The allegations, deaths and incarceration of an innocent man, combined with the ultimate power of the Sheriff, should be the concern of every citizen in Baldwin County. This is not bashing police. This is pointing out serious existing and reoccurring situations that are resulting in major lawsuits where the taxpayer will be the loser.

Ever notice how local politicians start talking about national issues when they are trying to dodge tough questions?

Scream immigrants and you can get away with murder.


Citizens should never fear from openly criticizing elected officials, especially when their conduct is costing lives. Baldwin County Sheriffs Office, BCSO, headed by Huey “Hoss” Mack has had funding of over 65 million dollars in 2020 and 2021. Over 700,000.00 dollars went for body and vehicle cameras. The sheriff solicited these “tax payer” funds from the County Commission with the sales pitch “that the cameras would protect the police and citizens alike”. He further stated that the camera’s “would promote accountability and transparency, within the BCSO.” Not only are his words hollow but his actions have generated several lawsuits resulting from deaths that could end up with multi million dollar verdicts against the BCSO.

The general fund, Baldwin County, swelled 19.2 percent from $39.8 million in 2021 to $47.5 million in 2022. Public safety expenditures represent 19.1 percent of the total budget but the Sheriff’s Office received flat funding over last year at $33.6 million.

Sheriff Mack’s second term in office was secured by sheriff Mack himself, with the help of then State Senator Trip, boom boom, Pittman. They wrote and legislatively recorded qualifications for sheriff which eliminated 99.5% of the competition. Some would call this election rigging.

Here are just a few of the skeletons in the BCSO closet, that Sheriff Mack keeps locked away from citizens.


For his part, Sheriff Mack told Tenenbaum that, at the time, BCSO had no crisis intervention team and deputies had not been specifically trained in DE-escalation techniques.

No crisis intervention. No DE-escalation techniques. No training in handling the mentally ill.

How is that possible in 2017?,106596

“Without question, ‘the standard for excessive force is clearly established,’” against Hunaday, and that “plaintiff has made an adequate showing that this is the kind of recurring situation presenting an obvious, highly predictable potential for violation that can trigger liability for failure to train, even in the absence of a pattern of violations.” U.S. District Court Judge William Cassady,

Cassady’s withering observations about Hunady’s behavior in the minutes before he shot Victor, an unarmed man acting strangely after a one-car accident on the side of the interstate, illustrate exactly why it is so important for the public to be able to see body-camera footage and other information in controversial cases.


“By this time, defendants were dead-set on killing Yates and at or about 6:30 p.m., the decision was made to breach the Yates residence with all of the SWAT team’s firepower, although the situation was not an exigent one, nor was there an emergency, nor had Yates threatened anyone’s life since firing a warning shot inside his home,” it reads. “Based on bullet holes in Yates’ home and shell casings found outside the residence, SWAT team members shot the home up with their military style weapons without probable cause, as Yates had been silent for several hours. There were more than 114 shells/bullet casings, along with tear gas canisters and concussion grenades left at the scene.”

Allegedly, one of the SWAT team members was deputy Justin Correa, the son of Robert Correa. Suggesting the plaintiff has seen some evidence subsequently provided by investigators, the complaint claims Robert Correa warned his son about getting involved due to a potential conflict of interest, but the younger deputy said he was “gonna go in and kill this f*cker if I have to.”

The police shot over 114 rounds Mr. Yates fired ONE warning shot. This was over an eviction with a man that had some mental issues. He needed a doctor not bullets. Video tape and audio by the sheriff department of the incident has been “selective”. The family was denied any ability to mitigated the situation. See ya in court.

The legal process, eviction, was handled by Judge Scully and many have questioned his authority and procedure. Sheriff Hoss Mack and Catalyst campaigned hard to seat the good Judge. Attorneys have complained that if a case involves the sheriff dept., in any way, and Judge Scully is the presiding Judge, he will rule in favor of the BCSO.

No questions asked.






At the time of the incident, BCSO’s own policy advised: “It is the intent to restrict motor vehicle pursuits to those situations and circumstance in which the immediate apprehension of the violator outweighs the hazards generated to deputies, the public or the occupant[s] of the vehicle being pursued … When it becomes apparent that the immediacy of apprehension is outweighed by a clear and unreasonable danger to the deputy and others, the pursuit should be abandoned.”


I will acknowledge first that little information is available about Peyton Little’s death. I welcome Sheriff Mack to clarify any of my ALLEGATIONS. This “suicide” was witnessed by a minor and details have been conveniently unavailable. What is alleged, is that Peyton was a confidential informant for the Baldwin County drug task force. A division of the very sheriff’s department that was assigned to investigate his death. A detail they neglected to tell the deputy who was assigned to investigate. He was found in the front seat of a car, that a minor was driving, with a seat belt wrapped so tight around his neck that it had to be cut free. Within a “few” hours his death, it was declared a suicide⁠— case closed⁠— no comment from the BCSO This may be the only case in the world where someone strangled themselves with a seat belt in a moving car.

