You wonder why Fairhope is called FAUXHOPE? It is because nothing is what it seems. The Montrose Hut is a classic example. The city council and mayor are dancing around pretending to support Sonny Brewer who has proposed moving the hut. He is the author of The Poet Of Tolstoy Park, a novel he penned 20 years ago. Now you would think he would be the strongest advocate that it NOT be moved. The city will have to issues a permit to move the structure. The city is trying to figure a way around having to issue such a permit.

The property is owned by Niemeyer Realty. Wake up! this is yet more more real estate deal disguised to finance the removal from the property, with donations, sparing the owner the expense. The owner Ken Niemeyer, is quoted by Mr Brewer as saying he has “vowed to preserve it but has “zero confidence” his heirs will do the same.” IT IS A REAL ESTATE DEAL.

Brewer is now seeking donations from the public. Those donations should be made out to the city of Fairhope, to be held in a restricted account. Brewer is seeking as much as $200,000.00., so the owner does not have to come out of pocket. Oh, by the way one donation has been made by Mr Niemeyer for $5000.00. You got to admit this is a bold plan endorsed by the city that could save the developer $195,000.00. How can the city handle these funds in city accounts?

The square head city council and mayor decide the best councilman to handle locating a site for the hut was Councilman Kevin Boone. Mr. Boone has been on the council dole for 20 years soaking up free full family insurance. He probably will suggest one of his ancient trailer parks, as a location. Mr Boone. His son, Scott Boone heads up the Catalyst political group in Baldwin County. Catalyst, Scott Boone, are the political strategist for the good ole boys. Mr. Boone is also a developer that has enjoyed lucrative contracts with the city.

Boone and Council President Corey Martin agreed the cost of relocating Stuart’s home is an issue, but Brewer said there are “some rich folks in town” who could donate money to move Stuart’s home. Mayor Sherry Sullivan added Niemeyer himself already donated $5,000 to the city to fund the relocation project.

These same square heads voted to destroy the Lewis home:

Lewis House Demolition Begins - Fairhope Times

First Baptist Church demolished several houses for the purpose of Grass parking lots, Mr Boone is a church member, go figure.

The square heads have yet to tell the citizens of Fauxhope where the 6.2 million dollar waterfront project stands, it is going on 4 years overdue.

Remember Boone Burrell and Brown the 3 B’s of the council and how they bullied the city into buying recreation land by the airport? This cost the city 2.65 million and nothing has been done with the property, but rent it to farmers for 9,000 dollars a year. Wonder what the 3 B’s got???

Mayor Wilson:

The purchase of 113 acres on 13/32 for future parkland will close in Nov. It will drain all capital improvement funds needed for urgent facility needs and prevent adding four ballparks to fill an immediate capacity need for up to ten years. No thought about re-purposing K-1 Center.



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