Here are “some examples” of how a Baldwin County, Get Out of Jail Card, has helped, mostly politicians, AVOID any transparency or accountability.

“I am pleased with the decision of the Baldwin County District Attorney’s office and the District Court to dismiss this wrongfully brought charge against me in the interest of justice and judicial economy.”

BEN REYNOLDS, MOBILE CITY COUNCILMAN Ben is lucky he was in a county that has Get out of Jail Passes.

We all remember lying “Tax Man” Elliott. He pledged to do the right thing and accept responsibility for his actions. He forgot the pledge and applied for the get out of jail card.

“On the advice of counsel, I declined the breathalyzer requested which automatically resulted in the issuance of a citation for driving under the influence of alcohol.” Chris Elliott

Paula DiNardi case: “At the time of the 2018 incident, McSharry was already on probation. Roughly two months earlier, he was convicted of “breach of peace” after a 2017 incident in which he allegedly harassed artist Nall Hollis, who had a gallery across the street from McSharry’s Irish Pub. McSharry also received a 12-month probation in that case, with additional instructions to avoid contact with Hollis and have “no distilled liquors and shall not become inebriated.

McSharry has been arrested a total of 9 times, let’s see how he slips out of arrest 9.

Mayor Mike “Slappin” MCMillan”

The surveillance video shows Mayor Mike McMillan walk up to the computer at the front desk. He appears to point at it and then turns to City Magistrate Lyndsey Cooper. The video only shows the back of her head. McMillan then raises his hand, moves it toward Cooper’s face, and Cooper’s head turns.

Just like the DiNardi case, live video evidence, and Slappin Mike walks just like McSharry. That Get out of Jail card works in Baldwin County.

I know you remember Senator Trip Pittman and his self serving BP contracts:

At the time, Pittman and state Rep. Steve McMillan, R-Gulf Shores, had been tapped by Gov. Bob Riley to head up plans for distributing BP grant money in Baldwin.

“Pittman said he had not received ethics training until recently, and in hindsight, would have acted differently, although he said “no laws were broken.” Pittman was the trustee and first in line for BP contracts. Pittman “distributed” a total of $750,000.00 for himself, which he keep for himself and family. He should have gone to jail like some of the people convicted of misuse of funds. Some of those cases were for thousands of dollars not tens of thousands.

Pittman happen to have a special pass. The bullshit Get Out of Jail Card.

“In an order filed April 19, U.S. District Court Judge William Cassady dismissed a single claim against Mack, but denied to grant the defendants’ broader motion for summary judgment. Reviewed “in a light most favorable to the plaintiff,” Cassady wrote, videotapes, audio, and witness statements from the incident leave cause to believe a jury could find that Hunady violated Victor’s constitutional rights, while Mack failed to adequately train his deputies to respond to mental health crises.”

Sheriff Hoss Mack has a trail of cases against him and most dismissed due to “Qualified Immunity” Eight cases with eight deaths and our Sheriff has a Major Crimes Division, composed of Baldwin County police who investigate themselves and use sealed documents, immunity and other creative ways to avoid any transparency or accountability.

Sheriff Mack told the county commission he needed $600,000.00 dollars for camera’s. His sales pitch was that this was good for the public and would be transparent to the public. Well the Sheriff bought those cameras except now he refuses to show any video that may put his department in a bad light. Only video that is advantages to the sheriff is available. If you are arrested by Baldwin County Sheriff Department do not make any statements and call a lawyer, because you are going to need one.

How about the Strawman case ?

Read this article and you know you will need a computer to keep up with the crooks involved. This case exposes a judge, council and commissioners, lawyers and local developers. It stinks so bad you will need a close pin to read it. No one faced any criminal charges.

“While the Alabama Ethics Commission does not have statements on file from his first two years as a judge, beginning in 2014, he reported earnings of between $10,000 and $50,000 for “referral fees” from his previous law partners. He reported the same amount of earnings in 2015 and 2016, but by 2017, his income from referral fees had increased to between $50,000 and $150,000. It remained in that higher bracket in his 2018 Statement of Economic Interests, the most recent year available.” What does this sound like to you?

This is just a few examples of how corrupt Baldwin County is. The bottom line is if you have connections, elected, or appointed, then you automatically get a Get out of jail card.

Not one single case of anyone, with the Get Out of Jail card has ever been held accountability in Baldwin County in the last 15 years.

Baldwin County has the dubious reputation as being the most corrupt county in Alabama. Alabama is the most corrupt state in the United States.

Apply for your Get Out of Jail Card with your local District Attorney or Sheriff. Applicants without “connections” need not apply.