Baldwin County Sewer Service

Baldwin County Sewer is the only, private, unregulated sewer utility in Alabama. The County commission has refused to tackle the issue of BCSS being unregulated. BCSS uses the county right of ways free and developments on farmland can use BCSS for subdivisions, which expands development sprawl. They have raised rates at will.

BCSS has been recently involved in several lawsuits that have involved land and business fraud, among other charges. One of the principals of the BCSS resides in Costa Rica, he is not interested in what is happening in Gulf Shores.

β€˜Straw man’ Lawsuit Reveals Complex Baldwin Business Partnerships

Lagniappe BCSS Series

Baldwin County citizens should insist that BCSS be a regulated utility, until then you will just get the legal run around. PLEASE ATTEND THE MEETING OR WRITE IN YOUR COMMENTS

Consequently, ADEM scheduled a public hearing on the application this Thursday, May 19, at 6:30 p.m. at the Eric H. Meyer Civic Center located at 1930 W. 2nd St., Gulf Shores. ADEM representatives will also be available for two hours prior to the hearing β€” in the Gulf Shores Activity Center at 260 Clubhouse Drive β€” β€œto answer questions and provide details regarding the Baldwin County Sewer Services’ proposed permit modification.”

Gulf Shores issues ‘cease and desist’ to BCSS sludge pond

Baldwin County Sewer Services cannot be trusted, while UN-regulated.

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4 Comments on "STINKY BUSINESS"

  1. If anyone buys a house on BCSS jurisdiction then they deserve to be screwed
    I hope that the homebuyers using BCSS get the shaft because they should have known that this sham outfit is awful
    You have been warned. Go ahead and buy a house in a cheaply built and overpriced subdivision with BCSS as your sewer operator. Your ignorance has a cost and you must pay the price for your ignorance.
    I laugh at your ignorance

  2. Greed is good. Growth is better.

    • Anonymous | May 20, 2022 at 9:11 am |

      Cancer is a form of growth. Is that good too?
      The developers in this area are a cancer that must be stopped.
      β€œThe forest was losing trees because of the axe. But the trees kept voting for the axe because the axe kept telling the axe that its handle was made of wood and was a lot like the trees.”
      This is Catalyst/SCB telling the voters that it’s political candidates are Christian Conservatives

  3. All elections are rigged in BC.

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