Paula DiNardi Hi everyone…I want to say thank you to all of you who have reached out to me with love & support throughout the past 21 months. I will only post about what is already public record. As most of you know, I was assaulted on Thanksgiving night in 2018 by a local businessman. I was led to believe justice would be served, & it was for just a minute…the city judge found the assailant guilty of assault & public intoxication.


DEAR NEW FAIRHOPE VOTERS: This municipal elections can be won by the young voters that have not voted before and those of you who have moved to Fairhope in the last 10 years. PLEASE READ Today, less than a third of Fairhope’s citizens can say they are actually from Fairhope. Most of us are not from here; but we all call it home. We were drawn to the Eastern Shore because of its picturesque, postage stamp vitality, quaint quality of life, and eclectic nature.


In 2016 I backed Karin Wilson and the current city council, which includes Burrell Boone and Brown. I got one out of four right, Karin Wilson. I was wrong in trusting Burrell, Boone or Brown but I wanted to believe them when they said that they were independent individuals with only Fairhope’s best interest at heart. What total BS that turned out to be, all three have betrayed Fairhope and used their elected office for personal gain.


Comment: I hope that everyone understands what is really at stake here! Sherry says “ she knows how city government should be work, about how building relationships is important in order to get things done “ …. WELL FOLKS, YES SHE DOES!!! She was a huge part of the Kant regime that was full of corruption, did work and favors for wealthy people and maintained these poisonous relationships that were good for the administration but not good for the city.


Please vote today. JERRY CARL. Mr. Carl’s opposition is CATALYST and CATALYST home base is Fairhope. JERRY CARL for the First Congressional District. The Fairhope three B’s are rooting for the CATALYST candidate “Lowtower” Don’t get stung Baldwin County. https://rippreport.com/vote-jerry-carl-today/ Fairhope municipal election qualifications has 7 days left, July 21. Two very important seats have yet to be challenged, Jack Burrell and Robert Brown. There are people that are considering running against them, however, they have not committed as yet.


Baldwin County, you want an example how CATALYST works? All you have to do is pay attention to the Fairhope Municipal Election Aug. 25. Qualification is July 7-21st. CATALYST is lining up their candidates for Mayor and City Council and they all have excess baggage The current Fairhope Council are all CATALYST and represent the worst city council Fairhope has experienced in 25 years. Jack Burrell, the council president has held on to that position for two terms, 8 years.


It is no secret that the Fairhope City Council is CATALYST through and through. It is also well documented that the council opposes, procrastinates or just refuses anything the Mayor may propose. Even projects that have been previously endorsed by the council, are delayed or canceled by the council. After 3 and half years, The Fairhope Waterfront Project is finally on the drawing board. This $6.2 million project has had a wealth of planning and public participation.


A good example of Baldwin County incompetence, political interference, lack of ethics, CATALYST, corruption and judicial failure, is all exposed in one incident, the McSharry assault case. JUDICIAL TRICK JUDICIAL TRICK | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE Baldwin County has had a reputation of judicial malfeasance, trickery and out right corruption. Citizens read about it in Lagniappe or on line however nothing changes. Some Judges and lawyers feel…


Tax, tax and re-tax that is the bottom line for Baldwin County. The developers pay no or little impact fee for their projects which ends up costing you, the taxpayer, to make up the difference in the cost of Schools, Streets/Transportation and Education. As the fastest growing County in the State, Baldwin County School System has been negatively impacted the most due to the lack of long-term planning from the board.


DOG AND PONY SHOW DOG AND PONY SHOW | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE Get ready Fairhope! The Catalyst Council has called a special meeting at a special time, that they hope is inconvenient for everyone. Today at 3:30, I have to agree that is an excellent time… Source: rippreport.com/2019/05/10/dog-and-pony-show/ Jack uses “special meetings” to eliminate public participation and by passing council meetings. Monday night is a council meeting however Jack did not want any public input.