Do you really want to know what is going on with Baldwin County Schools. Well just check out the face book page below, they do an excellent job of breaking down your tax dollars that are pouring into the coffers of BCBOE.


David Peterson FYI: August, 2022 Sales/Use Tax paid to Baldwin County and Gulf Shores BOE.

We are now in the eleventh month of fiscal year 2022 and the Sales/Use Tax proceeds continue to far exceed expectations. For any of our new members, each month I post the amount of Sales/Use Tax paid by the Baldwin County Commission to these two school boards. This tax is collected by the Baldwin County Commission, (3 cents on each dollar spent), and this is the portion of that tax (2.4 cents on each taxable dollar spent) distributed to the BCBOE and GSBOE. This does not include any property or other taxes collected and distributed to the boards as a source of local funding. The amount collected and paid to the Baldwin County Board of Education for the month of August, 2022 totals $14,528,106.21. For the first eleven months of fiscal year 2022 the total amount paid to the BCBOE totals $130,888,985.70, this reflects and increase of $12,825,094.51 over the 2021 payments for the same time frame. (Fiscal year 2022 begins on October 1, 2021 and ends on September 30,2022.) All of this local funding remains in Baldwin County and is not dispersed to any other school systems (equity funding) in the State like our property tax is.

The total amount paid to the Gulf Shores Board of Education for August 2022 totals $1,075,649.03 which brings the total for the first Eleven months of fiscal year 2022 to $9,380,200.06.

If you add both Systems revenue together it totals $140,269,185.76 that the taxpayers of Baldwin County have paid for education purposes so far in fiscal year 2022, this is strictly local revenue and is not shared with the state equity program. This is why we do NOT need any additional Property Tax increases for education purposes.

Please read that last paragraph again. CGA also covers employee pay and new hires. This should be of concern because the more revenue coming in, the more BCBOE hires high level positions.



BCBOE teachers are posting their Amazon Wish Lists on FB. However, the BCBOE is currently advertising for two new supervisor positions! One in HR, the other in Special Services. Salary range is $91,000-$103,000! Please tell me why there is no funding for teachers? Daphne residents, you had better be at a polling site on August 30, or your taxes are going up to support this foolishness!

The next time the TAX MAN, “Chris Elliott”, is crying in his milk for more tax for schools, tell him they are well funded and no new tax is necessary.

Thank you CGA