Baldwin County Judicial Corruption

Baldwin County Judicial Corruption

The Baldwin County Sheriffs office has consistently, for 20 years, had criminal cases and loss of life cases, questioned by citizens. The sheriffs office uses its “internal” Major Crimes Division to gloss over all complaints. Sheriff deputies are never found to have been responsible, EVER. No accountability and no transparency. Hoss Mack promised the County Commission that body and car cameras, $600,000.00 worth, were for the public as well as the police. The same Sheriff either does not release any camera footage or releases edited footage.

People have questioned the honesty of the Sheriff, doubted the Judges and sickened by some prosecutors. Their concerns, the citizens, were dismissed by District Attorneys who are equally corrupt and in inept.

Several legal cases are pending against the Sheriff Hoss Mack. Recently new evidence was discovered in a case so “riddled with failures by the state”, that the totality of the case calls into question the motive to convict an innocent man. The most glaring motive is for self promotion, at all costs.

The new evidence was “suppressed willfully rather than inadvertently” and was never divulged to the defense of Murray Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence has been incarcerated for 20 years. The evidence suppressed proves he was innocent. Sheriff Hoss, Mack District Attorney Robert Wilters who was the Judge, and David Whetstone the prosecutor, knowingly and willfully withheld the newly found evidence. Their signatures appear in the evidence. Not only does this prove Mr. Lawrence was innocent but it also supports allegations against authorities in previous cases alleging judicial misconduct.



Lawyers have been hired to right this horrible wrong and we will be updating this story. Look for RULE 32 coming soon.


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