Baldwin County is the only county in Alabama where sewer regulations do not exist. It is also the fastest growing county in Alabama. Baldwin County also has regular sewer spills throughout the county, most spills end up in the Bay.

How to fix it! Overdevelop, maintain low impact fees, promote density, and sprawl. Developers, “down home boys” and a Catalyst Council want you to understand that nothing can be done to curb the greed. The defense of developers is property rights and the argument that no one can tell anyone what they can do with their property. Forget the property rights of the citizens of the community.

In the next three years you are going to be shocked at the results of the unbridled development. The lack of infrastructure is going to impact your quality of life, property values and TRAFFIC.

Over 566 apartments are under construction or proposed in Fairhope alone. Schools are going to be negatively impacted and an Independent School System will HAVE to be formed in order to hold down class size. Impact fees will fall far short of what is needed in infrastructure and your taxes will go up. You can also look forward to annexation and rezoning. Thank this Catalyst Council.The Corridor of Chaos, 181/Fairhope at Wal- Mart will develop into a density and traffic nightmare. This intersection and development will negatively impact Fairhope more than any development to date. The developers will make millions and citizens will be taxed to correct the issues that arise after the developers have cashed the check.

This week, between 104 and Parker Road, during rush hours, the traffic has been two lanes full between lights. This intersection, Publix, will be impacted by hundreds of more cars as the apartments are completed. If the developer gets his way Rock Creek will be a connectivity route from Parker or the apartments making Rock Creek a short cut, this will impact the Parker/98 intersection further.

To add insult to injury the three B’s are spending 2.65 million on recreation land which will remain vacant for years, ignoring capital improvements. Follow the money

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