The Public Doctrine: Our government is a democracy which means the “people rule.” At this time in our democracy it seems there are less people involved, which results in a serious challenge to the system, as politicians love it when the people “forget to rule” and are allowed to operate with impunity. The Public Doctrine is the often forgotten tenet that elected public officials are held to a slightly higher standard when it comes to scrutiny of their actions on behalf of the public. In other words, public officials understand when getting into politics, that their actions on the purported behalf of the people are fair game. Fairhope’s city council should be reminded of this, because it is every voter’s right to know all.

Fairhope city councilman Robert Brown has been on a defensive rant over the actions of the Mayor and the failing city infrastructure. Truth is Mr. Brown knows that the infrastructure problems are the legacy of past administrations, and he knows it first hand. He also knows the Mayor has been working on infrastructure problems since entering office.

Mr. Brown wants to discuss TRUTH, so let’s discuss the TRUTH and keep in mind The Public Doctrine.

Mr Brown is a city councilman, a Board member, and city Representative, for the non-profit Eastern Shore Art Center and general partner of Mr Cliff Pittman, Pittman and Brown Development Co. Mr. Pittman is a director of Single Tax.

Brown and Pittman had advanced knowledge of the Eastern Shore Art Center, ESAC, construction contract and Mr Pittman voted to approve Single Tax money designated for the project.

Mr. Brown told the Board of ESAC that he had “permission”, in all his capacities, to proceed with Pittman-Brown securing the contract. He had no such permission and the ESAC Board failed to act as a proper board by allowing the contract without demanding an Ethics Advisory Opinion. Fact is Mr. Brown never applied for an advisory opinion. At this writing it is not known if ESAC bid out the job or just awarded it to Pittman Brown without competitive bids.

Mr Brown asked for an Informal Opinion, the first step prior to the Request for an Advisory opinion which was never given.

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Thanks Mr Brown.

What’s important is that you cannot use your office to create a benefit for ourself or any business with which you’re associated or your family. You may bid on the work but you cannot hav used or use in the future your position to get it awarded.

Remember Sen. Tripp Pittman and his BP contract. He was the appointed trustee of the BP funds, was not a general contractor nor did he have marine insurance. He also was not the contractor of record. He was awarded a 636,000 dollar contract for his company Pittman tractor.

Let’s not forget the Fairhope Airport scandal that involved city council president Jack Burrell and Board member Ray Hix, who’s partner is the Fairhope Municipal Judge. We will not forget.

Following the lead of elected officials using their elected or appointed positions to advance their personal wealth, Mr Brown tries to convince us that this conduct is “normal,”


Below is Mr Brown’s attempt to mislead you

Spoken by a developer and proud member of the Catalyst clan. Deny the obvious blame the Mayor and pretend you know nothing of the infrastructure report. Truth hell! Mr. Brown is delusional and is trying to blame others for the inaction’s of the council. Sounds as if Pittman Brown may have anticipated building the Tatumville project.

In Alabama’s fastest growing city, another 3 months added to a lengthy freeze on large developments

In Alabama’s fastest growing city, another 3 months added to a lengthy freeze on large developments

“At least one council member believes the city hasn’t done enough with the breathing space afforded by the moratorium. Robert Brown said that those most affected by the moratorium - developers, engineers and architects - haven’t been contacted by anyone with the city, nor have they been included in discussions.”

“These are the people who are going to be applying to (build) subdivisions. They need to be given a voice,” he said. Brown voted to support the longer moratorium, but said he harbored doubts that “anything will be achieved.”


Mr Brown’s concern is the developers and praised Aurther Corte and the Fly Creek Apartments.

Mr. Brown has also developed houses that should have been connected to city sewer instead the owners inherited an additional cost, for the lifetime of their house, grinder pumps and all the headache that comes with them.


Grinder pumps exist all over Baldwin County and a large percentage of them are installed unnecessarily. Developers love them because it saves them money in construction and the poor consumer, most…


Mayor’s response:


If you believe the Jester you would fail 10th grade civics and you do not comprehend The Public Doctrine you are also the Jesters fool.