Ronan McSharry Fairhope Irish Pub

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Lagniappe has covered the Fairhope, McSharry “Bar stool” incident from the onset, the below article best encapsulates events to date.

McSharry convicted of public intox, civil case proceeds

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“At the time of the 2018 incident, McSharry was already on probation. Roughly two months earlier, he was convicted of “breach of peace” after a 2017 incident in which he allegedly harassed artist Nall Hollis, who had a gallery across the street from McSharry’s Irish Pub. McSharry also received a 12-month probation in that case, with additional instructions to avoid contact with Hollis and have “no distilled liquors and shall not become inebriated.”

[He also was sentenced to 6 months jail, in Nall case, never served a day.]

You really can’t make this crap up, if you read it in a book you would have to believe it was fiction.


“Baldwin County has its own secret society. A political cabal of politicians, developers, judges, lawyers, even a sheriff. The Cabal operated for years under the banner CATALYST.

The name catalyst became so toxic and controversial among the public that the name changed to Scott Boone Consulting SBC, during the election cycle in 2020.”

It is not fiction, it is real life and Fairhope citizens are to busy with society, keeping up with the Jones’s or drinking the cool aid, the council serves ,to see or care, that the good ole boys ,SBC , have a stranglehold on Fairhope and Baldwin County.


“In Fairhope the quarterback is none other than the most sneaky and corrupt politician in Baldwin County. The great negotiator, sneaky Jack Burrell who chose tonight to use the City Council meeting, which no-one goes to, to swear in the Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker.”

The Fairhope Municipal Judge is one of the largest land owners in Fairhope. He is appointed by the City Council who also approves any of his development plans. The good judge proudly supported SBC candidates during the last election and was rewarded with another 4 year appointment.

The City attorney, Marcus McDowell, works for the council, Jack Burrell controls the council. McSharry is, or was, Jack’s closest friend. Fairhope councilman “Strawman” Kevin Boone is the father of Scott Boone and the conduit to SBC, this is a very cozy and politically connected Cabal.


Mr. McSharry has offered no apology nor has he paid any of the medical expenses DiNiardi incurred from the assault. Watch the video again, Paula is lucky she did not break her neck. McSharry turned his back on her and offered no assistance. This is Mr. McSharry’s forth alcohol related incident, two settled out of court, who will be his next victim?

The most outrageous aspect of this entire event is that a video exists that clearly shows the assault. The Fairhope council and current Mayor have yet to say a word in defense of the victim. The apathy in Fairhope and lack of outrage by Fairhope citizens exposes the disconnect citizens have with their municipal government and the continuous blatant corruption that surrounds it.

The Fairhope Police DID their job. The City Attorney and Municipal Judge of Fairhope, DID NOT.

Baldwin County Circuit Court Judge Stankoski now has the responsibility of finding justice for Paula DiNiardi and accountability for Mr. McSharry. It should be noted that Judge Stankoski does not appear to have any connection to SBC.

In the best interest of everyone, it would be nice to see Mr. McSharry apologize, be accountable and pay the medical expenses of Paula DiNiardi. However it appears that he has chosen a path of spending a boat load of money on loud ineffective attorneys. McSharry needs medical help, instead he persists on victimizing the victim.

The Ripp Report and Backstory Podcast will continue to use the Court of Public Opinion as YOUR voice for justice.

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49 Comments on "A SLAP ON THE WRIST"

  1. Anonhoosier | March 26, 2021 at 1:12 pm |

    Paula deserves better. She could be your daughter.

    • She absolutely does. The good people of Fairhope deserve a better council, a judge, and a city attorney! And a mayor who speaks out against things like this. But they’re all buddies and no one will ever tall about ea others’ special interests.

  2. Number One | March 26, 2021 at 2:16 pm |

    It looks like Dinardi fakes the fall on purpose. I don’t buy her sob story.

    • She fell on her head. It’s very clear in the clip. I guess you’re fine with shoving women. What did she say before he assaulted her? Who cares? Don’t assault people.

