish LLC., Volkert or HMR, Huthingson Moore & Ranch. Mr. Boone was obnoxious rude argumentative and displayed all the traits of a bully in the work session prior to the council meeting. He addressed the Mayor in a hostile and belittling tone and insisted that the selection be changed to HMR and was supported by Mr. Burrell. This decision is the exact opposite of the intent of the resolution. The last planning and zoning meeting had 10 items that were presented that were either Public hearings or Requests, 9 were for Preble-Rish and 1 for HMR, does that sound like fresh eyes.

When challenged by the Ripp Report, Mr Boone denied he was involved in any llc. Involving Volkert or any engineering companies.

Business Entity Records | Alabama Secretary of State

BA-101, LLC
Entity ID Number 451 – 082
Entity Type Domestic Limited Liability Company
Principal Address FAIRHOPE, AL
Principal Mailing Address Not Provided
Status Exists
Place of Formation Baldwin County
Formation Date 4-29-2004
Registered Agent Name BOONE, KEVIN G
Registered Office Street Address 18431 KEVIN BOONE DR
Registered Office Mailing Address Not Provided
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid In
Member Name BOONE, KEVIN G
Member Street Address Not Provided
Member Mailing Address Not Provided
Member Name AVENT, JOHN G
Member Street Address Not Provided
Member Mailing Address Not Provided
Scanned Documents
Purchase Document Copies
Document Date / Type / Pages 4-29-2004     Certificate of Formation     31 pgs.



Business Entity Records | Alabama Secretary of State

North Ridge, LLC
Entity ID Number 420 – 935
Entity Type Domestic Limited Liability Company
Principal Address SUMMERDALE, AL
Principal Mailing Address Not Provided
Status Exists
Place of Formation Baldwin County
Formation Date 6-2-2008
Registered Office Street Address 12940 UNDERWOOD RD
Registered Office Mailing Address Not Provided
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid In
Member Street Address Not Provided
Member Mailing Address Not Provided
Member Name LAUREL LLC
Member Street Address Not Provided
Member Mailing Address Not Provided
Member Name AVENT, JOHN G
Member Street Address Not Provided
Member Mailing Address Not Provided
Member Street Address Not Provided
Member Mailing Address Not Provided
Member Name BOONE, KEVIN
Member Street Address Not Provided
Member Mailing Address Not Provided


seem to tell a different story. Mr. Boone’s affiliation with Mr. Avent is a clear conflict of interest,

John G. Avent
Firm PartnerPreble-Rish , Inc.


This resolution should be reconsidered and Mr. Boone should not vote on any engineering contracts.

It should be noted he opposes any in house engineer hire, or any resolution of the Mayor, who has the best interests of the community at heart.

City Council Place Five Campaign Contributions


Incumbent Kevin Boone has reported a total of $10,425 so far including:

$2500 from Dewberry Engineering (formerly Preble Risch)
$500 Summit Industries Inc.
$250 Tony’s Towing
$750 Michael Boothe
$250 James Reid
$150 Sawgrass Consulting, Inc
$200 Terry Thompson
$100 Marion Wynne  city attorney
$300 Oliver Gilmore
$500 Angus Cooper II
$200 Eastern Shore Mobile Home Village
$250 WAS Design Inc
$200 Arthur Tonsmeire III


A contribution for $2500.00 from Preble-Rish?? No conflict right?
The second item # 16. was a resolution for a part-time Administrative Assistant to the Mayor. Mr. Burrell led this charge. He had nothing to say in the work session but waited for the council meeting to oppose any part time assistant. Then as if it were rehearsed, which was obvious, Mr. Boone supports Mr. Burrell in blocking the Mayor. Think how this works folks we have a new Mayor and the realization that we have a serious infrastructure problem which leads to a building moratorium for 6 months so we may identify the problems.

The council refuses to have fresh eyes look, in depth, at our sewer, water and gas infrastructure and refuses to provide necessary help to perform the already in place moratorium. Mr. Burrell and Mr. Boone represent those “connected” players aka good ole boys that represent special interest or individual interests. They are fighting tooth and nail to obstruct and prevent Mayor Wilson from implementing full transparency, unfortunately our newer council members are more interested in what the remnants of a failed administration have to say and who contributed to their campaigns.

Let’s not forget Mr. Burrell is in the control tower at the Fairhope Airport Authority and has insisted in excluding the city of ownership of land that the “citizens citizens citizens” payed for. His loyalty is to close friends and board members. Stay tuned, this is a story Jack will bark all night about.

Councilmen Jay Robinson who sided with Mr. Burrell and Mr. Boone seems to have a conflict of interest himself involving the Airport Authority. Contributions to his campaign from Mr. Ray Hix Airport Authority Board member and Sec. Treasurer totaling $1,000.00 should PREVENT Mr. Robinson on any vote relative to the authority. Please note he voted in favor of the Airport Authority and against the city without any acknowledgment of the donation.

