This is the first day after qualification for municipal elections. During the campaign, we will endorse certain candidates that we feel put public service before personal interests. Our endorsement does not come lightly and we intend to follow up after elections to see if successful candidates live up to their word. Please VOTE. Check and see if you are properly registered to vote. It will only take a few minutes at the satellite courthouse in Fairhope, Board of Registrar’s.

Karin Wilson for Mayor

FAIRHOPE— VOTE FOR Mayor Karin Wilson. The” good ole boys” have run Fairhope as a criminal enterprise. The last council and Mayor made major decisions without allowing the public to be heard, such as the triangle lawsuit which cost us 12 million. The soccer field is over 5 million and climbing. The project should be independently audited. The city’s infrastructure has been ignored for years, only applying a band aid when something breaks. There is NO transparency, NO checks and balances, and the Mayor is paid as Utility Director and Mayor; double dipping. Developers come first and citizens are ignored. The Fly Creek Apartments are a good example. The project will cause traffic congestion, loss of quality of life and a reduction in property values. A new Mayor can appoint a new planning and zoning board. The appointed board, under Mayor Kant, has been a total failure, rubber-stamping anything the Mayor wishes. Their decisions have resulted in numerous needless lawsuits. The Mayor uses the board to push his personal agenda and favors “connected” “good ole boys ‘while denying others. Mayor Kant must be replaced. His is removal will reduce lawsuits by more than 60% and disconnect the “good ole boys “from City Hall.



John Lake for Mayor

DAPHNE — VOTE FOR JOHN LAKE. The current Mayor is politically connected with “the good ole boy” system in Baldwin County. Mayor Haygood was formally with Stacy, Haygood and Elliot; this infamous political group used all the “good ole boy” tactics to advance Haygood to Mayor and Elliot to County Commission. They changed the company name to Catalyst with new players and the same ole playbook.  These “connections” work against the ordinary citizens. The Apartments on Highway 98 and Johnson road are a prime example. Just as in Fairhope, and as sneaky. The developers rule — not the people. John Lake has over 25 years in public service to Daphne, without a single scandal. His decisions are always in the best interest of the community. Replacing the Mayors of Fairhope and Daphne would positively impact the politics in Baldwin County reducing lawsuits and corruption. PLEASE VOTE FOR JOHN LAKE.

Harry Still IIIBAY MINETTE — VOTE FOR HARRY STILL, City Council. The City Council needs new blood and a fair and honest attorney will go a long way in assuring transparency and accountability. Mr. Still will not be compromised at the expense of the citizens he represents. He is facing, as others, incumbents. Your support is needed to unseat the incumbents. The longer a person stays in a political position the more likely they are to slip into a pattern of favoritism and quid pro quo’s. Harry Still will be a Council Person you can trust, that will treat all people equally.


                                HAVE A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY