Facebook fans on the Ripp Report and Baldwin County Legal Eagle can sign up for the Ripp Report on The Ripp Report is a consumer group who’s major goal is to expose political corruption. We do however assist in many areas of consumerism not related to politics. The mid term election are going to be very important to the citizens of Baldwin County which has 14 municipalities.

We will be covering all 14 municipalities and encourage citizens in these communities to speak up when something is corrupt within your community government. We will help you expose the problem and if at all possible assist you in solving the problem.

We will work with you and keep you anonymous if so desired. This is a not for profit organization and our assistance is free, no charge at all.

Baldwin County has 4 county commissioners, those incumbents need to be shown the door. The district 32 State Senate seat is being vacated, thank God, by BP Pittman. This is an important position and in the past district 32 has had no identity on goat hill, other than carrying water for someone else. Pittman is the Baldwin County poster child for corruption and his legacy will forever be his greed and $750,000 he skimmed from BP.

The Ripp Report will be covering the candidates and we will provide you with facts about candidates and there history, that you may not read elsewhere.

Feb 9th @ 5:00 pm is the cut off time for qualification, then it is game on.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot make a difference and that corruption is an acceptable flaw in government.

Please tell your neighbors and friends to sign up for the Newsletter:

Think about this, roughly 30 % vote, 20% of them vote straight ticket. That leaves 10% of the population who actually participate in some way with there municipal government. That is why we have such a high level of corruption throughout Baldwin County.

Get involved You can make a difference.