    • I sure hope you don’t have a wife or a daughter. If you do, I hope they don’t say the wrong thing. That’s a beating.

    • https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6658982-Ronan-McSharry-Fairhope-Police-Reports.html
      4/5/2010: Domestic Violence

      6/23/2010: Public Intoxication

      11/17/2014: Domestic Violence

      03/19/2017: Harassment

      And this incident. With clear video evidence of a woman being shoved off a bar stool and clearly landing on her head.

      He sure does cause a lot of “sob stories”, doesn’t he?

    • I guess you are another one of Jack Burrell’s bitches. What a pathetic person says what you do! What if it was your wife or daughter! You’d probably wouldn’t say anything. Grow a pair one day! That’s what we are unfortunately getting used to in Fairhope!

  3. SBC rules Fairhope | March 26, 2021 at 3:13 pm |

    Oh stop griping. You all are just jealous you are part of the political clique. Join SBC and maybe you would not be so bitter.
    SBC owns Fairhope and the rest of Baldwin. This is THEIR town not y’all’s town. Yuh just live in it

  4. Macsharry threatened my friend Fred Nall. He is a scumbag. Do not patronize this miscreant.

  5. Jack 4fairhopia | March 26, 2021 at 4:50 pm |

    Jack told me she is faking in the video. I believe Jack. What exactly is Ronan guilty of here? Failing to catch a drunk? Get a life people.

    • How can we get Burrell to go back to Mississippi?

    • Let these pricks say anything they want to about how they think this woman wasn’t assaulted or even abused. Why all the fuss? If you are a real man, you know this dirt bag Ronan is just another pawn of the Burrell gang. Who cares what they post. Get on with your lives and don’t let these people that comment and stand for this Ronan piece of crap because they all beat there wives or sexually abuse their daughters or both because they have to feel empowered! Get over these types of douchebags.

  6. Every small town in Alabama is like this. Get over yourselves people. Progress is taking place now. Fairhope is the number one place to live!!

  7. Wow! Look how all the assholes that we already know we have in Fairhope is standing up for a known criminal! How weak are you people to say the terrible things about the way see this as the woman’s fault. Have another drink and hit your wife one more time and God only knows what you kind of people do to your daughters. Just plain nonsense and it would seem that this is a case of criminals sticking up for another criminal. It really shows everyone in Fairhope just what kind of males (not real men) we have living here. It will come around

    • We aren’t men on Fairhope. We are too busy sipping wine, paying for our trophy wives’ plastic surgery, working to pay mortgages on DR Horton homes, sending our kids to private schools, and driving our leased autos to be real men
      The only men left are Burrell, Ronan, and his butt boys on the council

  8. Paul Harvey | March 27, 2021 at 12:43 pm |

    How does this end?

  9. Anon fairhoper rock creek | March 27, 2021 at 2:11 pm |

    Ethics Commission is not stepping in. Don’t get your hopes up Padre.

  10. Ethics? Burrell and his council are creating jobs. Notice all the nice cars in Fairhope? Money. From contracting and construction. Get a job and quit griping.

  11. Anon FHoper | March 28, 2021 at 6:48 am |

    Nice green card. All you need to stay out of jail around here.

  12. Actual fhoper | March 28, 2021 at 10:34 am |

    How many live on Eastern shore Paul?

    Gonna hang up and listen Paul. Thx.

  13. Why would somebody fake something like that? That’s ridiculous. Yeah makes a lot of sense somebody FELL out of the chair and hit her head on purpose lmao. Y’all are SICK. Go watch the video. There’s no excuse PERIOD for what he did. None. CLEARLY he put his arm up and kept PUSHING her backwards. She fell….. hit her head….. and he LOOKED AT HER and didn’t help, he sat there on his phone like a little BITCH. That women is NO WAY in the wrong for ANYTHING. She did NOTHING to him. She’s the most respectful, loving, honest person I’ve ever met. She didn’t deserve this. Whoever says she is faking it, you are sick, and YOU need help. Get a life. That could have been your daughter, wife, mom, aunt, somebody you love and is very close to you. Think about that…….. go watch the video. Keep making excuses because he’s your “friend”…….. “he would never do that” there’s no excuse for somebody to do something like that. It’s WRONG in every way.