No mention that Payton was a confidential informant and had received threats from those who discovered he was working with the BCSO. There was no evidence of any injuries, that he was dragged by a car.

It was declared a suicide⁠ — no questions asked.

At the time of this tragedy, Mack told media there would be an investigation and the results would be turned over to the District Attorney’s (DA) office. But first he started covering his butt by telling FOX 10, “Keep in mind, these people ran from us. So, they’re the ones that caused all this and we were the ones that were trying to render the situation safe in that. As to why they were running and everything, and as to the continued pursuit, those are all things that we do look at in the investigation and we will review.”

Where is the accountability and transparency?


This was a tragedy that should have been prevented. Deputy Smith was dispatched to cover the Fort Morgan area on a four wheeler after kilos of cocaine had been reported washing ashore. The tough but honest question to ask is ⁠— Why was Deputy Smith not wearing a life vest? What prior training did he receive for beach patrol? Had deputy Smith been on a vehicle patrol he would have a bullet proof jacket. If he had been issued a life jacket and training in life saving, he would be alive today. That IS the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Department.

In no way are these comments meant to shadow Deputy Smith’s heroic actions, which resulted in his loss of life.


Lead Investigator Hoss Mack⁠— sentenced to life without parole. No gun, no witness, no fiber, no fingerprints, no blood, no DNA, nothing but baseless allegations and “dealing with the Devil”. Mr. Lawrence had multiple witnesses as to his whereabouts, however his fate was already sealed due to the color of his skin. Sheriff Mack’s funeral home handled the body of the victim. In the strangest of circumstances, Sheriff Mack knew the victims family and the real killers family. This distortion of justice will turn up one day on a TV crime show and in a book. You will not believe the incompetence of the justice system in Baldwin County. Currently, the case will be headed to the Innocence Project ⁠— thanks to Attorney Rebbeca Chambliss. Stay tuned. We will be discussing and cussing this case in depth in the very near future.

If you happen to be an attorney that pisses off Sheriff Hoss then be prepared for retaliation.

“Let me be clear, I do not work for the sheriff of Baldwin County. He works for me,” Still told the committee. “The courthouse is where I make my living. Huey Mack is playing politics with that.”

A letter from Judge Taylor later informed Still the courthouse security committee only sets rules related to courthouse security, but does not have any authority over the sheriff’s enforcement of those rules.

“With one sweeping stroke, today’s decision spells the end of public access to law-enforcement records that are connected in any way to an investigation,” he wrote. “I cannot sit idly by while this Court shrinks a legal right of the people of Alabama to the vanishing point. And I especially cannot do so when that shrinkage flies in the face of text and precedent.” Chief Justice Tom Parker.

“The Lagniappe decision goes out of its way to interpret the investigative privilege statute so broadly that it will likely lead to Alabama citizens having less access to things such as body cam or surveillance video, 911 transcripts and autopsy information, which are commonly available in other states during investigations,” Alabama Press Association Chief Legal Council Dennis Baily

The next two links/articles were published Wednesday Sept. 30 2021, Lagniappe.

“The sweep of these pronouncements is breathtaking,” he wrote. “In essence, all evidence in the possession of law enforcement agencies, whether created by the agency or received from others, is now exempt from citizens’ statutory right to access public records … With one sweeping stroke, today’s decision spells the end of public access to law enforcement records that are connected in any way to an investigation. After today, as to law enforcement agencies at least, the statute might as well be titled the Closed Records Act.” Chief Justice Tom Parker

Sheriff Mack is the number one elected official in Baldwin County that needs to be voted out of his position. We need a new Sheriff that is not connected to the good ole boys, or selected, by Sheriff Hoss Mack to be his replacement. Baldwin County deserves more than a secret Police force.

Sheriff Mack is the most powerful politician in Baldwin County. He supports Catalyst and he is their sheriff. Sheriff Mack is so intertwined with Catalyst that he can pick and choose which candidate will be nominated and for what position.

The County Commission has had a hands off policy when it comes to the BCSO. This has been a mistake. Recently, the County Commission awarded a contract to Mack Funeral Home, Sheriff’s Mack private business, a contract with the county to handle deceased persons that are unclaimed or come under special circumstances become the responsibility of the county. This is an obvious conflict of interest. It illustrates the control of the sheriff over the County Commission.

Nine lives lost and an innocent man incarcerated for over 16 years. The only explanation, aka whitewash, from the Sheriff’s office is from HIS Major Crime Unit, which is investigating fellow officers who report to Sheriff Mack. Sheriff Mack never asks for FBI assistance and he is highly critical of the capabilities of ALEA, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. That is why multiple lawsuits have been filed against BCSO, one Federal.

What you have read on this page has been described as “SECRET POLICE”, not my words.

Baldwin County has become a POLICE STATE, my words.