Fairhope you made the biggest mistake voters could make, you let the bees eat the honey. Only 15% of the registered voters decided who would become Mayor of Fairhope.

Well Fairhope “I told ya so”, Queen Bee Sullivan is getting her just reward. The three B’s on the council, Boone Brown and Burrell, are making sure Sullivan gets her share of the honey, right out of the hive. Her honey pot reward has been announced even before the Queen Bee has been sworn in.


The queen bee is getting a $112,000 salary boost per year above former Mayor Wilson’s salary.

That brings the Queen Bee’s salary and benefits to $160,000 a year.

That is a $ 448,000.00 dollar raise for four years, or a total of $640,000.00 gross salary and benefits for four years. Not bad for a queen bee with only a high school education.

Mayor Wilson had a finance degree and brought the city out of debt. She had ethics and principals and NEVER ate the honey. That was the problem!

Council President Burrell will be presenting the Queen Bee the only tools she will need for Mayor, a scissors for ribbon cutting and a rubber stamp. Nov. 2 will be swearing in of the Queen Bee. Jack Burrell will be present and handing out extra large containers of KY jelly to the general public, who are going to need it for the next four years.

The Ripp Report predicted that if the most corrupt city council, Fairhope has seen in 25 years, was re-elected and Sullivan won, Fairhope was doomed. I did think that they may be a little more cool about it, but what the hell Catalyst/Scott Boone Consulting OWNS Fairhope.

Please remember Scott Boone is councilman Kevin Boones, son, both were involved in the “Strawman” land fraud. Strawman is a lagniappe series, check out the spider graph. Councilman Boone has more llc’s than a coon dog has ticks.

Jack Burrell began his last term by “bid rigging”, guess who that involved? The municipal Judge, who now own one of the largest tracks of undeveloped land in Fairhope. The good Judge will need the queen bee and the three bees to pollinate his plans. That will happen! No problem.

Councilman Brown, who’s business partner is on the board of single tax, racked in 100’s of thousands of dollars in contracts he secured by being in an elected office and serving on an appointed board, representing the city. He will continue to use his elected office for personal gain and I predict we will do that very soon.

Let’s not forget the municipal attorney who takes his orders from the bees. He is also responsible for the mismanagement of the McSherry case, or should I say “managed”.

Queen Bee Sullivan has promised to “embrace growth” and trust me you are going to find out what “embrace” means.

Here is the real pisser, Jack Burrell, who has used Hand Arendall as a personal attorney firm is now wanting to appoint them as the litigation attorneys. Get out the KY because it was Cain O’Rear with Hand Arendall who stood up at a council meeting, years ago, and held his right hand in the air and promised that the City of Fairhope would not have to pay any attorney fees for the triangle lawsuit.

His law firm took home 3 million dollars and lost the lawsuit. Jack knows this, but the honey pot is open for business and Hand Arendall loves honey.

First the Queen Bee gets her honey, $640,000.00, as a Mayor of Fairhope, for four years. Second the hiring of a law firm that lost the triangle lawsuit, costing Fairhope taxpayers, millions, Ultimately, Fairhope was ordered in a court settlement to purchase the property for 8.25 million, plus the 3 million the attorneys got.

Pay close attention how the Queen and her worker bee’s justify their actions, you will need the KY.

That is what you get when you elect greedy corrupt politicians. The next four years are going to drag Fairhope backwards, your property values are going to flat line and start dropping. Schools will be overwhelmed and your elected officials will become deaf to any public outcry involving corruption.

Keep that KY handy because the Queen Bee, the three B’s and Scott Boone are just warming up.