Congratulations Fairhope citizens your 2276 signatures on a petition convinced the Fairhope Single Tax to back off the proposed Tuberville subdivision.

Your participation has helped put a light on the serious sewer infrastructure problem in Fairhope. Mayor Wilson addressed this problem shortly after being elected, since that time the city superintendents have been evaluating studies, that the Mayor proposed, which identifies sewer and infrastructure problems. The council has done nothing despite being informed of the problems.

The obstruction of the Mayor by council has now caught up to the council. The citizens of Fairhope are pissed off that Fairhope’s new 13 million dollar sewer plant never processed the 500,000 gallons of raw sewage that overflowed recently into Big Head gully and the Fly Creek watershed.

Councilman Robinson said it is not the council’s fault and in the same breath warns the audience not to believe what you read in social media. The council has just been handed it’s ass in a hat with a petition supported by 2276 citizens of the community on social media. Watch the work session and see how Mr Peterson explains the sewer issue, for the 10th time, and then see how the council goes into a coma prior to the meeting.



Last nights City Council meeting was as low as the council could go. First off after hundreds of council meetings, never have I heard two opening prayers. After the first prayer the priest said a second prayer calling on elected officials to act responsibly and represent the community with compassion.

Under Mayor comments, Mayor Wilson broke down emotionally when explaining the loss, by suicide, of a senior classmate of her daughter while in Fairhope High. The council also knew that the Mayor’s grand mother was fighting for her life. The trifecta is the Mayor also lost a good friend, all this in a few days.

The council never heard the second prayer they were too focused on covering their own asses. They spent the rest of the meeting heaping whatever they could on her stress and heart ache.

Another interesting fact is Sherry Sullivan showed up for item 8 on the agenda. You do remember Sherry was fired from Fairhope, sued the city, and with the assistance of the council, collected her check, YOUR MONEY.

8. Resolution - That the City Council hereby approves and authorizes the City of Fairhope to execute a Memorandum of Understanding between The Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival Foundation and the City of Fairhope.

Councilman Robinson’s wife used to work for Sherry and is her best friend?

Wanna know why the council does not like social media and would prefer that you read the Chuckee Cheeze tabloid or tune into A M radio? Because they will not warn you that after 60 plus successful years of Fairhope Arts and Crafts, the council now wants to change the organization.

Jay’s wife said the downtown board did not want to get involved? And Jay said downtown merchants “did not care.” BS Watch and see if good ole Sherry does not raise her head, hand in hand, with Jay’s wife, as maybe the new organizers.

Mr Robinson claims this prevents the council from doing there jobs? His argument, supported by Boone and Burrell, is that council needs to talk with staff about problems. This is 2018 people let’s get real, what the hell do we have department heads for. We, as citizens are paying good money for highly trained people as department heads and our current employees are light years away from the kick the can down the road bunch we replaced. In any major business a chain of command is established, Fairhope is no different. This council is looking to obstruct, deny and at all cost blame the Mayor.

Looks like Mr Robinson is going to replace, come fly with me, Burrell, who Catalyst considers damaged goods.

Do not miss the First Baptist Church presentation where they are going to honor Mr Jim Nix who served 7 terms as Mayor before being forced to hand over the office to Tim Kant. You see Mr Nix was facing criminal charges and choose the back door instead of court. Tim Kant carried on the corrupt ways of the past until finally an honest election. They both get 100% credit for the failing sewer system.