The Fairhope Jester supports the Kant-Corte Apartments on Fly Creek, at the same time he is building his own home on Fly Creek. Surely you jest! The Jester supports the developer, who is responsible for the damage to the creek from the Publix project. The same developer is now building 230 apartments next to the creek. Jester neighbors are not going to be laughing.

It has been reported to The Ripp Report that the Jester is also spinning the against him. The “down home”, Jester is sticking to his story that he had PERMISSION from the to secure a contract with the Eastern Shore Art Center. Where is that written “PERMISSION”? Did he provide that information to the Art Center Board? NO

The Jester also is dismissing any exists. The case number for the against Fairhope City councilman and Eastern Shore Art Center Board member, , is 2018-42. If anyone has any additional information relative to this case please contact the Alabama .



The Public Doctrine: Our government is a democracy which means the “people rule.” At this time in our democracy it seems there are less people involved, which results in a serious challenge to the…

Source: rippreport.com/2018/02/23/fairhope-jester/

filed against Fairhope Councilman

filed against Fairhope Councilman

Local blogger Francis Paul Ripp, who writes The Ripp Report blog, has filed a complaint with the Alabama against Fairhope Councilman regarding his private business …

Source: www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/stories/ethics-complaint-filed-against-fairhope-councilman-robert-brown,58187

Fairhope Standard: Gravity Fed VS Low Pressure System

Fairhope Standard: Gravity Fed VS Low Pressure System

At the November 27th Council meeting, a citizen spoke to gravity fed system vs low pressure system which is what is being installed in new developments despite the City having a standard. Let’s break through the confusion.

In December 2002, Fairhope Utilities and the City Planning Commission set the standard for wastewater collection methods in new developments. All City standards are established to provide a desired level of service for property owners that the City feels is appropriate and justified. Gravity fed is the standard level of service the City chose for wastewater collection. It is our preferred method of service, and the least troublesome to the customer in the long term. Our Director of Operations, who was hired for his expertise in matters such as this, maintains that this is still the best way for us to go and I support him in this effort.

Gravity does require maintenance and some public awareness of the best practices for longer term functionality – proper disposal of grease, “Baby Wipes” and certain other products as well as the protection of clean-outs in yards and any connection of storm water drainage system to the . The gravity fed system was chosen because it delivers the most reliable service long term both for our customer and for the city.

The low pressure system may initially be less expensive but requires a grinder pump at each customer site. These grinder pumps have a +/- 5-year life span and replacement costs are born by the homeowner – every time. Despite claims to the contrary, the gravity system for most subdivisions is not any more expensive vs the low pressure system considering overall costs.

We believe the primary reason why developers install the low pressure system is because they don’t pay most of the total system costs. The homeowner pays for the grinder pump required for this system in their total construction costs. Ongoing pumping costs are included in their power bill. This system does not meet the City standards unless there are significant hardships, in the opinion of Fairhope Utilities, from a maintenance or cost evaluation.

Fairhope Utilities and the City Planning Commission worked together in 2002 and continue working together on this issue to preserve and protect our City’s future. We want to establish an Engineering Department where better mapping and long-term planning can better assist developers in their planning efforts while protecting our city’s environment. The ability to perform long-range planning for water and utilities will help minimize overall infrastructure costs and decrease the overall operation and maintenance costs of these systems. Planning is predicated upon long-range land use planning where density, intensity and location of development is provided in the form of a future land use map.

Future land use planning will be a component of a new and reality-based Comprehensive Plan. By being able to project land use, our utilities can better project and plan long-range in order serve the proposed development type and density/intensity appropriately.

Fairhope Utilities must operate efficiently and effectively. We have determined that the gravity fed system allows us to do that while providing the best possible service to our customers. Land use planning helps our utilities to plan services into the future using our standard to determine whether we can serve the site economically. If not, other plans will be made for the site. Maintaining the standard keeps costs down for the city’s utilities company and the consumer. Deviating from the set standard costs the utilities company and our consumer. You can read more about this from Water Environment & Reuse Foundation.

Source: www.mayorkarinwilson.com/fairhope-standard-gravity-fed-vs-low-pressure-sewer-system/

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Love these people that move in here and destroy our environment while saying they are “Christian Conservatives.” You sold out to the overbuilding greed mongers. You were elected to serve Fairhope NOT DESTROY IT FOR YOUR PERSONAL GAIN.


Surely you Jest, Ripp! WOW. Another update. Another beatdown. These fake Christian repubes are ruining the Eastern Shore!
Write about The Boone Family next week. I heard they are running skerred.
Keep up the great work and update us on your federal lawsuit against Jack Burrell.
If he gets the city to bail his a$$ out I will be one upset taxpaying citizen!!!


Robert made $450,000 on the art center contract. Nice lil inside job dont ya think? Fairhoppe is so dumb. Robert is dumber. He then moves on to fly creek…which he is trying to destroy with the kant/corte apartments. You cannot make this up. How fricking stupid is Fairhope?

Jester lover

That’s what these crooks are betting on and winning elections over. All they need to do is say Christian Conservative and so many voters will swoon for them at the ballot box


Ah. Wasn’t he on the Art Center’s Board when he awarded himself the contract to work on the very building he’s a board member of. Robert, please show us the bidding process. Because if you made even half of the $450,000 that has been claimed. You need to resign tomorrow. If we find out you did. You will resign soon.


I heard that Robert “Swipe your Town” Brown is off the council now that he is building his dream home on fly creek. What a [email protected] thing to do. Just like the bay he is polluting. I also heard that boone and conyers are also not running. It looks like the rats are jumping ship. I guess its just jay and jack…

And then there were two.


If Robert Brown can scam a deal this big as a first time council person in Fairhope i shudder to think of the level of graft boone and burrell have garnered. $6.2 million soccer compkex…

I guess Jay gets scraps?

Tired of corruption

I want to be on the council because I love Fairhope and want to serve the people Oh and I am a Christian Conservative.


Please look the other way while I fleece thee. F*ck off!


So let me get this straight…three incumbents are NOT SEEKING RELECTION?
Okay. Fairhope y’all better wake up and start listening to Paul Ripp.
He is obviously onto something and I would wager BIG that there is some federal
involvement or SOMETHING is going on us regular folks don’t know about.
Burrell and Robinson are the future of Fairhope politics at this point. If that don’t
silt your britches you likely don’t have a pulse folks.


So if a federal investigation would be going on causing these three to jump ship, why would Burrell and Robinson still stay on? I would say that the three would be the more innocent ones and one of the two remaining to be a ring leader.
I would ponder that if an investigation was the case, Burrell would be the one to jump ship. What am I not getting?

No name

Burrell ain’t smart.
Nothing else to get.

Another Question

He was smart enough to get on the Council and do the airport deal – is that not smart enough?