Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of fraud reads: “Deceit; trickery; cheating, intentional deception to cause a person to give up property or some lawful right. Something said to deceive; trick; artifice. A person who deceives or is not what he pretends to be; imposter; cheat.”

Mayor Tim F. Kant fits this definition to a tee; in fact the city has been sued for fraud numerous times.

The Mayor began this fraud many years earlier:

The Triangle lawsuit involved fraud from beginning to end; the Mayor lied to the citizens of Fairhope for years assisted by attorneys, who were paid handsomely with our tax dollars.

I know it’s difficult to read all of these articles, but it shows clearly how corrupt our Mayor is. Please read them and be informed.  These are articles from the established print media, such as Lagniappe and, not the Ripp Report or BCLE.

The above article was from January 29, 2011. This was a dog and pony show the Mayor orchestrated with attorneys that was intended to convince the public the city was in good hands and would never pay any legal fees in the Dyas ”triangle lawsuit." It turned out they were lying.  They, the attorneys and Kant, knew it. However, they were counting on everyone in Fairhope being too busy smelling flowers. Ultimately Fairhope paid $3 million in combined legal fees to Hand-Arendall.

At the end of the day our high paid attorneys decided we should settle the lawsuit by purchasing the property. Fairhope spent over two decades fighting the Dyas family, spent $3 million in legal fees, were dropped by our city’s insurer and sued by them.  The end result was that we had to purchase the property in the settlement. To add insult to injury and to further the FRAUD, the Mayor tells everyone Fairhope bought the property for a “park.” We bought the property to SETTLE the lawsuit; to suggest otherwise is another FRAUD.

This lawsuit is sealed from public view.  However, Lagniappe coverage’s leaves many more questions than answers. This is a quote from the article “This week Mayor Kant, who also sits on the Planning Commission, denied that political considerations played a role in the case. But in his Oct. 30, 2015, deposition, Kant was asked about a loan for an unspecified amount to himself from Bobby Faust. In the deposition, Kant responded he does not have written communication pertaining to it, but there is a promissory note related to the loan.”

Why is the case sealed? Yet another FRAUD?

I could go on for pages giving examples of committed FRAUDs by our mayor.

Two BP FRAUD charges are pending from the BP grant funds Mayor Kant and Senator Pittman secured.  They also left hundreds of anchors and god knows how much rope in the bay. They denied it until they were proven to be lying; now they don’t wish to speak about it.

Yet another lawsuit, and there are many more, that resulted from the Mayor lying to residents and then ignoring them.

Then we have the biggest FRAUD of all: Publix and Fly Creek Apartments. Two more lawsuits and one pending have cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in brand new legal fees…for you guessed it…Hand-Arendall. The Mayor has more loyalty to the developer than the citizens of the community.

The Fairhope government is built on Fraud. Citizens deserve better.  We are better and we must change the way our city is being run.

What about the soccer fields which are financially spinning out of control, closing in on 6 million in costs? The Mayor and Mayor in Training, Sherry Sullivan, are now trying to talk Single Tax out of $666,000 for bathrooms. However, Single Tax is not biting the apple.

Fairhope only has a few days left in the qualifying for Mayor and Council. I have had several calls saying The Ripp Report may have spilled the beans and spoiled one of Kant’s dirty little campaign tricks. The Mayor will have faux candidates in place in council races; he also was planning on a faux candidate for Mayor, none other than Mayor in Training and noted “travel companion to the mayor,” Sherry Sullivan. The Mayor has yet to explain why Sherry Sullivan started traveling out of town with him on our tax dollars.  Is this yet another FRAUD?

This is going to be a hell of an election.  Please vote and please vote Tim F. Kant out.

We also need to find a candidate to run against Kevin Boone. Four more years of nothing is nothing.  Boone has done nothing but carry Kant’s latrine water.

Semper Fidelis Forever Faithful

Francis Paul Ripp