Baldwin County will be voting for all four county commissioners seats. The Ripp Report will be posting meet and greets for many candidates, no charge. Any comments, such as this, is the sole responsibility of the Ripp Report. County commission seat three, presently held by Tucker Dorsey, has several candidates trying to unseat Mr Dorsey.

A vote for Tucker Dorsey is a vote for Clarence Burke, Baldwin County Sewer, and Catalyst. Fact is a vote for Dorsey is a vote for the good ole boys and their old ways of doing business, for them selves only. Mr Dorsey helped marry the county to a mega-site that cost 35 million dollars, not counting lost revenue. His promise, after 7 years is the same tired story,”someday it will sell”. The county employees helped pay for the mega-site and they are fed up, Dorsey needs to go.

The Ripp Report encourages everyone to check out all the candidates. You should know the candidates and their political affiliation and their qualifications. By political affiliation I mean are they independent candidates or Catalyst candidates? Big difference, Catalyst candidates are all cut from the same mold. The good ole boy club and if you think they believe in fair play, get your wallet out.