    • Well there are two types of “wrong” here. Wrong for you is not wrong for others

  14. Fairhoper4life | March 28, 2021 at 5:03 pm |

    Stat for Ronan.

  15. Moved here from Bham back in 2015. Too much growth too fast! I am putting my house up for sale and heading back to north al. Y’all can keep this crap. People are WAY different here.

    • Can you take some Yankees with you? Especially the ones from New York and New Jersey. Any amount would be a start

  16. Oh stop it about beating up women. Those in charge are not going to pander to you all. If they think that Ronan is innocent then that is it – period.
    All your grumbling is not going to do a thing. Suck it up. The decision has been made.

    • Catalyst rules this place. Get over it and get use to
      It. Your little dream town is now a realtor’s cash cow. Screw your. Your little hamlet is now a sprawl of tract housing
      Look up Levittown on google. This is your Fairhope in 4 years
      This is what you smug Fairhopers deserve for your fatuousness
      You Fairhope High graduates might want look up the term “fatuous” to get a clue. Then go back to your crappy alma mater and curse them for your substandard education

      • New houses for $85,000 that you can buy with a minimum wage job? Near the beach? I don’t know. That doesn’t sound too bad.

    • Francis Paul Ripp | March 30, 2021 at 10:49 am |

      You are wrong It is far from over

      • What do you mean it is far from over? Catalyst owns the town. Burrell can do anything he wants to. Heck, he can even bypass the voting and appoint his people on the council. Fairhope is gone, Gone, G O N E.
        Please tell me how Fairhope can be saved. This town is like a slaughtered pig with its guts ripped out. How can you save it?

  17. Blutkowski | March 30, 2021 at 4:09 pm |

    Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor?
    Praise God and pass the ammo.

  18. East R Shore 4 Life | March 30, 2021 at 4:34 pm |

    Commute times are a concern for me in the coming years. It is getting harder and harder to get to 98 and up to the interstate from fairhope. The congestion at peak times is unbearable. We need to stop building so many more houses. The roads cannot and will not support this kind of growth. What is the road plan?

    • The road plan? HA HA HA HA HA
      They will widen and we will pay higher taxes. The real estate folks make money off of us.
      Now do you see why we need impact fees? Let those moving in pay. We who have been here and have paid for the infrastructure now have to pay for the added infrastructure. Do you see why they are building so many houses? The cost of building them are being subsidized by us who have lived here.
      Catalyst makes sure NO politician will ever get in office who mentions impact fees.

      • Which is WHY we all need to use the term “IMPACT FEES” more and more and get this term into the voters’ heads.

      • Which is why we all need to use the term “IMPACT FEES” more and more and get this term into the voters’ heads.
        When you say this to a politician you can instantly see if he or she is a Catalyst. The Catalyst will stammer, choke and backpedal because this is Catalyst’s number one goal: Unlimited growth with no impact fees.
        During the last election I asked a candidate during a forum about impact fees. Baby Boone was in the back watching everything as he was the candidate’s handler. The candidate was stammering until Boone nodded his head and the candidate said “If you add impact fees then you will raise the price of the houses.” This is the pat answer.
        You see, the absence of impact fees artificially cheapen the house prices allowing Cox and the rest of the builders to get more profit. Now do you see why there are so many houses being thrown up in this area?
        If an impact fee of say $5,000 is not added to each house built, then each house being built costs us in Baldwin County $5,000 each.
        Do you see how Catalyst is literally STEALING from us?

        • You better watch yourself. If you start running your mouth about impact fees, then the catalists will come for you.

  19. Burrell makes Fairhope look bad.
    Geez Louise!

  20. Ripp watch your six. They don’t appreciate you.

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