Strange what a little money does to the soul and how “good people” turn out to be not so good. Fairhope citizens need to stay involved with your community and support the Mayor because the council is doing a poor job representing the “citizens citizens citizens”.


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  1. Have a hard time believing he was obnoxious and rude. Sheesh. Shouldn’t opposition be looked at as constructive? Find a middle ground. A company he is not affiliated with and a company that is not the one you are pushing for.

  2. Scams and scoundrels.

  3. Denise Hayes | January 11, 2017 at 7:00 pm |

    Keep up the good work keeping us informed….I, as a citizen, really do appreciate the time and effort you put into it….we deserve to know the truth…again, thanks

  4. Julie Bower | January 11, 2017 at 7:39 pm |

    Thank you. The mayor needs all the help she can get.

  5. Wow these stories are becoming much more substantive. That does look like a conflict of interest.

  6. Wow! These stories are becoming much more substantive. That does look like a conflict of interest. Are there ethics violations that can be enforced to remove these people?

  7. Keep Ripping them! You stole the show Monday night. Thank you for your investigation proving Boone denied his affiliation.

  8. There is that Summerdale address again!!
    Boone smells like SHIT!!! Literally!

    It’s in the PIPELINE these dogs will go down!!!

    Keep up the great work RIPP!!

  9. Jimmy Conyers is the only council member living up to his campaign pledge!
    Brown needs to post his comments regarding city council meeting… The citizens need to know where he stands on these issues.
    If a council member misses a meeting- I believe they need to submit their remarks prior to missing the meeting.
    Also- how can they change the engineer company during a work session and not give the citizens notice.
    What happens if the CITIZENs want to say why the wouldn’t want HMR to do the study. Maybe HMR has been the engineer on record where neighborhoods are having problems!….
    They are not FRESH EYES….

  10. Whoa! Great article. Wouldnt want to be one of these two now or in the past apparently!

  11. Part of being a good team player does NOT include looking out for yourself or for special interests! These good ole boys better figure that out! Their time in the sun is over! Time to think as a team and work as one or step aside and let those who know how do!

  12. Liars and thieves. Thanks for honest reporting of the facts!

  13. Then again Paul Ripp has lied in his report. He asked Mr Boone if had any affiliation with a LLC with Volkert “NOT ANY OTHER ENGINEERING COMPANIES.” as stated in RIPP report. Mr Boone replied he does not have a LLC with Volkert or anyone with Volkert. Mr Boone never had any affiliation with Preble Rish or any LLC with Preble Rish. Preble Rish was not even considered on the contraversial decision who to hire as an engineer to provide the sewer system study. The15 projects Ripp said Preble Rish had on the last agenda was not City of Fairhope engineering projects. Preble Rish was representing private clients with the planning commission. Paul Ripp is a miserable man who has a talent for non factual journalism.

  14. HMR = Hutchinson, Moore & Rauch, LLC.
    Very good company.

  15. HMR = Hutchinson, Moore & Rauch, LLC. Excellent company in Daphne who’s partners live in Fairhope.

  16. .

    It seems Mayor Wilson has much to learn and much to prove. Her behavior is no more impressive than that of the council members..

  17. I find the new Mayor’s behavior no more impressive than the council members. She still has much to learn and much to prove. As a citizen who voted against Kant and not for Wilson I, like many others will be watching them all and hoping all parties involved can put their huge egos aside and work together for the citizens of this community.

  18. Marlin Managent……… FIrefly(new subdivision… In Rock creek).

  19. Has everyone forgotten that as of right now, the city doesn’t have an approved budget? As far as hiring an administrative assistant, Ms. Wilson HIRED an assistant BEFORE the position was approved under the assumption that she could do so quoting a Jefferson County resolution. At the very least, there should be a budget in place before a position is CREATED, much less hired for. Not only that, but the job was not posted as required by law. She has already chosen who she wants to hire. Several times stating “this person I want to hire…” , before the POSITIONS had ever been created or approved. Seems the “good ole boy” system (as you call it) has simply changed hands.

  20. “Have a hard time believing he was obnoxious and rude. Sheesh”? This is the problem with people who comment based on speculation. Watch the posted footage from the meeting.

  21. No one said MHR was a bad company, and Boone was asked about Volkert or” any other company”
    you need to reread the wonderful Wednesday and Freaky Friday.

  22. Just ask Hand Arendall & Robert Berglin Jr.

  23. How much does the new mayor pay for renting the city sidewalks outside of her businesses in downtown? Surely she is paying the citizens for the use of their property. Can’t wait to see your report Mr. Ripp.

  24. Jack and Boone are scamming. Keep it up Ripp

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