BACKSTORY PODCAST 58 - The Rushin Prognostication

90,000 new cases of SARS-COV-2 have been reported in the USA as of 6:00pm-Central Time– a grim milestone. 43,300,000 confirmed infections worldwide with a total of 1,800,000 deaths; 9,020,000 infections in the USA with 229,000 deaths; 189,000 cases in Alabama with 2,900 deaths.

Hurricane Zeta hit the Alabama coast on Wednesday and because of the speed at which it was moving there were 100 mph winds much further inland than is typical and hit communities that were ill prepared. In the wake of Hurricane Sally last month the citizens of the Gulf Coast have a lot more than “Covid Fatigue”. Please give blood if you are healthy and contact the Red Cross or Operation Barbecue Relief (…) to donate resources if you are able.

We will be posting information about FEMA locations in the comments section along with other source information. Raines puts on a 20 minute clinic explaining his SWAG at the election results. The Baldwin Beach Toll Authority, McSharry Civil Case News, Jones vs. Tubbs, The University of South Alabama’s Surgical Center (Mapp Campus, Fairhope at 181 and 104), we do a deep dive into the other ballot measures that you will be voting on on Tuesday November 3, 2020… agree with us or not, we tell you what we think and explain why most of them are a big-time NO VOTE. We briefly discuss the importance of Section 230 of “The Communication Decency Act’’ and how no one in the US Senate is asking the right questions of the GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER CEO’s.

Fairhope Mayor Sherry Sullivan may be one of the highest paid Mayors in the land if the Fairhope City Council approves a $112,000 PAY RAISE whereby she would also serve as the Utilities Superintendent (a salary declined by current Mayor Karen Wilson who instead hired a Professional Engineer). Unfortunately this was slated to be a great Halloween with a full “Blue Moon” and a new exhibit at the History Museum of the City of Mobile that is timely: the 200 year history of Yellow Fever in Mobile and the steampunk sarcophagus on display to protect the living from the infectious dead. The only thing creepier would be a room full of Alabama Politicians.

A special thanks to Cade Kistler of Mobile Baykeeper for joining us for a detailed report on the ADEM/Alabama Power Company Public Hearings last week regarding upgrades to the Barry Steam Plant and an application for a wastewater discharge permit in anticipation of dewatering the coal ash pile to “cap it in place”, which interestingly, has not been approved yet.

If this pandemic has not amplified your understanding of the level of incompetent people we have in elected office, please start over with Backstory Podcast No 1.