Delicately Censored

Happy Thanksgiving. This week we discuss the removal of a document by the Guardian News and whether coercion was in play. In a major reversal, the self appointed arbitrator of free speech Elon Musk declares certain statements to be out of bounds and will result in suspension. All on the heels of the ADL and Whitehouse decrying his retweeting of statement they believe to be anti-Semitic. Next comes the “thermonuclear” lawsuit. In other lawsuit news this week Republican front runner Donald Trump sued numerous media outlets saying they intentionally misstated earning (losses) of Truth Social. Back to Alabama where Baldwin County Judge Clark Stankoski gave Sheriff Huey Mack 43 days to return the Camaro they illegally seized from the father of a Bay Minette Attorney. Mobile PD killed a 16 year old in a no-knock-pre-dawn-raid on a home. Mayor Stinson declares these raids will no longer be conducted. The warrant was related to the sale of Marijuana. Following the game-plan of The Mike Hubbard and Governor Robert Bentley scandals; Attorney General Steve Marshall, Ethic Director Tom Albritton, Regions Bank and the plaintiff’s attorneys have reached a settlement in the Mabel Amos Memorial Scholarship Trust lawsuit.; thereby negating the need for further discovery that may embarrass power people, corporations, or institutions. And Speaker Ledbetter tells the mouthpiece of the gaming establishment that illegal gambling is so rampant that the only way to combat it is to legalize and regulate it. And a special shout out to Michigan Attorney Steve Lahto for covering the Camaro Case, please check out his YouTube page.