The Fairhope City Council is the worst council in the history of the community. Public trust, oath of office and conflict of interest are ignored and leadership is non existent. Their primary goal has been to obstruct the Mayor in any way possible. The Mayor’s office has been reduced to 2500 dollars for discretionary funds, the previous administration was allocated 15 thousand dollars, make no mistake you are the loser.

For over a year the council has waged war with the Mayor using fake and inaccurate news. They have had a policy of using employees, and fired employees, to spread unfounded rumors and encouraged them to demoralize staff. They have assisted disgruntled employees who have sued the city and reached settlements, which are sealed, that’s your tax dollars.

However the Mayor pushed on and fired deadwood employees and hired a top notch staff. The council members have persisted in interfering with the daily duties of the city employees. They are not in charge of the employees and are not suppose to be ordering employees around.

Mr Burrell, council president gets all the credit for this plan to “drive the Mayor out of office”.

His followers include his drinking buddies, poker partners, good ole boys, the 1% at the Airport and disgruntled employees, none of which ever attends a city meeting.


Remember Fly Creek? the Mayor was behind the citizens, the council favored the developer. The council ignored the vast majority of people who came to numerous meetings. Well here we go again.


FAIRHOPE WAKE UP THIS MUST BE STOPPED: PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION Save Big Head Gulley in Fairhope, AL Fairhope watershed known as Tatumville Gulley or Big Head Gulley is being threatened by land…


A petition rejecting the Fairhope Single Tax plan to be developers on the banks of the gully has over 925 signatures to date.

The proposed 12 homes will be fully responsible for the detention pond maintenance and most likely are going to have to ask for special permission to use grinder pumps to push sewage to the city’s main sewer line. This particular area of the Fruit and Nut section has had major problems with sewer backup into homes. The culprit is suspected to be the grinder pumps and the pressure that they produce to force the sewer uphill. Buyer beware, if you purchase one of these homes, you are guaranteed additional expenses in the future. Real Estate agents beware, you have a fiduciary responsibility to expose all these details to prospective buyers.

Two of the council members Boone and Brown have direct ties to the Single Tax, Boone has recused himself already Brown needs to follow suit as his business partner is a member of Single Tax and is pushing the project.

Next weeks council meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, not the regular scheduled Monday. In the past meetings rescheduled have surprises on the agenda. The Council counts on you not getting the message so they can do their dirty work without interference from the public, that’s how they settled the triangle lawsuit.