he Fairhope Council is made up of all Catalyst candidates. Three bees, Burrell, Boone and Brown, who have all used their elected office for personal gain, are going for the honey, again.

On May 29th council meeting the Mayor of Fairhope begged the council to reconsider two issues on the agenda. One, the conservation easement involving the triangle property, 102 acres worth 20 million, that the council was willing to give away while at the same time proposing to buy 2.6 million of property on hwy.13. Fairhope paid 8.25 million in a lawsuit plus 3 million in attorney fees as a SETTLEMENT for the property. Burrell and Boone supported the lawsuit that they LOST.

Second was an appraisal for property for recreation land on hwy. 13. At that May meeting, and the work session, Mr Burrell said it was for an appraisal only, not a purchase.

Watch the first hour and tell me who is representing the citizens? The Mayor made her position very clear as well as many citizens. The council proceeded with the appraisal and was deaf to any comment.

They failed on the conservation easement, but be prepared for them to try again to give away city property.

Fast forward to September and the council, the 3 b’s, without any public participation or any plan to pay for 2.6 million in property, passed a resolution to purchase the property, despite a very questionable appraisal. It is the ultimate lie. The B’s say it was discussed and it was, between the council members and the Rec. board. The citizens were denied any public comment.

The Council has been found guilty, in Federal Court, for violating the Constitution of the United States, the right of free speech.



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Source: rippreport.com/2018/10/19/loser/

Last week in a city council work session, the Mayor was discussing the free family insurance, around 17,000 thousand dollars for each part time councilman, no city employees have such insurance. Council President Burrell the most prolific honey bee, threatened the Mayor with arrest, if she did not “shut up”. The Mayor was representing the citizens.

The council has lost in Federal Court, threatened to throw the Mayor in jail, for representing the citizens, and has denied citizens comment on the recreation property. This is just a snapshot of their dismal record. The Council did pass a law that prevented anyone from sleeping in their car and forbid feeding the geese.

Tonight the three B’s are going to vote to approve the closing costs, around 9,000 thousand dollars, for the 2.6 million in property. The B’s, all white, want the hwy 13 property while the community has voiced it’s desire for the twin beech property close to the black community, but that is not where the honey is.



Please read the Mayor’s comments and file written complaints to those listed at the end of the article. Stop being silent gullible pawns of a council that does nothing for nothing and always does something for something.

Source: rippreport.com/2019/10/02/quid-quo-pro/

Tonight the b’s are going to sting Fairhope and they do not give a damn what you think or your constitutional right to free speech. They want the honey. Follow the money.

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  1. Where is the document from Federal court that found one of them guilty? Would love to see that.

  2. Georgia Orwell | October 9, 2019 at 9:45 pm |

    So these cases have been tried in Federal Court? I am so confused, but happy to know that resolutions have been reached. Please post links so that we may follow! Thanks!

    • Georgia,
      They settled out of court. I know what your question is addressing.

      • Thats not what he said …Raul Pipp said they were found guilty in Federal court. Show us the documents. It will be good fodder next to the docs where Crazy Karin defrauded Lakewood Country Club.

    • One case Federal two district and two circuit

    • The case against council was a Federal Lawsuit They settled with me and I refused to sign a confidential agreement, that is why I can post and talk about it.The City Attorney sat their and said nothing while Jack made a damn fool out of himself. Jack should have to pay the insurance company back.

  3. Did Burrell actually threaten to have the Mayor arrested? I wonder if any police officer in the Fairhope Police Department would actually do this.

    • Any one off them would jump at the chance to arrest her. They hate her like the rest of the city employees.

    • I wasn’t sure but I was there at that meeting when he shouted down Robinson and told him he was out of order as he wrapped a gavel
      That was such a jackass thing to do. I was so disappointed in Burrell after that night

    • Read Loser

  4. Spanish Fort Oracle | October 11, 2019 at 10:33 am |

    With all this, what should the voters of Fairhope think and do?

  5. Knows The Truth | October 14, 2019 at 9:40 pm |

    So, when Karin was running for Mayor She said our utility bills were too high & she would do something about them. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, for 3 straight months in a row my bill has been over $650.00 & the one due in October is right at $700.00. I have lived In the SAME home for 26 years & Maybe once a year it comes close to $600.00. What the S_ it is going on??!!?? This is more than ridiculous & needs to be investigated. She is MORE than full of it!!! Bigger cities do not charge even close to this much!!!

  6. Who trying to impress?? | October 14, 2019 at 10:04 pm |

    Karin is too busy on face book bragging about going to Chicago & New York with her friends & can see Trump Tower etc. can she really afford all this?? Something is wrong with this picture!!

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