The article posted by Fairhope Times that was reposted on Ripp Report resulted in many people taking issue with my innuendo, ”The Governor had a special assistant, just saying” was radically misunderstood by some folks. Some took it as having a sexual connotation and even brought up adultery. My reference to the governor assistant was — look at the trouble he has heaped on himself and his assistant. He has yet to be charged with anything. Take your minds out of the gutter.

Since running the article, I have had several Fairhope employees call me and tell me Sherry Sullivan’s title among the Fairhope employees is “Mayor in Training”.  This I have heard for months. Now let me make myself perfectly clear: The last damn thing we need is the mayor picking or TRAINING our next mayor, Sherry Sullivan, or anyone else. We, the people elect the mayor.

The citizens of Fairhope are entitled to know her job description and her title. They also have every right to ask why is she traveling with the mayor. She hasn’t before, so why now? Is she the mayor in training?

Mayor Kant has been accused of fraud, many many times, in lawsuits and complaints. Is that what he is teaching her? Fraud 101 and lawsuits 101? People are quick to defend Sherry’s good name; however, look the other way when the mayor is accused of fraud or good ole boy tricks.

Let’s see how the mayor or his political operatives react after qualification. Kant will have fake candidates, good ole boys for council and mayor. He will use every dirty trick there is to maintain control. He has to because he is being told what to do — just like with the Fly Creek Apartments. Mr. Corte demanded Kant reverse a planning and zoning decision and Kant did as he was told. Mr. Corte wants a Fire station on a dead end road adjoining his proposed apts — he gets it. Mr. Corte wants a new lift station located next to the same apartments for easy hookup — he gets it. Fairhope paid for the infrastructure for his private development, approximately one million dollars.

What you’re upset about, is that now the public knows what Kant is up to. His trips out of town are often for “vanity“ awards in horticulture. He applies for contests that sometimes he has to pay for. Often, all involved get awards. Then comes the photo shoot of him holding some award from some “organized” association. Fairhope may come in first, second, or third. However, when you research the award, you find only one, two or three applicants participated. Then he jumps on a plane with Jennifer Fiddler and the new mayor in training to accept the award on our tax dime.

He now is applying for an award in Europe. So get ready, the threesome are going to Europe. I expect that the word threesome will annoy the same people who cannot answer any questions about the fraud our mayor is guilty of.

I have offered a $10,000 reward if anyone can prove Mayor Kant and Senator Pittman are telling the TRUTH about their participation in the BP Fraud grant. No takers as yet because they are lying through their teeth.



The employees of Fairhope know our infrastructure has been neglected for years. They also know Mayor Kant gives out bonus every year that the public is unaware of; many employees have become disenchanted with mayor and are praying for a change. City hall needs a good flushing, and employees in the ranks need to be elevated and the old guard needs to go — along with the mayor.