The article below omitted some issues, that may have been problematic for to print. So let me fill ya in on some details. Baldwin County Sewer Service is the only privately operated sewer service in Alabama. They are unregulated and have been given permission to use county right of ways at no charge.

Baldwin County Sewer Service has nothing to do with Baldwin County government. Many people believe this is a county entity. It is very misleading and I am sure it was meant to be.

Baldwin County Commission has been approached many times about these issues. The sewer service can raise rates anytime they wish. The Commission and the Baldwin County Planning and Zoning Department are criticized about the county sprawl and UN-regulated sewer services.

The number one culprit to sprawl is the UN-regulated sewer using right of ways free and converting farmland in subdivisions.

BCSS does not care about permits, penalties, or even court, because they ultimately know, you the consumer is paying the price.

“Other questions abound, and there are few answers. One persistent concern is that that sewage is being imported to the Fort Morgan facility from Fairhope and Magnolia Springs.”

Fairhope has been a major contributor of Bay pollution for the last 20 plus years.

The Little Lagoon Preservation Society LLPS, should also know that Mr. Clarence Burke is the principle of BCSS, and he resides in Costa Rica, your paying for that as well.

What will the county do if Mr. Burke just says screw it one day and leaves the county holding the bag?

LLPS should also be aware of two high profile lawsuits where BCSS came out stinking worse than untreated sewage. First the Straw-man case:

“What makes this case of particular interest is not only Bass’ claims that Burke, the president of Baldwin County Sewer Service and a well-known developer in Baldwin County, and Delaney, a prominent South Alabama lender, conspired to use a Ponzi scheme to defraud Bass, but also that those sealed records reveal many of the business and political connections between some of the major players in Baldwin County development over the past two decades, according to charts entered as exhibits in the case that provide a guide through the labyrinth of intermingled companies involved in the case.”

No criminal charges were filed.

“According to testimony in a civil trial that began in Judge Jody Bishop’s courtroom Friday, Burke and Corte remained obligated to the debt even as, over the next few years, their obligation was allegedly “hidden” by a series of “secret” documents. Further muddying the waters, management of the Bellaton Property Owners Association (BPOA) was assumed by DR Horton in 2012, which purchased dozens of lots, including A1, out of foreclosure or default. “.

No criminal charges filed.

IT’s a stinky business.

“Baldwin County Sewer is the only, private, unregulated sewer utility in Alabama. The County commission has refused to tackle the issue of BCSS being unregulated. BCSS uses the county right of ways free and developments on farmland can use BCSS for subdivisions, which expands development sprawl. They have raised rates at will. “

LLPS needs to realize that you are dealing with unscrupulous people who will lie, cheat, or steal.

I would suggest contacting Mr. Burke with BCSS, however your efforts would be moot, he is living in Costa Rica compliments of Baldwin County residents.

Let’s hope the County Commission does something before the s—- gets to deep.