Only in Fairhope can someone with a high school education become the utility director with absolutely no experience at the job. Mayor Sullivan gets a $25,000 utility salary as well as her second check as Mayor. No other job classification among Fairhope employees exists where “No Experience” is needed. Mayor Wilson refused the dual salary and position of utility director for the much more prudent decision to hire a qualified utility engineer, with education and experience.


The Fairhope City Council is the worst council in the history of the community. Public trust, oath of office and conflict of interest are ignored and leadership is non existent. Their primary goal has been to obstruct the Mayor in any way possible. The Mayor’s office has been reduced to 2500 dollars for discretionary funds, the previous administration was allocated 15 thousand dollars, make no mistake you are the loser.


Some people will believe anything they are told without question. The last Fairhope City Council meeting is a perfect example, items 5 and 13, smell like a pig pen. It was all smoke and mirrors orchestrated to smell like roses. You can go on the city site, the council agenda, and get details. http://www.cofairhope.com/home/showdocument?id=17612 5. Ordinance - An Ordinance Directing the Transfer of an Acre of Land to Fairhope Single Tax Corporation and Declaring said property to be Surplus and not needed for Public or Municipal Purposes; Property is for the Tatumville Subdivision.


The Ripp Report/Baldwin County Legal Eagle POLITICAL INTIMIDATION Fairhope is the core of corruption in Baldwin County and Mayor Kant is the spokesman. Mayor Kant has raised over 50,000 dollars for a mayor’s election in a community of 16,000 people. That’s the first red flag. Over 50% of the mayor’s donations come from donors living outside Fairhope and unidentified PACs. That should alarm every citizen in Fairhope. The mayor is suspected of rigging the last two elections and he has now put in motion his FIX for the upcoming election.