Only in Fairhope can someone with a high school education become the utility director with absolutely no experience at the job. Mayor Sullivan gets a $25,000 utility salary as well as her second check as Mayor. No other job classification among Fairhope employees exists where “No Experience” is needed. Mayor Wilson refused the dual salary and position of utility director for the much more prudent decision to hire a qualified utility engineer, with education and experience.


Fairhope are you distracted enough between Inciting Insurrection, and the championship football game today? How distracted and worried have you been over Covid-19 and your kids going back to school? IT IS A PERFECT TIME FOR A QUARTERBACK SNEAK! https://rippreport.com/alabama-suicide/ In Fairhope the quarterback is none other than the most sneaky and corrupt politician in Baldwin County. The great negotiator, Sneaky Jack Burrell who chose tonight to use the City Council meeting, which no-one goes to, to swear in the Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker.


Get ready Fairhope, CATALYST is now working under the Scott Boone Consulting banner. CATALYST can be best described as: “Intricate web of multiple concentric layers of companies that are intermingled around and intended, among other things, to conceal the interrelationships among and between, and to insulate from liability” The FBI defines a criminal enterprise as “a group of individuals with an identified hierarchy, or comparable structure, engaged in significant criminal activity.


Not only is Council Burrell a bald faced liar, he thinks a hard hat works better than a face mask. This is what you get with CATALYST. Jack Burrell was Council President under Mayor Cant for 4 years and did not do one damn thing about infrastructure repairs. He did approve sewer repairs to the main sewer plant, however allowed no money for transmission lines. That is like having a healthy heart but no arms or legs.


Well after a few weeks rest from Chucky Cheese and his creative articles, gleamed from information provided by Mr Jack Burrell, Catalyst and Robert Brown, Chucky has delivered another non article. Fairhope Financial Advisory Committee at standstill Fairhope Financial Advisory Committee at standstill Fairhope’s Financial Advisory Committee is currently at a standstill, as FAC Chairman Chuck Zunk said recent actions taken by Mayor Karin Wilson could make it difficult, if not impossible, for …


April fools joke? No sadly this is how journalism is portrayed in Baldwin County. We have no print media coverage on the eastern shore, only bad tabloid news. Baldwin County has had some very good journalist, Connie Baggett and Mike Odom were two of the best. What we have been left with is more than embarrassing, it is a travesty of free speech and journalism. The Gulf Coast tabloid, The Courier, has deteriorated into a tool for Catalyst, a political cancer.


Well it seems Mr. Jack Burrell is now worried about the accountability of school funds donated by the city, approximately $350,000 a year. He is demanding accountability or he no longer will support school funds for Fairhope. Strange he never demanded accountability for the $500,000 the Airport gets for the less than 1% of the population. He made sure that when the appropriation was reduced to $350,000, that it covered the mortgage payment and that the Airport held the mortgage, not the city.


Some people will believe anything they are told without question. The last Fairhope City Council meeting is a perfect example, items 5 and 13, smell like a pig pen. It was all smoke and mirrors orchestrated to smell like roses. You can go on the city site, the council agenda, and get details. http://www.cofairhope.com/home/showdocument?id=17612 5. Ordinance - An Ordinance Directing the Transfer of an Acre of Land to Fairhope Single Tax Corporation and Declaring said property to be Surplus and not needed for Public or Municipal Purposes; Property is for the Tatumville Subdivision.


The good ole boy tabloid, the Courier, with assistance from the editor Chucky Cheeze, have produced another spin article that they expect to end the allegations of wrong doing at the Fairhope Airport. WRONG First off Chucky keeps calling me a blogger and ignoring that The Ripp Report has been around for over ten years and is a non profit corporation, consumer watchdog organization. But what the hell if I call him Chucky Cheeze he can call me a blogger.


The Ripp Report recently changed it’s business status from a tax deductible non profit to a corporation. It is still a non profit, without any federal tax deductibility. This also allows the Ripp Report/Baldwin County Legal Eagle to become more engaged in the election process by sponsoring or contributing to specific candidates. One thing you can say about the Alabama Ethics Commission is that they are shamelessly predictable. To dismiss a complaint and not answer any questions nor offer any explanation as to the allegations, is a whitewash of facts.