Baldwin County legislators are having a field day under, puppet Governor, Poison Ivy. Goat Hill is throwing one bill after another in the pot of corruption. The whole time they are playing the Alabama citizens as patsies. Your elected officials are testing the gullibility of the citizens of the State. Legislators want you to believe that the only accountability for political corruption is the Ethics Commission, which they control. Spin does not even come close to the outright lies they have been promoting through various legislative bills.


The Fairhope Jester supports the Kant-Corte Apartments on Fly Creek, at the same time he is building his own home on Fly Creek. Surely you jest! The Jester supports the developer, who is responsible for the damage to the creek from the Publix project. The same developer is now building 230 apartments next to the creek. Jester neighbors are not going to be laughing. It has been reported to The Ripp Report that the Jester is also spinning the Ethics Complaint against him.

“They're screwing us, Alabama. And telling us to like it.” - John Archibald

The Alabama Ethics Commission has become the facilitator for corruption in the state, they now want to expand on their role. They want to change existing Ethics laws which would allow things, illegal today, to become legal, all because of the Mike Hubbard conviction. These changes send us backwards and turn a blind eye to elected officials using their elected office for personal gain. What is sad is who the sponsors of these changes are.


The Ripp Report is no longer operating as a non profit. It will operate as a cooperation in the future. The change allows The Ripp Report more latitude when it comes to endorsing and supporting candidates for office. The Ethics Commission came through for the elected officials and the 1% who they represent. A one page form letter that dismisses a 10 month investigation and hundreds of pages of documents. This is standard operating procedure for the Ethics Commission.


WELCOME TO ALABAMA Don’t let anyone tell you Louisiana or Mississippi is more corrupt than Alabama. Alabama is first by a long shot. Corruption is a way of life and often involves “good people” that are considered leaders in the community and good Christians. Sometimes the corruption is so blatant it is hard to comprehend why no authorities step in. The local media is virtually non existent, the Ethics Commission lacks any credibility and other authorities seem to be asleep at the wheel.


How do you clean up corruption? Legislatively, or simply vote them out. However one common denominator is the citizens themselves. When elections results show only 17% of the voters are exercising their right to vote, then it is a good indicator political corruption is flourishing. CORRUPTION IS LEGAL IN AMERICA Study: Congress literally doesn’€™t care what you think Study: Congress literally doesn’t care what you think I had no idea how bad things actually were until I saw one simple graph.


In Fairhope, “come fly with me” Jack Burrell is facing ethics complaints as well as Fairhope Airport Authority board member Ray Hix, Fairhope Municipal Judge Snedeker’s partner. The airport authority authorized hiring an attorney to investigate those who filed the complaint. The city council has turned a blind eye to any facts or ethical violations refusing to conduct any internal investigation, despite compelling evidence of wrong doing. Instead the council members have issued false statements, “The ethics commission complaints against Airport board members have been ruled baseless.


The Fairhope City Council needs to do more reading of facts than listening to unsubstantiated statements by Council President Burrell. One thing needs to be made perfectly clear the issue of the complaint against Mr. Burrell and Mr. Hix is not going to disappear because Mr. Burrell dismisses it. We’re just getting started. Authority explains how board member won hangar lease bid - Lagniappe Mobile When the Fairhope Airport Authority posted an overview and timeline regarding a controversial hangar lease awarded to a board member, the link to supporting documents did not work for a few days.

Investigating the Investigators

“The appropriation from city coffers to the airport is more than we spend on all 5 of our public schools and is 21% of our debt and accommodates less than 1% of the population.” The Ripp Report is being investigated by attorneys hired by the Fairhope Airport Authority because we filed a complaint against them. Please take into consideration that this is the same attorney who was hired by board member Ray Hix to request an advisory opinion from the Ethics Commission.


The good ole boy network in Baldwin County is connected by LLC’s. One LLC may cover another LLC that covers another LLC, making it almost impossible to determine who owns what. Elected officials, such as city council members and county commissioners hide their business and personal connections to these LLC’S. By doing this, they are able to vote and promote their own interests without being discovered. Or so they thought.