The Lie of The Century

After three years, a Documentary Filmmaker has put forth a compelling narrative of what actually led to the death of George Floyd ( It appears that the medical examiner’s report stated that there was no indication of asphyxiation, damage to the hyoid bone, and no contusions on the neck that would indicate the Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd. In fact, the toxicology report indicates that he had a three times fatal dose of fentanyl in his system when he died. All of this was suppressed of course so that the BLM riots could spread across this county. Similarly, there is a case here in Baldwin County Alabama where an autopsy report was withheld from the Defense team of Murray “Bubba” Lawrence in the Capital Murder of Eric Hastings who died in 2003. The Motion for Relief is based on newly discovered evidence under Rule 32 of the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure. And who all was involved back in the day? Well it was DA David Whetstone’s last capital case. Our current District Attorney Robert Wilters was the trial Judge, and the lead investigator Lt Huey Hoss Mack is now our 4th term Boss Hogg Sheriff (interestingly enough his father was the Coroner of Baldwin County in 2003, also the owner of Mack Funeral Home which handled the burial arrangements for the Hastings Family). The State of Alabama’s case rested on the testimony of a co-conspirator and there was no physical evidence that Mr. Lawrence committed the crime. The issue here: was Brandon Hastings murdered with a handgun? Shot through the neck destroying the C-2 vertebrae or was he strangled as Dr. Paul McGarry would testify at trial. You must be asking yourself how a man could be convicted of shooting another when the Mississippi ME says he was strangled? You obviously have not been to Court in Baldwin County, Alabama. “Where we do things different”


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