Wake up Fairhope, and Baldwin County, pay attention to what your local municipal government is telling you during the corona virus pandemic.

Fairhope has a CATALYST City Council and true to form, their message is one of self interest.

They are backed by developers, like Angelo Corte, Councilman Brown’s mentor. Mr Corte has not stopped work on Fly Creek apartments or has he shown any interest in his worker’s health.

The apartments at Fly Creek, behind Publix have not stopped work and some of those same workers are shopping at Publix, let that sink in.

Fairhope’s Mayor Wilson, was the first Mayor in Baldwin County that “implored” the Governor to enact an order to shelter in place.

The Mayor also stood tall and stern when it came to the canceling of Arts and Crafts.

That is leadership. It puts the interests and health of the community first.

Councilman Burrell and Brown, as well as the Art’s and Crafts sponsors, all wanted to “take a chance” and not cancel.

This would have been a horrible mistake. Dollars over lives should be the CATALYST motto.

Burrell flipped his vote in the end, due to public outrage.

Brown has doubled down, invoking God and abortion, not germane to the virus or “shelter in place”.

Robert Brown For Our Hometown

Curfew for Fairhope

The council has a teleconference meeting this afternoon to discuss the option of issuing a curfew for the City of Fairhope. I personally am not in favor of these measures for multiple reasons. I was also against the shelter in place order. While this pandemic, epidemic or whatever you want to call has led us where I never imagined, I am against any further restrictions on personal freedoms. I am voting against it.

The news I have been hearing is that we are beginning to turn in favor of “flattening the curve”. Even New York’s cases in the last 2 days have declined. According to one news source. Instead of the federal government issuing more stimulus money, why don’t they lift the closure of businesses to allow them to open up with the safe practices that were in place a month ago. Every entrepreneur’s business is essential to him/her and their families and employees. Open seating, half capacity whatever. Some will continue to stay home, some will go out. They will naturally gain momentum to get their business back on track as we continue to recover.

Were some of the measures we have taken as a city, state or country necessary? Depends on who you ask. Were lives lost, yes. And while as tragic as those deaths from this virus will be, over 850,000 were willingly aborted in 2017. The Corona is no where and never will be near those numbers.

God bless during this Holy Week. There is one that died for all of us!

Stay safe and keep your distance

So while the WORLD is suffering and many lives are lost every day the Jester is more concerned about money and defying science and common sense.

Brown is the April Fool.



In Alabama some citizens are participating a 100%, at the potential risk of others.


This is the same Brown who along with Boone and Burrell spent 2.65 million on recreation land, no one wanted, and then they leased the land for farming for 9000 dollars a year.

Guess what? This was a colossal mistake, because now Fairhope has had to adjust it’s budget by $2.65 million.

Brown also was on board to give away the triangle property that cost taxpayers $13 million.


The Jester is back and now he wants to give away 106 acres of municipal land to Weeks Bay. The very same Jester who used his elected position for personal gain by securing the Fairhope Art Center…


This is the worst city council that Fairhope has had since it’s founding and three people keep taking credit.


he Fairhope Council is made up of all Catalyst candidates. Three bees, Burrell, Boone and Brown, who have all used their elected office for personal gain, are going for the honey, again.


However it takes the whole council to operate a criminal enterprise.


Fairhope being run as a Criminal Enterprise? WATCH UNTIL MINUTE 2:07–9:


Nothing stopped Councilman Brown from using his office for personal gain. The council just held it’s nose, put their fingers in their ears and looked the other way.



Backstory Podcast @BackstoryPodcast Fairhope City Councilman Robert Brown has been defending his contract with the Eastern Shore Art Center since the publication of: Backstory Podcast @


Mr Brown has always said he had permission from the Ethics Commission, he did not, that is a lie.

Mr Brown said he was one of many bids.

Another lie, he was the ONLY bid.

He used his council position and his position as board member of the Art Center to personally enrich himself.

A complaint has been filed with the Attorney General, it will now be filed with the Mobile FBI and Alabama Ethics Commission

Council Brown wants to talk about God and Abortion to deflect from his own actions. He has used his office for personal gain and now he advocating a policy that could exacerbate an already bad situation. This is what is referred to as a christian hypocrite.

Brown from our home town is not only fleecing Fairhope, he is giving his own constituents bad and dangerous advise. Is this the example we want our Junior Council or our kids to emulate??

Fairhope needs candidates for city council, all 5 seats.

Qualifications are July 7 through 21 with the election August 26th.

Please consider public service and vote out all CATALYST candidates.