Well if you read the wonderful Wednesday this week,


Well folks if you were watching football this last Monday night and have no idea what is going on with the Fairhope City Council, that same night, let me fill you in because a couple…


you realize that Mr Boone, our councilman, has many conflicts of interest that he has failed to share with the citizens. Mr. Boone is the epitome of the good ole boy who has convinced himself that he is entitled to any little side deal or llc. that may come his way.

Just how many llc is Mr. Boone involved in?

How many are in family members names?

Mr. Boone gave a rousing speech a few years back at the Homestead candidate forum about corruption. And that a politician that was corrupt, is the worst. He went on to say they should feel the full extent of the law and be removed by the citizens that elected them.

I think all reasonable people would agree with Mr. Boone. So let’s see how he spins his involvement. He has served on planning and zoning and the council where he has voted on numerous issues involving companies that he has an interest in. In the case of council resolutions, involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, he has voted in favor of engineering companies that he has connections with through llc’s.

Mr. Boone will always be an obstructionist and will follow the same path as past councilman Ford, always holding onto the past and networking with the good ole boys, at our expense.

The only hope we have resides with the three newly elected councilman. They have the potential to lead Fairhope into the future, which requires not living in the past or making the same mistakes over and over again. Mr. Robinson, Mr. Conyers and Mr. Brown are a fresh breath of air to council that is in need of a change. They must remain independent in their thinking and not be swayed by other councilman that have had less than a stellar tenure on the council.

Conflicts of interest by council members should be resolved by the council.

This requires self discipline and in some cases opposing a fellow councilman or friend. We live in a small community where it is possible to know many different people and maintain a large scope of friends. This can be tough on city council members who often see the same friends involved in municipal business. They must put the best interest of the city first, and stay clear of any potential conflict of interest.

Such as this [embeddoc url=“" download=“all”] Mr. Boone should not be voting on any projects where the principal of the project is a business partner of his, in any respect, and he knows it. He also knows it is a conflict of interest but hell, he’s entitled.